Coolidge Scholarship Program(Guide ,Eligibility, Deadline, Application) 2022/2023

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The Coolidge Scholarship is a prestigious award that assists students in managing their financial obligations in school.

The Coolidge Scholarship is the four-year, full-ride president’s scholarship that helps a student pay for fees for tuition, lodging and board, as well as other expenses during the course of their college.

This unique award can be transferred to any institution of higher education or college within the United States of America.

Anyone of any background who is pursuing an academic degree of any kind can apply for this program that is non-partisan and need-blind.

This article offers a comprehensive description of the Coolidge scholarship, procedure for applying, the application specifications, deadlines and much more.

What Is Coolidge Scholarship Program

The Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation administrates the Coolidge Scholars Program. In the third year in high school, students can apply for Coolidge Scholarship.

Winners are flown to Coolidge Historic Site in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, where they will be interviewed by the Coolidge Scholars Finalist Jury.

Coolidge Scholarship recipients are notified of their prize in the latter part of their junior year, which is before they apply to colleges (note that current high school seniors aren’t qualified to submit an application).

The most essential requirement to be a Coolidge Scholars is academic excellence and a resolute interest in public policy in addition to dedication and humility.

Students get to meet Coolidge and assist the Coolidge Foundation operate its rigorous debate programs. It has been decided the scholars will be spending an entire week at Plymouth Notch each summer for the next three years.

Eligibility Criteria to be eligible for Coolidge Scholarship

The Calvin Coolidge scholarship is available to students who are planning to start full-time as undergraduates for first time in the fall of 2023 in an approved United States institution or university.

Students who are in their junior year in high school or homeschooled equivalentis qualified to submit an application (Students who are high school juniors and are attending specific classes at a community college nearby can be considered for the Coolidge Scholarship).

Here are some more conditions:

  • Candidates are not the immediate family members of any current trustee or employee for the Coolidge Scholars Program or the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation.
  • The applicant must be legal citizen or legal resident The United States of America at the time you apply. This includes Dreamers.
  • You must be an incoming high school junior. If you’re already a junior and studying a handful of courses at your local community college, then you could be eligible to apply. If you plan to take a gap year before transferring to college, seniors are not allowed from applying.
  • The goal should be to go to a four-year accredited university or college located in The United States.
  • You are not the immediate spouse of any trustee or employee from the Coolidge Foundation.
  • You must submit all necessary documents by the deadline.

How to Apply for the Coolidge Scholarship Program in 2022

The process of applying of the Coolidge Award requires that a guarantee to write an essay. The following guidelines are recommended for the award:

  • Include the first and last name of the person applying at the beginning of the letter.
  • Include your full name as well as affiliation to at the end in the body of your letter.
  • In your statement, describe how you’ve come to are familiar with the applicant, for how long you’ve known about the applicant and in what capacity.
  • Your letter should not be longer than 1200 words.
  • Letters that are co-written or which are signed by multiple people are not allowed.
  • Your letter could be submitted as a PDF document or Microsoft Word file.

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What Do The Coolidge Scholarship Offer?

Everything college students require is covered under this scholarship. Tuition, and room and board are covered for the entire four years of studying. The scholarship even includes the possibility of a small stipend to purchase school supplies and books! The amount in dollars is different from year to year however, it is usually around $33,000 per year for a limited selection of students.

This fellowship is more than a mere dollar amount. It is an ongoing relationship with the foundation for four years of studies and for the rest of their lives! The students spend a number of days every summer during their college time living in Plymouth Notch, Vermont -the town where Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as president on the 3rd of August 1923.

These gatherings provide opportunities to meet with fellow students in high levels in their classes across the country. Every summer, the students assist to help the Coolidge Foundation oversee its famous debate program.

However, all 100 “Senators” also receive a trip! In the summer before heading off to college The Senators receive an all-expenses paid trip to the capital of the United States, Washington D.C. At the “Senators Summit,” the selected group will visit Washington D.C., discover about the legacy and the story of the 30th President and meet other brilliant young minds!

The Coolidge Scholarship connects students to a foundation that is dedicated to supporting undergraduates, and encouraging continuing education. However the vast amount of money donated is a major contribution to combating the economic inequities within America that continue to affect college students.

Deadline to apply for the Coolidge Scholarship 2022:

Winter 2022: By the 1st of June, 2021 all applicants will be informed on their current status. Candidates can track their application status by logging in to their portal for applications.

Finalists will be directly contacted and invited to attend the Finalist Interview Weekend in Woodstock, Vermont, and historic Plymouth Notch, Vermont.

The Coolidge Foundation will cover finalists and their parents’ travel and hotel expenses for Finalist Weekend.

Winter 2022 Newly chosen Coolidge Scholars will spend an entire time within Plymouth Notch, Vermont, at the Coolidge Foundation.

The value for the Coolidge Scholarship?

Finalists who aren’t awarded the full amount of the scholarship will be awarded one-time, $5,000 finalist scholarships.

Additionally, the Coolidge Scholarship covers the total costs of tuition, accommodation and board, in addition to the cost of the cost of books and supplies throughout the year.

The Coolidge Scholarship competition is intense in that they Coolidge Foundation solicits most qualified applicants to apply for the Coolidge Senators Program, which includes all expenses-paid Summit Weekend in Washington, D.C and a one-time $1,000 award.

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Application deadline:

In order to be considered for the 2022 Coolidge Scholarship applications as well as letters of recommendations should be submitted on or before January 1st, each year at 5 pm Eastern Time.

The 2023 applications are not yet complete, but it is possible to check back.

Strategies and Tips to Help You To Win The Coolidge Scholarship Program

The committee that will select you are looking for 3 primary qualities from each candidate. Let’s take a look at them and find out how you could embody each one:

Academic Excellence

      • A polished and sparkling transcript is the first and foremost thing to consider. It’s not just about getting an A in the majority of your classes, it is about challenging your self to the most difficult possible ones. It could be as simple as enrolling in every Advanced Placement courses or signing up for the International Baccalaureate Diploma should your school has it.
      • However, education extends outside of the classroom, too. This means that you’re an important participant in academic and extracurricular activities.  Indeed, Calvin Coolidge’s only boyhood sport was public speaking! Participating in teams like the debate squad, the forensics group, the robotics team as well as the mathematics club, shows you care about education and knowledge beyond when the time the bell is rings the classroom .

Public Policy

      • The concept behind the policy is that a collective effort by citizens can boost the overall community’s wellbeing. This award is named in honor of and is presented in honour of the chief policymaker President! It is therefore important to show that you appreciate and accept this characteristic.
      • Write in your essay what you think of as a the benefits of federalism as well as how the power of federalism is distributed between a national hub and local  governments. The scholarship also rewards those who value the freed market and a less centralized government. If you’re not currently enrolling in classes in politics and government you should sign up today!
      • However, don’t feel discouraged from applying even if you’re not looking for a degree or a career in public policy and administration. If you can clearly exhibit these characteristics that you have, you’ll be considered.
      • Debate and public speaking are one of the characteristic that the jury will be scrutinizing when you are interviewing. They will be looking for respectful, well-trained confident, fact-based debaters. Avoid partisan conflict and reactionary assertions that aren’t backed with.

Service and Humility

      • Humility is the hallmark for The Coolidge Scholar. Giving others a priority and using your vast skills, not to the sake of power, but for altruism is an essential element for the success of your application.
      • It is possible to demonstrate your service by having the history of your volunteerism. It doesn’t mean that you have volunteered at the local soup kitchen just to be able to put it on your resume. They’re looking for an even deeper connection with others. Being able to help the elderly in a retirement home every week for a few hours can be more humble than travelling all over the world to help emerging countries.
      • But introverts don’t have to worry about it. Researchers who are working on their own to come up with ideas and develop products to benefit the community are also humble and show compassion.

They are the key elements of being a Coolidge Scholar, and here are some additional tips to help you write an application that you are proud of when the deadline gets closer:

    • Retake the SAT/ACT test: You are able to take these tests until you’re satisfied with your results So only the highest scores will be included in your test. Take your test prior to the time is over for the second attempt.
    • Get a tutor If you’re not yet a Senior and you want to bring your grades up, check out the free and affordable tutoring services are available in your locality. Don’t be shy to ask your teacher for additional assistance in classes that you’re struggling with or!
    • Do you have a few people check your Documents Prior to rushing to send everything you’ve spent so much time to make, send your papers to a trusted teacher family member to seek assistance. Small grammar errors can be noticed. Careful attention to details is appreciated and is essential.
    • Be a Good Person If you’re playing on a team and you are also the main character in the school’s play do not drop out of one team for another. The ability to balance your busy schedule shows confidence and management of time.
    • Get ahead of the game: Begin applying for college before the process starts. If you’re an incoming freshman or sophomore planning your college options, then you should start working towards the three requirements that the Coolidge Foundation is looking for.


The Coolidge Scholarship is one of the largest college scholarship programs.

It covers all the costs of tuition, housing board, and all other expenses that are necessary to complete four consecutive years of university study. In addition the Coolidge Scholarship will provide an annual stipend to cover the cost of books and other materials each year.

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