15+ Cool Wallpapers Kakashi Hatake for Iphone and Android HD!

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Kakashi is one of the characters in the naruto anime, originally named Kakashi Hatake, he is among the smartest people in the hidden leaf or Konoha, even as a child people have already recognized his powers , but there is a sad story he has experienced that losing 2 of his best friends, First Obito and second is Rin, you must already know that he has sharingan eyes even though he is not a clan Uchiha , kakashi’s sharingan eye is a gift from Obito, before obito is considered dead, obito gives his eyes because he believes that kakashi can protect Rin,

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But unfortunately Rin had to die on his own on a mission, although he did not have to kill Rin, this tragic event was witnessed by Obito himself before his eyes, The incident made Kakashi and Obito resurrect the Mangekyu Sharingan, perhaps it was the resentation of the greatest of a kakashi, after he had grown into a secret group that was ANBU, even he was once the head of a group containing other intelligent Ninjas namely Itachi Uchiha , from ANBU, the third hokage gave orders to quit ANBU and become the teacher of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.

Kakashi has the basic jutsu of Lightning, he even taught Sasuke Cidori(Lightning Element Manipulation) , after becoming a Master he later became the 6th Hokage, which was the last request from his own best friend OBITO! it’s a bit of a journey from a kakashi, below is a collection of cool wallpapers from KAKASHI HATAKE!

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So that’s some cool wallpapers from kakashi, thanks

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