Black Desert Mobile Temple Locations and Necessary CP for Passing

Black Desert Mobile Temple Locations – Have you played Black Desert Mobile and you’ve noticed that there’s only a handful of places to locate temple?

Learn about the top places to look for what you’re looking at in this article. No matter if you require fuel or armor, or even weapon blueprints this guide will help you find exactly what you need!

Black Desert Mobile Temple Locations and Necessary CP for Passing

Level 1 – Lower Class

If you’re starting out playing Black Desert Mobile, you’ll be looking to go to one of the temples that are less expensive. The most suitable locations for these include Eastern Trader’s Outpost, Western Trader’s Outpost, Glish Swamp and (for those who use sorcery) Manshaum Forest. These locations are available within the map of the Black Desert Mobile desert map.

Level 2 – Middle Class

If you’re in search of an Black Desert Mobile template location you’ve arrived at the right spot. You’ll learn about the best locations to get examples to use in the next BDM class. Be aware the two kinds classes available: Black and red.

There are four classes:

Level 1 – Low Class

Level 2 – Middle Class

Level 3 – High Class

Level 4 – Master

Level 3 – Upper Class

As you may know, Black Desert Mobile can be located in a desert setting and has many temples. Today, we’ll take a review the best locations to take Black Desert Mobile classes. Seven temples have four template options beginning with a beginner’s
Ancient ruins, intermediate’s forest temple, expert’s huge waterfalls, and the”upper class. Here are their addresses!

Merchant Guild

The Merchant Guild is one of the most important mobile classes of the black desert. They are in charge of the supply of materials and supplies for the other classes. Merchant Guild is responsible for providing supplies and materials to other classes. Merchant Guild has several template locations on the mobile desert black map. It is necessary to go deep into the desert to locate these models. Temples: Temples make the most important locations in black desert mobile for all classes. Temples are easy to locate when you follow the roads in Black Desert Mobile, as they usually have signs directing you to the right path.

Cold Domain (Ice Mountain)

It’s a great place to farm. Cold Domain is an excellent location to farm Black Ice It’s an excellent opportunity to upgrade your character if you’re just starting on the right foot on the road to success in Black Desert Mobile. The temple is situated at the center of the map, and is easy to locate. Look for the large mountain that has a lot of ice. Two temples are located both on the opposite one side. Both are great locations to obtain Black Ice, but the one in the north has numerous more respawns than one to the south.

Misty Forest (Forest of Seclusion)

One of the most ideal places to look for an Black Desert Mobile temple is located in the Misty Forest. This is a fantastic spot for a variety of reasons. It’s a great location for privacy which means you don’t need to worry about other players causing trouble for you. Additionally, there are lots of trees and cover-ups to shield your temple from being seen. Thirdly The Misty Forest is a great area to improve your character as there are plenty of monsters to be killed.

Lonely Moor (Gloomy Woodlands)

The Lonely Moor is among the most popular places to search for templates for Black Desert Mobile. This location is ideal to search for templates because it is awash with Gloomy Woodlands. There are also a lot of BDM temples nearby and it is easy to find the right location. Black Desert Mobile Temple Locations 2022 is not too far here either.

The location of temples in the desert, and the essential CP to cross

How do you gain access to Hidden Quest in the desert

  • To unlock Hidden Quest 2 Get 15.000 Edana Coins
  • Unlocking Hidden Quest 3 Clear Tukar Abbey / Tukar Great Temple
  • Unlocking Hidden Quest 4 Kill Layten Once
  • Unlocking Hidden Quest 5 Get Runes Appraisal Items 500

It is necessary to have CP to pass temples

Great Desert Temple Locations 

Evidently, there are many kinds of temples stuffed with objects and entwined to the past and culture of the Ancients. To find these temples you can follow the rays of light that shine through the desert. You should be aware this: The Great Temples are going to be available after you have completed five quests from the Desert Exploration Log.

Five levels to temples. Except for the level 1 temples, you’ll be required to accept and finish special quests in order for entry into temples, which are in the range of levels 2-5. The objective of the hidden quest will change once the sandstorm moves through in the desert during the 1st day of each month.

  • Temple of Serrett
    It is important to safeguard the artifact from contamination by slaying the enemies who attempt to seize this shrine item.
  • Temple of Shayla
    It is important to stay clear of the traps created by Gahaz Bandits in order to uncover the treasure-filled room. Find the room that is required to be rewarded.
  • Temple of Ohm
    You will need to hunt, mine, or even log in the stipulated period of time to locate foods for the Kurebas. You can make use of the food items to lure the Kurebas and then beat them.
  • Temple of Tukar
    You must take on Tukar Laytenn, who is the temple’s guardian, in order to win rewards.
  • Temple of Luinass
    You have to join forces with your family members to beat Deligatus The Judge of the Ruins.
  • Great Temple of Serrett
    It is your responsibility to protect the artifact from contamination by defeating stronger opponents as well as Doel Fruco.
  • Great Temple of Tukar
    You must defeat the powerful Tukar Laytenn.
  • Great Temple of Luinass
    You must join forces with your family members to defeat Puturum The Guardian of the Ruins.
The recommended CP to pass
Temple Name / Level I II III IV V
Serrett 6000 7800 9600 11400 13200
Shayla 6000 9500 13000
Ohm 6500 9500 11000
Tukar 6000 8000 10000 12000 14000
Luinass* 28000 36500 45000 53200 62000

* The suggested maximum CP of the six characters is shown (including that of the base)

Black Desert Mobile (BDM) Knowledge Locations

Black Desert Mobile (BDM) has grown to be among the top well-known open worlds of MMORPG that is available for iOS as well as Android. Like all game in the MMORPG genre, your primary goal is to improve your character to be able to take on more challenging adventures. There are a variety of ways to improve the strength of your character. One is unlocking and accumulating the Knowledge. When you unlock and collect the Knowledge is going to allow you gain additional statistics that your character will enjoy. You can gather as well as unlock Knowledge by killing specific creatures, speaking to specific NPCs, accomplishing specific tasks, or uncovering the hidden places.

In this post, we’re also going to offer you Black Desert Mobile (BDM) knowledge-based locations. It will also assist you in collecting the Knowledge quicker. Because other Knowledges are not difficult to find, we offer a reference to help you learn about adventure and academics only. To make things clearer the guide will be classified by region and you will be able to choose the region in which you would like to locate the Knowledge.

Here are a few Black Desert Mobile (BDM) know-how places:

  • Balenos
  • Serendia
  • Neutral Border Zone
  • North Calpheon
  • Southeast Calpheon
  • Southwest Calpheon

It is possible to expand your knowledge of creatures, people, locations and even details (academics) throughout the Great Desert. Additionally, you’ll be capable of gaining stats like AP, DP, and Worker Dexterity when obtaining new information. Furthermore, you’re able to receive additional rewards when your overall levels of knowledge increase by a certain amount, for instance an increment to your maximum Stamina.

Great Desert Laytenn Locations

The exact location that was the site of Ancient Guardian Laytenn will be indicated in the Great Desert Map when it is revealed. The adventurers who took part in the battle against Laytenn will be rewarded according to the damage they did to the creature.

Main Items in the Great Desert

Here are the common items and currency used throughout the Great Desert:

  • Purified Water
    Purified Water is an essential requirement for exploring and traveling in the Great Desert. It is possible to obtain Purified Water at no cost every all day from 00:00. It can increase the time you spend exploring on the desert by forty minutes after using. If you don’t have enough purified water then you will exhaust yourself and limit your options for actions. To help recover from exhaustion you can use more Purified Water or visit an Oasis or put up a tent.
  • Camel
    There will be slow movement speeds when you are across the desert. But, you’re in a position to use the Camel to swiftly move about and get to remote locations easily. Talk to the NPC Narses and agree to his request to obtain an Camel.
  • Desert Tent
    It is necessary to put up a tent for relax before returning to the road. In your tent, the purified water is not consumed. The tent will remain active for a period of ten minutes. You can put up your tent after the cooldown period of 60 minutes. You’ll be able to purchase potions and appraise items inside your tent when you are using the Advanced Desert Tent.
  • Edana’s Coin
    Within the Great Desert, Edana’s Coins are frequently employed. They can be obtained by battling creatures in the Great Desert, exploring the Temples or other methods. You can utilize Edana’s Coins to offer offerings to Black Rock Shrine. Black Rock Shrine.
  • Elephant
    Elephants are able to move faster through the Great Desert and have unique skills. Take on creatures throughout the Great Desert to get Broken Trumpets. They will let you join in the journey to acquire the Royal Elephant.

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