Best Weapon For Yae Miko

Yae Miko, Chief Editor of Yae Publishing House, is a Genshin Dampak Impact a great imaginative persona, who often gets tired of poorly written stories. But, this also meant he could easily tell whether a book was good or not.

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Speaking of books — Yae Miko is the second Electro character in Genshin Dampak Impact using a catalyst. This weapon is usually in the form of a book, but sometimes it is just a decoration such as a bell or a ball. Unlike other weapons in Genshin Dampak Impactindirect characters use their Catalyst to attack.


How to Play Yae Miko in Genshin Impact

impact of yae miko genshin

Yae Miko is Sub-DPS off the field at Genshin Dampak Impact. His fighting style requires players to make sure he has three Sesshou Sakuras in the field. This Fox Turret can be summoned using its Elemental Skill. They would then continue their damage while Yae avoided such tedious tasks.

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Then, when her Elemental Burst was ready, Yae could step out, bless her foe with her Fox Form, and release her. The Great Secret Art: Tenko Kenshin over them. His burst would eat up his Fox Turret, so Yae had to be out a little longer to put him back on the field.

To take full advantage of that playstyle, the player must use a weapon that complements his Elemental Skill damage. The best catalyst to carry out this task is as follows!

Kagura’s Truth

yae miko using verity kagura

Basic ATK: 608

Sub-Status: 66.2% Criticism Dmg

Influence: Gains a stack of Kagura Dance when using an Elemental Skill, causing Yae Miko’s Elemental Skill damage to increase by 12% for 16s. After getting 3 stacks, Yae will get 12% Electro Dmg.

Veritas Kagura is the best weapon for Yae Miko in the Genshin Dampak Impact. Since most of Yae’s damage came from her Elemental Skills, the Catalyst passive was perfectly designed for her. This easily increased his Elemental Skill damage by 36% after he placed all of his Fox Towers. Of course, the Crit Dmg sub-stat was also widely accepted.

Sky Atlas

atlas skyward from genshin impact

Basic ATK: 674

Sub-Status: 33.1% ATK

Influence: Increases Yae Miko’s Electro Dmg by 12%. Normal attack hits have a 50% chance of gaining support from the cloud, which actively seeks out nearby opponents to attack for 15 seconds, dealing 160% of Yae’s total attack. This can only happen once every 30s.

Sky Atlas passive requires player to use Normal Attack Yae for proc. Fortunately, this effect is largely negligible, so players don’t have to worry too much about it. Meanwhile, the 12% Electro Dmg Bonus comes without any conditions, making it a worthy addition to Guuji.

The Lost Prayer for the Holy Wind

the lost prayer of the holy wind from genshin impact

Basic ATK: 608

Sub-Status: Criticism Rate 33.1%

Influence: Increases Yae Miko’s movement speed by 10%. While in battle, Yae gains 8% Electro Dmg every 4s. Max 4 stacks. This lasted until Yae fell or left the battle.

The lost prayer demanded Yae stay on the field to take advantage of her passive, so she wouldn’t be able to take advantage of its effects as a Sub-DPS. Nevertheless, the Catalyst has one of the highest Crit Rate percentages in Genshin Dampak Impactwhich proves important for increasing character damage.


width of genshin impact

Basic ATK: 510

Sub-Status: 55.1% Criticism Dmg

Influence: When Yae Miko takes a field, she will randomly get one of these effects for 10 seconds (Can happen once every 30 seconds):

  • recitative: Increases his ATK by 60%.
  • aria: Increases his Electro Dmg by 48%.
  • Intermezzo: Strengthens Elemental Mastery Yae by 240.

The Widsith is one of the best 4 star weapons for Yae Miko in the Genshin Dampak Impact. For 10 seconds after he swapped, Yae got a huge buff for one of his stats. Considering how he deals damage, Widsith’s R5 is a cut above the rest to complement his playstyle.

solar pearl

solar pearl from genshin impact

Basic ATK: 510

Sub-Status: Criticism Rate 27.6%

Influence: Yae Miko’s Normal Attack increases Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst Dmg by 20% for 6s. Likewise, his Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst hit increases his normal attack damage by 20% for 6s.

In addition solar pearl Bonus Crit Rate percentage, Catalyst can be a decent weapon for Yae Miko if gamers change their playing style a bit. At the start of each Yae combo, players must cast one Normal Attack to increase their remaining damage.

Mappa Mare

mappa mare from genshin impact

Basic ATK: 565

Sub-Status: 110 Elemental Mastery

Influence: When Yae Miko triggers an Elemental Reaction, she gains 8% Electro Dmg for 10s. Can be stacked up to two times.

Mappa Mare is the best F2P weapon for Yae Miko in the Genshin Dampak Impact. Catalyst gives Yae a decent Elemental Mastery bonus that can help increase her Sesshou Sakura’s damage. Mappa Mare also increases Electro Yae’s damage every time he triggers an Elemental Reaction, which should be an easy task for him.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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