AWESOME! 15+ Best Wallpaper Dragon Ball Super for iPhone and Android HD!

Since a long time ago, anime is a type of film that is very liked by many people, they do not know the age, even adults like anime, the first anime that became a favorite of one of them is dragonball, this anime is among the first generation anime that many people like.  With goku as the main character, dragon ball became a phenomenon, because until now, the anime is still loved and has a huge fan ship around the world.

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Even some time ago there was a watch show together in mexico state and you know what? Thousands of people were there to see the exciting fight. Everyone cheers when goku manages to defeat jiren, so it’s no wonder that dragon ball super becomes a legendary anime, the character in dragon ball is not only goku, there is Gohan, he is the son of Goku, Vegeta, he is the enemy who becomes a friend of goku, Frieza, he is among the goku enemies that still exist today, Goten then trunks and many more characters with very terrible powers , in the super dragonball there is the addition of characters like Beerus, he is the destroyer god of the universe, created to compensate the creator god, beerus is described as a figure who has great power, his arrival on earth makes the earth threatened, lucky there is a goku who slightly manages to offset the power of beerus by combining 5 super saiyan and transforming into a super saiyan god, and then they become friends.

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Each character has different powers, with different color auras, such as super saiyan blue, super saiyan god and even ultra instinct, so today I will share a collection of the best wallpapers from Dragon ball.
















So it’s the best dragonball collection, thank you!


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