Best Team Member For Yae Miko

Shortly after her release, Yae Miko quickly proved her worth Genshin Dampak Impact. His personality shines through his Story Quests, showing how sassy and mysterious he is.

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In combat, The Head Shrine Maiden can be a valuable Sub-DPS if players put it in the right team composition. He can support other characters in inflicting damage and has a great Electro application. All of these abilities gave Yae Miko the ability to easily work with other characters, so Genshin Dampak Impact Players shouldn’t find it difficult to combine them with the right units.


The Best Electro Characters To Include In Yae Miko’s Team Composition

Even though Yae Miko relied on her Elemental Skills to deal damage, she could still deal massive damage with her Elemental Burst. Having another Electro character on his team activate Electro Resonance, giving Yae Miko easier access to her explosions.

Raiden Shogun

genshin impact trailer raiden shogun plane of euthymia

Raiden Shogun is a very good battery in Genshin Dampak Impact. He can work with any character that relies on their Burst for damage. Not only that, Raiden also buffed everyone’s Elemental Burst damage, including himself.

Raiden and Miko could be a strong rotation with Miko taking up more field time. Raiden, on the other hand, should only come out during his Burst time.

C6 Kujou Sara

genshin kujou sara impact

Each Electrical unit in Genshin Dampak Impact can increase their damage by C6 Sara on their side. Sara’s C0 is a decent buffer too, but her buff has some limitations and conditions that must be met.

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Some examples are:

  1. The character must stand within his buff to get it.
  2. Buff had a low time, so Sara had to keep circling in and out.
  3. Only characters active in AoE can get buffs. The other units have to wait until Sara starts her Skill again.
  4. C6 Sara is hard to come by. Prior to C6, Bennett was much better and easier to use as a buffer.

Best Hydro Characters to Include in Yae Miko’s Team Composition

Electro is currently the weakest Element in Genshin impact. Despite having a reaction befitting other Elements, he doesn’t have the lethal reaction of Pyro. The best reaction that Electro units can rely on to deal damage is Electro-Charged. This is an Elemental Reaction that occurs when Electro meets Hydro (or vice versa).


Genshin Impact Tartaglia sitting on the grass and holding a leaf

One time child opens his Hydro blade, the enemy is in a world of pain.

When Childe activates his Elemental Skills, all of his damage turns to Hydro damage, non-stop applying Hydro while Yae Miko applies Electro off-field with him Fox Tower. The combos are smooth, effective, and do a lot of damage.


Xingqiu from Genshin Impact

Xingqiuwithout a doubt, is the top level Support and Sub-DPS for any character in Genshin Dampak Impact. When paired with Yae Miko, both can deal decent damage, especially since Hydro Xingqiu’s application stabilizes to the point where she can help Yae Miko trigger most attacks. electrically charged reaction.

That’s Important for Yae Miko, because building her with Elemental Mastery can increase her Turret’s damage, which will also increase the damage from the Electro-Charged reaction she triggers.


Kokomi's Story Quest in Genshin Impact

Apart from being a top-level healer, Sangonomiya Kokomi also has a nice Hydro app. Both Kokomi and Yae Miko’s Elemental Skills have Hydro and Electro AoE applications, so Kokomi can help Yae Miko trigger Electro-Charged reactions in extensive AoE.

Best Characters To Include In Yae Miko’s Team Composition

While it is very important to pair characters that increase Yae Miko’s reaction, adding some unique characters can further enhance Yae’s abilities.


kazuha battery

Kazuha play various roles in team composition. The Wandering Samurai can fully support other units with his Anemo abilities while still dealing massive damage.

When pairing Kazuha with Yae Miko in Genshin Dampak Impact, he will give him more Electro Dmg and reduce the enemy’s resistance to Electro. Besides, he would CC them and drag them to one place. This allows Yae Miko to use her abilities to the fullest.


Genshin Impact - Eula with claymore

eula is Ultimate DPS, so he needs a team revolving around him. The first unit he always needs is the Electro character. Electro helps him in triggering Superconductorwhich deals more Physical damage on the battlefield.

Since Yae Miko played the role of Sub-DPS well, Eula and Yae Miko could easily be paired together to achieve perfect synchronization. However, with the Eula, both units will need the right batteries. They would struggle to regain their Elemental Burst otherwise.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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