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Compared to most characters in Genshin Dampak Impact, Diona has been around since the beginning. Naturally, this has given Cryo arc users a special status among the game’s healers and support characters. However, despite her long history in the game, Diona is one of the more difficult characters to compose a team, more so due to her unique building situations.

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Between the possible abilities, shields, tracking claws, and of course, A-class healing abilities, there’s a lot to take into account when composing Diona’s team. Team member Diona di Genshin Dampak Impact need to be planned around these unique traits.


Choosing a Build For Diona

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Choosing a build for Diona is a little different from choosing a build for other characters in Genshin Dampak Impact. Even though she doesn’t have any DPS potential, Diona is an S-class support character. With this in mind, players had to choose between using Diona as a healer or a pure support.

The difference is related to the prevalence of Diona’s elemental skills (activation/support) or her elemental explosions (explosion healing/support). While the differences between these Diona builds are small, it can determine whether Diona often or barely sees the light on the field.

Diona’s Healer

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Without a doubt, Diona’s healing ability was her most prominent feature. Genshin Dampak Impact has only a few healers, and unlike many other RPGs, each has its own unique mechanics.

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For Diona, her healing is tied to her elemental explosion. Throwing from a distance, he creates an AoE circle that deals Cryo damage and heals teammates. This could make him the perfect match for a DPS character Pyro or Anemo who excels in close combat.


diluc from genshin dampak impact

Diluc is an excellent Pyro claymore user, which makes him perfect for Diona’s elemental blast. Both Diluc’s elemental and burst skills are crafted to deal massive blows against individual opponents, resulting in DPS that can hold enemies in Cryo Diona’s healing circle with ease.

Infused with Pyro energy, Diluc has great synergy with Diona’s explosions, resulting in a steady stream of melt reactions. In addition, because Diona is a shield user, she can counter Diluc’s tendency to take a lot of damage.



For players without Diluc, Xiangling is an expert substitute for Pyro’s melee action. Especially, the explosion of the elements, Pironado, creates a Pyro spiral that can be transferred to other characters. When paired with other elemental DPS characters, such as Kazuha or Razor, this can be a dangerous moshpit of three elements in the same space.

Raiden Shogun

raiden shogun from genshin impact cutscene

In addition to good DPS, players will want battery when using Diona as a healer, or a character that increases energy gathering for her elemental blasts. Raiden Shogun is mostly the best battery in Genshin Impact, which made up for the loss she had for Diona’s energy due to their elemental difference.

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Additionally, Raiden Shogun offers melee DPS capabilities with its elemental blasts. Entering the Electro sword state, this combination of fast moving electric weapons and Cryo applications can be devastating when combined with abilities like Xiangling explosions.

Diona’s Empowerer

homing diona claws in genshin dampak impact

Using Diona as an enabler is a bit different from using her as a pure healer. Instead of using her blast and then leaving the field, Diona would exploit her elemental skills extensively.

This requires the player to constantly switch to Diona to launch her claws to apply Cryo to the opponent. With the added bonus of activating Diona’s shield, players will use this skill more often than just holding back the blast.


yanfei normal attack animation of genshin impact

Yanfei offers the best Pyro app in Genshin Dampak Impact (outside maybe Klee), so he has a really good style of play when he’s on the pitch with Diona. Unlike Diona’s healing, the builds that are possible will require players to have a team that is more focused on distance. Catalysts are an excellent ingredient for these situations, as they can use ranged attacks that are naturally infused with their element.

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Yanfei is a more DPS-style catalyst, rather than characters like Barbara who focus more on support. In addition, Yanfei’s charged attacks and talents are highly directed at crowd warfare, making a good combination of this attack and Diona’s elemental explosion.


razor from genshin dampak impact

Also having potential for a DPS position, the Razor matches Diona’s activating abilities. The Razor is best thought of as a berserker DPS type, where it sees an increase in attack and speed at the expense of defense. Activating his elemental blast will summon Inner Wolf status, granting Razor the powers of his Electro Wolf companion.

When paired with Diona’s skills and bursts, this will initiate a Superconduct chain reaction, reducing the opponent’s physical resistance (perfect for claymore users like Razor). Razor’s defensive weakness is also offset by Diona’s shielding abilities.

In addition, Razor’s elemental skills increase energy charging. This is a bonus for Diona who often relies on her elemental burst usage.

Genshin Dampak Impact available on mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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