Best Team Composition For Bennett In Genshin Impact

The nice thing about the JRPG universe is that there’s a place for everyone. That’s how you get a very diverse party composition that includes characters from all walks of life with different ages, backgrounds, styles and careers.

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This is the case for Genshin Dampak Impact where all the characters are very different in terms of attitude and appearance. Beyond that, each character has proven themselves to be highly capable when it comes to combat and fieldwork. You have several adults and teens who have learned to master their elements, so they can bring a lot into the adventure and Bennett does well.


Who is Bennett?

bennett doing striking pose

It is surprising how one can maintain such an optimistic attitude despite their history and luck. In Bennett’s case, he was found to be an orphan and confessed Adventurer’s Guild in Mondstadt which is where he grew up. He finally became highly skilled adventurer but struggles to find people willing to cooperate with him as disaster seems to follow wherever he goes.

As a fighter, he is a sword wielding Pyro user who can act as fast attacking DPS member in your team. His abilities varied from being able to significantly amplify his attacks to being able to inspire allies to regenerate health and gain attack boost.

Best Team For Bennett

bennett thinks on the field

Since Bennet’s abilities allow him to attack and support to a solid degree, she is a great addition to an all-over party. Therefore, his fellow members should be able to take advantage of this and add to its strength.


chongyun portrait

If you have a Fire element user then you need to have Cryo to balance it out and this Claymore user is a strong candidate. Apart from being able to release a lot of AoE attacks and damage, his abilities can greatly enhance Bennet’s combat. By doing Chongyu Frost, Bennet’s weapon could be buff to deal Cryo damage as well. By adding stable breathing, his attack speed will increase by 8 percent.


xingqiu pose

While it can be considered counter-productive to have water battles alongside fire, this sword wielder’s Hydro powers can be of benefit to Bennett. Very similar to him, Xingqiu can attack fairly quickly and in quick succession due to being able to wield multiple swords. In addition, he can provide different supports in the form of Fatal Rain Screen. This gives Bennett Rain Sword to reduce the damage received and Raincutter allows Bennett’s attack to be accompanied by Hydro damage. He can also give Bennett some cures from Hydropathy when the Rain Sword broke.


xiangling portrait

Shooting too much can be a bad thing, but combining this Pyro pole-arm user with Bennett is a good decision. Like Bennett, Xiangling is mainly about attack and use Pyro’s AoE attacks across the field. His most outstanding ability is being able to summoned a Panda named Guoba to wander around the field breathing fire. A useful by-product of this is that Guoba will drop the chili as a result of Watch out! It’s So Hot! Making Bennett take this will increases his attack by 10 percent for about 10 seconds.

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