Best Team Composition For Aloy In Genshin Impact

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What’s great about the game world is that you don’t need a reason to combine properties. There are several popular examples where characters have crossed over to other game universes to participate in competitions and adventures.

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The most famous is the Super Smash Bros series. which was a big crossover bonanza, but other titles followed suit. No one expected Aloy from the Horizon Zero Dawn series to appear in Genshin Impact, but he has become one of the more popular characters to run. He carries many of his trademark skills, but he can use the right companions to help him adapt.


Who is Aloy?

portrait of aloy

The world of Horizon Zero Dawn takes place on Earth in the far future where a great civilization has collapsed, and wild robots roam the land. Humans still exist but have returned to living in small clans and tribal communities where many of them try to live with nature.

It is here that a young woman named Aloy grows up and learns to hunt and survive in this new world while also acquiring old technology to better understand mechanical beasts. He had arrived at Genshin Impact as an Archer who uses the Cryo element. His attacks and abilities allow him to serve as a good DPS while assisting in exploration, but that’s about it.

Best Team For Aloy

aloy stands in the cold by the mountain

Since Aloy focused entirely on attacking and increasing damage, he needs members who can take advantage of this and support him.

Raiden Shogun

raiden portrait

In terms of surprising party members, this polearm user ranked high among them. Since Aloy’s abilities are adjusted for consecutive attacks and immobilizing the opponent, Raiden can take advantage of them while enhancing them. This comes from using Baleful Omen for giving Eye Of Stormy Judgment. When Aloy has this, his attack will be accompanied by an additional Electro AoE attack and his Elemental Burst damage will increase.


sucrose portrait

It’s always good to bring a scholar along on your adventures and this Catalyst user is a great choice. His passive crafting skill is a great complement to Aloy’s passive hunt, but its support comes from the reinforcing element. Aloy’s attack is very Cryo and Sucrose can create a Wind Spirit using the Forbidden Creation that feeds the elemental energy and deals additional damage while throwing enemies around. He can also use Catalyst Conversion to trigger a Swirl effect that can increase Elemental Mastery Aloy by 50 points for a few seconds.


diona portrait

One of the best healers in the game, Diona is the right choice to accompany Aloy’s journey. Being a fellow Cryo and Bow user, Diona can take advantage of Aloy’s frozen abilities to make the most of her attacks. However, his greatest strength comes from his abilities Ice Claws and Signature Creation. Icy Paws allows shields to be generated around Aloy which provides damage absorption based on Diona’s max HP offering strong protection. Signature Creation handles AoE attacks creating Drunk Mist to heal Aloy while he is standing in it. In addition, Cat Tail’s Secret Menu can increase Icy Paws’ shield, increasing Aloy’s speed and reducing his stamina consumption.

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