Best Sword To Equip Bennett

Raised among the Adventurer’s Guild, Bennett was a Pyro user in Genshin Dampak Impact which the players really like. So unique – after all, he’s a Leap Year baby – Bennett goes off on his own from time to time with an adventure group he created called Benny’s Adventure Team. His weapon of choice is a sword, which he uses dominantly.

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He is a four-star character, with frequent appearances as an enhanced drop rate option. You can get them through bargaining with Paimon, or through Wishes. If you’re lucky enough to catch him through one of these deals, he’ll bring strength and skill to your team setup. Pair him with this weapon for best results.

10 Omen of Dawn – Three Stars

Harbinger Of Dawn on the impact of albedo genshin

A three-star sword, and the only noteworthy one for Bennett, you can get this weapon through Kaeya’s Gain Quest, or through Wishes. It gives an increase in Base Attack between 39-401 depending on Bennett’s level (one to 90), with his secondary stat being 10.2-46.9 percent bonus crit damage.

Bennett has a strong Normal Attack and a substat of Energy Recharge, so this weapon increases his attack and crit damage the most. Plus, whenever Bennett’s HP was above 90 percent, the crit rate increased another 14 percent.


9 Sacrificial Sword – Four Star

highlighted weapon

Your only way to get the Sacrificial Sword is through Wishes, but that doesn’t mean it’s a hard weapon to get. Even though the substat with this sword is Energy Recharge – something Bennett doesn’t really need – Base Attack gets a 41-454 bonus added to his regular stats based on his level.

Every time you use his Elemental Skill to attack an enemy, you’ll get a 40 percent chance to end the Sacrificial Sword’s cooldown period, and you can use this every 30 seconds Bennett is on the battlefield.

8 Flute – Four Star

Flute in genshin dampak impact

A four-star sword that you’ll get through Wishes, the Flute increases your Base Attack between 42 and 510, and has a secondary Attack stat which, depending on Bennett’s level, will give you another nine to 41.3 percent increase.

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Bennett’s Normal and Charged Attacks will give him Harmonics with connected hits. After getting five Harmonics, you will trigger Music Power which will deal 100 percent Attack damage to all surrounding enemies. This effect lasts for 30 seconds at a time, and you can activate it once every 0.5 seconds.

7 The Lion’s Roar – Four Star

lion's roar

After getting this through Wish, you’ll need to equip Bennett with it to increase his Base Attack between 42 and 510. Plus, it increases his Attack by nine to 41.3 percent, depending on his level, much like the sword Flute.

However, unlike the Flute, Lion’s Roar will give Bennett a 20 percent increase in damage to enemies hit by Pyro or Electro. Since Bennett is a Pyro character, this will obviously be of great use to him and has a faster payoff than many other swords.

6 The Alley Flash – Four Stars

Weapon customization, build

A special sword for the Weapon Event Wish Banner, this four-star weapon has Elemental Mastery-focused substats, though it only increases from 12 to 55, based on Bennett’s level. Base Attack will get better boost, between 45 and 620, lower with Bennett level one, higher Bennett level 90.

Alley Flash will also increase Bennett’s damage by 12 percent, although any damage you take will temporarily disable this benefit for five seconds. However, with Bennett being strong enough, this shouldn’t be a problem.

5 Decaying Desire – Four Star


More difficult to get your hands on, Festering Desire is only available through the Limestone Prince and Dragon Event. If you’re lucky and get one, installing it on Bennett is a smart decision. It has an Energy Recharge substat – though not required for Bennett – and increases its Base Attack to between 42 and 510, depending on the level trained.

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Amazingly, Festering Desire will make Bennett stronger with an Elemental Skill bonus of 16 percent, and an Elemental Skill crit rate of six percent.

4 Rancor Prototype – Four Star

Rancor prototype in genshin dampak impact

Arguably the easiest four star sword to get, you can forge it at a blacksmith shop, or wait until you level up to Adventure Rank 10 when it becomes a reward. You’ll increase your Base Attack from 44 to 565, then get a boost with Physical Damage substats ranging from 7.5 to 34.5 percent, as your Bennett level rises.

When you hit an opponent, Bennett will gain an additional four percent to his Normal or Charged Attack for six seconds at a time, stacking a maximum of four times.

3 Favonius Sword – Four Star

genshin's favonius sword

Obtained through Wishes, this four-star weapon has a range of 41 to 454 Base Attack increases, along with an Energy Recharge boost substat. Even though it lacks the Energy Recharge needed to keep Bennett on the battlefield, the increase in Base Attack will be very beneficial, especially when you train him to level 90.

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A critical hit with the Favonius Sword would have a 60 percent chance of producing a small amount of Elemental Particles which would in turn generate six Energy for Bennett. This can happen once every 12 seconds during use.

2 The Skyward Blade – Five Star

weapon stats screen

A five-star sword available through Wishes, the Skyward Blade has a nice Energy Recharge substat but isn’t required for Bennett. Base attacks, however, will give him a 46 to 608 damage boost, depending on his level.

The crit rate will also get a boost, with an increase of four percent. When Bennett used his Elemental Burst, he would gain Skypiercing Might which increased his movement speed by 10 percent, as well as his Attack speed by the same percentage. His Normal and Charged Attacks will also get additional damage of up to 20 percent.

1 Aquila Favonia – Five Star

The impact of the genshin Aquila Favonia

You will choose Aquila Favonia through Wishes. Base Attack will increase between 48 and 674, based on Bennett’s level, and substats will deal a 9 to 41.3 percent increase in Physical Damage.

Overall Attack is increased by 20 percent, and once you trigger the soul of a Western Falcon, you will restore your HP by 100 percent, and get a 200 percent increase in damage to your Attack. This will happen once every 15 seconds but is a strong advantage to gain.

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