TOP 10 Best places to live in puerto rico

Best places to live in puerto rico – Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island, has been a popular holiday destination for many years. It’s easy to fall in love. The place is surrounded by miles upon miles of beautiful beaches, turquoise waters, stunning waterfalls , abundant wildlife, and numerous other natural wonders.

Puerto Rico isn’t just a vacation destination. Many people are moving there for permanent residence. This is especially true considering the low cost of living.

Many are motivated by the possibility of vibrant cities (like San Juan), vibrant nightlife and job opportunities.

Puerto Rico is a paradise for ocean lovers. It has some of the best waves in the world and some amazing diving spots. There are tons of relaxed areas where you can relax and take in the sun while enjoying your well-deserved retirement.

Key Takeaways

  • Puerto Rico is a tropical island with beautiful beaches, warm, humid climate, tropical fruits and beautiful beaches.
  • Dorado is the best place to live in Puerto Rico.
  • San Juan is Puerto Rico’s busiest and largest city. It is also the most walkable.
  • Rio Mar is Puerto Rico’s second most walkable city.
  • Bucana Barrio, Puerto Rico’s safest and most compact city, is also the best.
  • In 1917, Puerto Rico was annexed to the United States. This allowed for free travel between the two countries.
  • Puerto Rico’s total population is 3.2 million. In one year, this population fell by 4.6%.
  • Puerto Rico has a median property value of $110,800 making it an affordable location to buy residential property.
  • Puerto Rico’s median household income is $20,000 annually.
  • One of the most dangerous areas on Puerto Rico is The Perla.

Puerto Rico is a mixture of heritage, culture, and history. It is a beautiful place with warm people and fascinating cities. There are many reasons to visit.

Why Choose to Live in Puerto Rico?

  1. History and Culture
    Puerto Rico is home to one of the most rich and varied cultural, historical, and artistic heritages in history.
  2. The Rum
    Puerto Rico is one the most important and well-known rum-producing countries in the world. Rum is the nation’s drink. It can be bought in nearly any color. Puerto Rico is the largest rum producer in the world; the island produces 80% of all the rum consumed in America.
  3. The Bioluminescent Bays
    The world has a large number of bioluminescent bays. Puerto Rico is home to three Bioluminescent bays . Mosquito Bay in Vieques, Laguna Grande in Fajardo and La Bahia Fosforescente in La Parguera. Guinness Book of World Records 2008 officially declared Mosquito Bay the brightest in the world.
  4. The Roast Pig
    Look for a roadside vendor that roasts whole pigs. You will love our ” lechon Asado” dish. Add a Medalla light, arroz con Gandules, and plantains to your plate and you’ll be in heaven. This is a real treat, made over natural wood charcoal, and season with salt, pepper and oregano. The skin is very crisp and the meat is fall-off-the-bone-tender. This is Puerto Rico’s national dish and it is often served at family events and holidays.
  5. The Music
    Puerto Rican music is very popular. Genres include bomba and plena and seis. More recent innovations include fusion reggaeton and Puerto Rican calypso and reggae.
  6. Great Location, Easy Access to
    Puerto Rico is only a short drive from major US cities that offer daily flights. It is easy to get around the island once you arrive. You can hop on a car and drive in any direction for 3 hours.
  7. The Nature and Adventure
    Puerto Rico is home to beautiful nature and unspoiled landscapes. Exotic white sand beaches, incredible rain forest and mountains, underground caves and bioluminescent Bays are just a few of the many attractions in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico offers many amazing experiences.
  8. The Golf
    Puerto Rico boasts more golf course than any other Caribbean island. There are more than 20 championship golf holes designed by the most renowned names.
  9. The Food
    Puerto Rican cuisine is known as the “Dining Capital of the Caribbean”. It promises to please your taste buds with an exciting and exotic mix of flavors.
  10. No Passport Require
    Visitors who are U.S. citizens do not need a passport.

TOP 10 Best places to live in puerto rico

1. Isla Verde, Carolina PR

Isla Verde, also known as the Tourist Area of the Metropolitan Area (and with good reason), is right next to International Airport Luis Munoz Marin. You can reach one of the most beautiful beaches in the area by taking a taxi or uber in just 5 minutes. Isla Verde, located east of Condado in the Municipality of Carolina is a beautiful beach with turquoise waters and white sands. 
An apartment on the beach is an attractive investment because many apartments are available for short term rentals such as VRBO and AirBnB. It is important to remember that not all condos allow short-term rentals. Before you go into escrow, make sure you ask the agent. 
The area has seen a significant increase in value. As of December 2020, a Sellers Market is prevailing. Buyers are paying more than the appraisal value. For a studio apartment, or for a one-bedroom apartment, prices start at the low 200s.

2. Condado, San Juan PR

Condado, San Juan, PR is a popular area because of its many restaurants, bars, hotels, bars and beaches. It is also known as the New San Juan, and is highly sought-after by both tourists and locals. Homes of Puerto Rico ranked Condado number one because it has some of the best condos on the island. Puente Dos Hermanos and Ocean Park Neighborhood delineate Condado. 
Ashford Avenue is the main avenue and is considered to be the most desirable area for real estate. Condado has only four entrances. Condado is densely populated so there will be heavy traffic during rush hour between 4-6:30 and 6:00 pm. The Condado Lagoon is a great spot for water sports like paddling, kayaking and swimming. Manatees might be found in their natural habitat at the Lagoon. You can also walk along Condado Beach, which runs parallel with Ashford Avenue.
This beach is well-known for kite surfing. The prices in this area range from the mid 200’s to 9 million. 

3. Miramar, San Juan PR

Miramar, located south of the Condado Lagoon is a jewel within the San Juan Metropolitan Area. The area features old colonial homes with modern apartments that overlook the lagoon. Miramar, a charming neighborhood, is ideal for those who want a more peaceful area than condado while still being close to the city. You will find high-end restaurants, speakeasy bars, coffee shops, and movie theatres. PerpetuoSocorro School is located in the middle of the area. It is considered one of the most prestigious private schools in Puerto Rico. 

4. Old San Juan, San Juan PR

It all started in 1521 Old San Juan, which is why it is one of the most colorful and vibrant neighborhoods in Puerto Rico. The Spaniards built this city when they colonized Puerto Rico in the 15th century. It is truly magical because it has Spanish architecture and internal wooden beams.
 This area is home to some of the most unique design layouts. Castillo San Felipe del Morro and Castillo San Cristobal are the main attractions. La Perla, La Perla, La Fortaleza, and The Governors House “La Fortaleza”, are also available. There is a photo opportunity everywhere you turn. Old San Juan isn’t for everyone. Due to the limited number of exits and entrances, Old San Juan can be quite difficult for car owners. Parking can also be a problem, as it can be difficult to find parking on the streets. 
Residents can either get a car tag for street parking, or pay a monthly fee to use one of the many private spaces. Living in this beautiful area is a major drawback. This is why the Homes of Puerto Rico have chosen this area as the best place to live. This is combined with the many restaurants, coffee shops and stores, as well as art galleries, makes Old San Juan a great place to call home. Prices for apartments start at around 200 dollars and can go up to 5+ million for an entire building. 

5. Dorado, PR

Dorado is a tranquil oasis located 30 minutes from San Juan. Dorado, a county with beautiful neighborhoods and amazing homes is a popular choice for many Ex-pats. Homes of Puerto Rico recommends Dorado Beach East and The Ritz Carlton Reserve Residences. P
lantation Village, Dorado Del Mar and Paseo del Mar are also recommended. Brenas, Sabanera Neighborhood, Dorado Del Mar and Dorado Reef meanwhile. All of these neighborhoods are gated and have one of the finest schools on the island. Tasis School, Dorado Academy. 
The area is peaceful and easy to access San Juan. Remember that if you plan to live in San Juan or Living in Dorado, the morning commute and afternoon commute can be quite heavy. This area has many hotels. Prices for homes start at 600 dollars and can go up to the millions depending on where you live. 

6. Rincon, PR

Let’s go West! Rincon is known for its stunning sunsets and surfing. Because of its unique topography, many feel Rincon is different from any other place in Puerto Rico. The shoreline is spectacular with the mountains rising from it. This location is very desirable, especially if you have an amazing ocean view. Rincon is a popular spot for surfers around the world because of its beautiful waves. 
The most western tip in Puerto Rico is Mayaguez, which is also nearby. Rincon is a popular choice for couples who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the rest. It is peaceful and ideal for romantic getaways. This information is crucial because Homes of Puerto Rico believes Rincon is the Short-Term Rental Paradise. Investing in multifamily properties is a smart move as you can live without rental income. It takes approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes to get from San Juan to Rincon .

7. Guaynabo PR

Guaynabo City is the ideal place to call home if you are looking for a suburb. There are many great neighborhoods like Garden Hills, Torrimar and La Villa de Torrimar. It is home to many condos and walk-ups. This area is known for its high quality and affordable prices.
 Unfortunately, it is becoming more difficult to find housing in Guaynabo due to the high demand and an increase in prices in Condado. Miramar, Isla Verde and Condado. While the Northern portion of the county is popular for condos close to San Patricio Shopping Center’s, the southern and middle parts of the county have more gated communities. Guaynabo’s southernmost region is located in the mountains. This county has many options for what you can find. 

8. Rio Grande, PR

The city is located at the base of El Yunque Rainforest. Potential AirBnB rental clients will love this area and it is a great place to invest. It’s located 40 minutes east of San Juan, and is easily accessible via Highway 66. Camino Las Picuas is a popular area that features lots of homes on the beach. A great place to invest is any property within the Rio Mar area. 
The Carabali Horseback trails and four-track tours are two of the attractions. Rio Grande is located 20 minutes from Fajardo, and 30 minutes from the Ferry Terminal at Ceiba that takes you to Vieques or Culebra Island. The top hotels in Rio Grande are: Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve Puerto Rico, St Regis Bahia Beach Resort and Wyndham Grand Rio mar Puerto Rico Golf & Beach Resort.

10. Ponce, PR

Ponce, also known as “La Perla del Sur”, is a beautiful city on the southern coast of Puerto Rico. The city’s historic center has been kept in mint condition. It boasts luxurious mansions built with colonial architecture. The Centro Cultural de Ponce Carmen Sola is one of the most popular buildings. 
The Ponce Art Museum is known for its European and Puertorrican Art collection, Castillo Serralles and La Guancha, which are currently undergoing renovations. The earthquakes of January 2020 caused significant damage to this region. As a result, prices have dropped making it an attractive area for investors. It is centrally located in the southern part Puerto Rico.
The commute to San Juan takes 1 hour and Mayaguez takes 1 hour. This makes Ponce a very appealing option for people who wish to live in a Big City beyond San Juan. 

10. Cabo Rojo, PR

Cabo Rojo is last but not least. Cabo Rojo has some of the most stunning beaches, including Playa Sucia and Combate. It is also known for its high mineral content. The salt flats are found towards the southwest tip and come in all kinds of colors, thus the name “rojo”. 
El poblado de boqueron is another option with its vibrant music and delicious fresh seafood. It is located 2 hours and 36 mins from San Juan. This is a great place to invest if you want to experience the peace and quiet of a small town with easy access to Mayaguez or Ponce. Cabo Rojo is a popular area for real estate investments. Many people love to vacation in this area in winter and summer. Rentability in Cabo ROJO apartments makes them a great choice to rent.

Puerto Rico: Renting Self Storage Units

Renting a Puerto Rico self-storage unit is one option. If you don’t find a suitable place to live for your household goods, you can store them in self-storage until you find one. Southern Self Storage has units that can be controlled by temperature and come in a variety of sizes . To learn more, you can call one of their knowledgeable and friendly self-storage specialists.

Puerto Rico: Places to Avoid Living

It is crucial to know the best areas to avoid when moving to a new area. What are the worst areas in Puerto Rico? You shouldn’t make a trip to San Juan to see the La Perla and Louis Lloren Torres areas. Also, you should only visit Santruce in the morning.

1. Skip La Perla, Puerto Rico

La Perla is Puerto Rico’s most dangerous area. It is located next to Old City. It is best to avoid it at all times, including night and day, due to the high rates of gang violence and kidnappings as well as gun violence.

2. San Juan, Puerto Rico’s Louis Lloren Torres

Although San Juan, Puerto Rico is generally safe, it’s best to avoid Louis Lloren Torres. This area is known for its gang wars, as well as recreational drug trafficking. Louis Lloren Torres is also known for carjacking.

3. Visit Santurce, Puerto Rico During Daylight

What are the worst areas in Puerto Rico? Santurce, Puerto Rico can be a pleasant area to visit during daylight hours. However, at night it is less safe. Due to drug use and a large homeless population, Santurce can be considered dangerous after dark.

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