TOP 17 Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts | High Paying up to $225.000 /year

Are you considering a career within the property sector? If yes now is the time to begin learning about the most lucrative job opportunities within REITs, or real estate investment trusts (REITs) and know about best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts

The world of real estate has become a new and exciting asset class that investors are now looking to invest in. Opportunities to invest in additional cash flows are essential when planning the financial future.

The real estate market is a great investment strategy, particularly when the market is in good shape. Real estate ownership and property management or becoming an investor in real estate are not the only possibilities to earn a real estate-related revenue stream.

Before we start for those who aren’t familiar with the REIT industry, let’s take a an overview of how REITs have in common and their operate.

What Is A Real Estate Investment Trust?

Real Estate Investment Trusts, also known informally as REITs are firms who manage and control real estate. They manage a variety of real estate assets , including hotels, shopping centers offices, warehouses, office buildings along with commercial and industrial forests.

The United States, there are an estimated $3.5 trillion in assets held by REITs. These firms earn money from real estate assets, which they must pay investors back in the form of a dividend.

There are a few instances where trusts that invest in real estate are finance real estate as well. Real estate investment trusts work similar to investing in stocks, however REITs allow investors to transfer valuable assets and get an opportunity to earn steady income from shared investments.

This is the reason why a lot of people are investing in real estate as a perfect method to increase your income sources passively. The potential for these commodities and the chance of high yields entice investors interested in investing in real property.

Are you searching for investment options that are secure and offer high returns? Real estate investment trusts are the thing you’re searching for!

This market has increased quickly in recent years The total value of REITs averaging nearly $3.5 trillion at the end of 2021. ( source).

There are a variety of jobs available in the real estate investment trust sector that pay a wide range of pay. The most lucrative positions are reserved for C-level executives.

Chief Executive OfficerThe Chief Executive Officer is considered to be the highest-ranking executive officer of the company. He is accountable of making important decisions that impact the company. CEOs working in the REIT sector earn an average of $468,000 a year.

Chief Financial Officer A CFO will be accountable of financial plan and report and also managing relationships with banks and lenders. CFOs working in the REIT industry make an average of $341,000 annually.

Chief Operating Officer the COO’s accountable for the day-to-day activities of a business. COOs working in the REIT sector make an average of $325,000 annually.

This is followed by the attorney who is among the most highly-paid professionals in real estate investment trusts.

In this article, we will review the top Best Paying Jobs in REITs. After that, you’ll be able to choose… whether Is real estate investment trusts a good career path for me.

What are the best things to expect from the highest-paying jobs within Real Estate Investment Trusts?

The employees of an REIT or real estate investment trust (REIT) are going to manage rental properties or engaged in the field of real estate investment without utilizing their own funds.

If you are a worker with REITs you will be working on:

Analyzing investment opportunities

Responsible for the creation of real estate commercial developments from beginning to end

managing rental properties on behalf of several owners/investors

REIT positions require applicants to hold an undergraduate degree and with experience in accounting, finance or real estate. an extensive knowledge of real estate in corporate and expertise in corporate finance.

How Do Real Estate Investment Trusts Work?

The REIT is a kind of business that owns and operates various forms of real estate. It is since they are not subject to corporation tax on the profits made from rental income as well as the selling of rental properties. REITs are an attractive alternative for people who earn high amounts of money.

They stack investors’ money together and invest it in different commercial real estate properties, which boosts yields in the course of time. Additionally REITs are typically owned by the public at large, as well as they are invested in real property assets.

Additionally, they generate profits through investments or leasing. A dividend is generally paid out in the form of dividends. The real estate trusts comparable to mutual funds as they hold the investments, distribute dividends and pay tax.

Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts | TOP 17 Highest Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts

The following REIT jobs are just a few of the most lucrative jobs available in REITs, which include real trusts for investment in real estate. They are not all potential jobs within the field.

1. REIT Analyst

Requirements Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in finance, economics or real estate related fields.

Salary ranges from $80,000 to $92,000 per year

REIT analysts are part of the department of finance. They are responsible for research analysis, monitoring, and analyzing developments in the real estate market.

They also prepare reports to aid companies in making an informed decision about property acquisitions and utilize tools to constantly evaluate current assets and acquisitions made by the business.

2. Property Developer

Requirements The minimum requirement is a master’s diploma in real estate, or an MBA with an emphasis on real estate or a bachelor’s level degree in business, management or engineering, with a thorough experience in real estate.

Salary: $85,000 to $94,000/year

Property developers play an essential part to play in any real estate commercial project.

They are accountable to manage contractors from start to finish , and working in the planning and evaluating of every subcontractor involved on the construction.

3. Real Estate Property Appraiser

Requirements A bachelor’s qualification from an approved university or college in any discipline is also required.

Salary: $60,000 to $80,000/year

As appraisers for the real-estate industry you must calculate the value of assets in the marketplace.

The REIT will determine the appraiser for real estate properties is employed with having a background in medical fields and hospitality, warehousing and other fields might be required.

4. Property Manager

Requirements High school diploma or GED with an extensive experience in real estate, or the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in public administration, business administration accounting, finance or public administration.

Salary: $80,000 to $124,000/year

One of the highest-paying jobs in the field of real estate investment trusts, being an asset manager in REITs is overseeing the day-today activities of REIT-owned properties as well as assets.

Based on the size of the REIT is the property manager could be able to manage just one asset or manage an entire portfolio of properties.

The REIT property manager’s work encompasses the entire process of collecting rent to the enforcement of lease papers, the property’s maintenance, addressing security and evictions and many more.

5.REIT Accountant

Requirements Requirements: Four-year college degree, CPA preferred using ADP and QuickBooks. ADP

Salary: $75,000 to $125,000/year

REIT accountants are vitally important. They are responsible for the auditing and consolidation of financial statements, and ensuring that that the business is financially in condition. They collect, arrange and report on all financial information as well as any activity that is that is related to the company.

6.REIT Tax Specialist

Requirements CPA, 4 year degree, MBA and tax certificates

Salary: $75,000 to $125,000/year

Although a real-estate financial trusts tax expert may sound like a dull job however, it’s an extremely crucial job often, it’s very lucrative. The job requires applicants to possess a thorough understanding of the laws governing real estate taxes. Tax specialists must also be able to offer advice to portfolio managers with regard to ways they can cut down on taxes when buying deals.

7. Investment Analysts

Specifications An undergraduate degree is required in accounting, real estate business management, finance statistics, statistics, or an equivalent area.

Salary: $100,000 to $120,000/year

Investment analysts are employed in the department of finance for REITs and collaborate with financial analysts to maximize the acquisition of assets and properties into property assets that can generate income.

They evaluate financial aspects as well as conduct a cost-benefit study and write market reports to assist in determining if the asset is suitable to be improved, developed leasing or resales.

8. Foreclosure Specialists

Requirements A bachelor’s qualification in law or finance, or a related field to real estate.

Salary: $65,000 to $90,000/year

Foreclosure experts are specialists in how foreclosure works. They may lead teams through all stages of foreclosure or are accountable for purchasing or selling foreclosed homes.

Sometimes, these experts may be assigned to assist clients to avoid foreclosure, identify potential buyers for properties that are foreclosed or assist with modification of loan terms for both the either the seller or buyer.

9.Real Estate Property Appraisers

Requirements: Experience in real estate,Appraisers license.

Salary: $65,000 to $100,000/year

Real estate appraisers are charged with determining the accurate market value for real estate. They assign fair market value for commercial and residential real estate. Appraisers accomplish this by studying the condition for the home, looking at sales comparables, studying neighborhood amenities, home amenities and many more. Appraisers assist investors and analysts evaluate deals more accurately to assist them to make an informed investment choice.

10. Real Estate Attorney

Requirements A bachelor’s degree and Juris Doctor degree, plus a license to practice in the state you reside in.

Salary: $119,000 to $125,000/year

11. Real Estate Investor

Requirements Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in economics, finance or computer science, business administration math, statistics or in a related area.

Salary: $124,000 to $150,000/year

Real real estate investors are the primary person for the actual buying of assets.

They evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of whether the property is worthy of further development or not. The real estate investor also determine whether an asset is ready to be sold and set the price according to market prices and other variables.

Certain investors are employed by REITs and those who have their own funds manage their own portfolios.

12. Investor Relations Manager

Requirements Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, communications or accounting, law or business management as well as similar fields that have a complete experience in real estate

Salary: $86,000 to $115,000/year

Investor relations managers are great communicators.

They have one of the best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts because they handle REIT corporate communications on their behalf.

You can be their spokesperson in front of all investors and portfolio owners under the company.

This role is not just a communication role. Investor relations managers must also be trained in executive management, accounting, real estate law, and marketing.

13.Acquisition Specialist

Acquisition specialists are an expert in real estate who finds real estate deals and presenting them to asset managers and portfolio managers for evaluation. The acquisition specialist is in charge of searching for and marketing deals in real estate that are compatible with the strategy of investment for the REIT. This is a distinct position and is ideal for people who can work well with people. It requires a desire to find bargains and discover new ways to obtain these.

  • Requirements Requirements: 4 years of business degree Real estate license required in certain situations.
  • Salary: $110,000 to $175,000/year

This type of attorney is among the top pay jobs available in trusts for real estate investment.

As an attorney for real estate REITs, you are responsible for millions of dollars worth of transfer of property foreclosure and a myriad of documents that require documentation and title issuance, transfers as well as other real estate legal issues.

REIT lawyers serve as mediators between buyer, the company, and sellers, with the aim of finding the most profitable outcome that is beneficial to everyone.

14. Asset Manager

Requirements The minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance and real estate management or in a related field.

Salary: $84,000 to $124,000/year

The jobs in REIT asset management are concerned with the operational and financial performance of all assets and properties belonging to the REIT.

When you are an asset supervisor you’ll collaborate with other department heads , such as finance, accounting acquisitions, accounting, and real development of real estate.

Most REIT asset managers start in the field as a part of the department of acquisitions or associates in property management, until they are elevated to the position of leader.

15. Real Estate Acquirer

Requirements A bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, real estate, capital markets or any related fields.

Salary: $120,000 to $200,000/year

REITs rely on your judgment as a real-estate buyer that you seek out promising investment possibilities and then decide which ones are the ones with the greatest potential.

In this regard, it is arguably one of the most lucrative jobs available in trusts that invest in real estate.

16. Leasing Consultant

Requirements Requirements: A Bachelor’s Degree in business, real estate communications, psychology, or in a related field.

Salary: $96,000 to $147,000/year

Leasing consultants working for REITs aid customers or the company locate leaseable properties that meet their budgets and needs.

Because you’ll be aware of the market value of a specific city or state, the real developments in the real estate market, the legal aspects that are involved in leasing, as well as fair prices for a certain kind of asset, the REITs will want your opinion regarding these assets.

17.REIT Portfolio Manager


  • 4-year degree that focuses on investment analysis
  • MBA preferred, but not required in all cases.
  • 5-10 years of management of real estate experience

Salary: $125,000 /year to $225,000 /year

REIT portfolio managers are like asset managers. Asset managers typically are higher up in the hierarchy of corporations as compared to REIT portfolio management, however their responsibilities and roles tend to be identical. Portfolio managers receive the book of business for a particular region or the real estate industry and are responsible for direct communication with the individuals in charge of the day-to-day management of the properties.

Is Real Estate Investment Trusts A Good Career Path?

Companies that invest in real estate are an excellent place to begin a profession in the real estate industry.

Investment trusts in real estate (REITs) are among the most profitable industries of in the present. They are able to provide consistent and steady growth as well as excellent job opportunities and excellent salaries. Real estate careers that could lead to higher-paying job opportunities include appraisers and investment bankers.

Benefits of the highest-paying positions in real estate

You may have realized that the highest-paying job opportunities in the real estate industry are different from others, however they also have its own set of advantages.

  • In this situation you are able to scale up or down your company.
  • The highest paying job opportunities in real estate give the opportunity to earn what you can make selling.
  • If you choose the most lucrative real estate jobs, and putting in the effort long hours, you can have a an extremely fast-paced profession which is lucrative and exciting.
  • If you’re one of those who love getting to know new people and networking the job will create numerous situations similar to this.
  • You will be able to do your best work with any oversight.


Are you aware of what is a Real Estate Investment Trust is? Check out the text above and get a better understanding of the subject. Here I explained the number of opportunities are there in real estate investment trusts. I also outlined why the investment in real estate trusts an excellent career choice and listed some of the highest paying jobs in trusts that invest in real estate.

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