Top 35 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services | High Paying Customer Service Jobs

What is Consumer Service

best paying jobs in consumer services – Consumer services are services which are sold primarily to individuals and not to businesses. This sector is large and common business model. Services provide intangible value . This is not a physical thing like an experience, result, or process.

What is considered a customer service job?

Consumer services offer many services to consumers. This refers to the services that businesses can offer to consumers. These services can be described as intangible valuable products. They include a process, an outcome, or an experience. The service to consumers is often combined with the service to customers. The former provides services while the latter sells products.

The following are some of the most popular areas that need consumer services:


In some cases, services are offered by expensive restaurants while cheap restaurants can be considered products. Cheap restaurants are primarily able to offer a product, while expensive restaurants can offer intangible value beyond food.


Services such as flights and travel services.

Club Goods

A club good, is a valuable resource that many can enjoy. A theme park, for example, or a cinema.


Media services, such as streaming music service.


Events like a concert.


Cultural services, such as a museum.

Information Technology

Access to technology services, such as a wireless network.


Taxi and other transportation services are available.


Ecommerce is a website that allows goods to be delivered to your house.


Financial services that allow you to make payments.


This service allows you to Transfer Risk for a Fee such as Fire Insurance on a Home.


For a fee, such as rent for an apartment, you can access capital.


These services provide basic resources like water and electricity.


Spa services are a great leisure service.

Quality of Life

Services that relate to quality life, such as education or medical services. These services can be provided by the government or on a commercial basis depending on where they are located.

Creative Services

Most often business services include creative services like design. Consumers do however purchase creative services, such as interior design advice.

Professional Services

Legal advice is one example of a professional service.


An business model takes something that was previously sold as a product and adds value-added services like management, maintenance, and support. It typically requires little to no upfront payment, but it generates regular revenue. A mobile device, for example, that comes “free” without a contract.


  • Arts and entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Trade
  • Real estate
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Games

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services | Top 35 High Paying Customer Service Jobs

there are so many jobs are available in consumer services with the highest salaries as listed below:

Vice President Customer Service

Salary Range: $95,000 – $185,000 /year

Your responsibilities as vice president of customer services include overseeing and managing the day-to-day operations of a company’s customer support or customer service department. As a vice president of customer service, you will work with senior leaders to set short- and long term goals for the company. You will also determine how your department can contribute to improving customer relations, satisfaction, and response time to problems. You supervise the hiring and training of new employees, perform performance reviews, analyze customer feedback and develop and improve customer service strategies.

Customer Success Director

Salary range $97,500-$139,000 /year

The customer success director supervises a team that includes specialists. Their role is to maintain good relationships with clients to ensure continued growth and retention. As a director, your responsibilities include client management as well as the development of campaigns and initiatives to identify revenue-generating opportunities and marketing opportunities. Your staff will work with you to improve their performance and maximize the use of your company’s products and services. You also have to train customers and staff, and fix any problems in delivery or efficiency.

Patient coordinator

Salary: $92,170/year

A patient coordinator, as the name implies, is a professional in the medical industry who assists patients with their medical care plan. Patients coordinators can be found in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, specialty care centers, large clinics, or large clinics. This position can be filled by other medical professionals in many medical facilities.

Job responsibilities Being a patient care coordinator requires exceptional communication skills. Although many facilities have a registered nursing staff to fill this role, it is not mandatory. Patients coordinators are employed in hospitals, doctor’s offices and assisted living facilities

Business Banking Relationship manager

Salary range $90,000-$129,000.500 /year

The bank’s business banking relationship manager is responsible for building relationships with clients. Your responsibilities as a business banking relation manager include working with existing customers to grow their financial services, identifying new business partners, and ensuring that clients have the right products and services. This job requires a bachelor’s degree, usually in finance or economics, and previous experience in a similar position. To demonstrate your expertise and increase your job prospects, you may consider banking certifications. You may also be able to demonstrate your expertise in banking by obtaining advanced knowledge and communication skills.

Customer Experience Strategist

Salary Range: $44,000-128,000 /year

Your job as a customer engagement analyst is to translate marketing data into valuable insights for your company. You will analyze the data to get a better understanding of your client and create a report for other departments of the company. Your research aims to gather more information about consumers, promote brand awareness and use a variety of approaches to better understand the audience. Your most important task is to provide information that other people can use, such a list of the best demographics for targeted advertising.

Director of the Call Center

Salary range $75,000-$121,000.50/year

Director of call center operations oversees remote customer service facilities. Your job duties will include managing all call center employees and ensuring that they meet company production standards. Hire new agents to the call center, evaluate their performance, and plan professional development courses and training. You may be responsible for developing business policies and operational strategies, and making decisions about call center software and equipment. Other duties include managing call center budgets, allocating resources and coordinating with clients and third-party service suppliers when needed.

Avaya Engineer

Salary Range: $86,000 to $120,500 /year

Avaya, a multinational software- and telecommunications company, develops and sells unifying communication solutions such as voice over IP (VoIP), phone systems, system administration, etc. Avaya may employ Avaya engineers or other organizations that use the software. This role involves designing a central system that meets the company’s communication requirements. You may need to set up an in-house phone center, a network with remote answering lines or a combination of both. After the design has been approved, you will be responsible for the installation and maintenance of the system.

Front Desk Manager

Salary Range : $67,866 /year

As supervisors, front desk managers are often employed in large and medium-sized hotels or other established businesses in the hospitality sector. These professionals are highly skilled and have the ability to supervise front desk operations and train staff.

Dealer Relationship Management

Salary Range: $60,000 – $102,500 /year

An automobile wholesaler or company’s dealer relationship manager is responsible for managing the dealership relationships. You are responsible for building relationships with dealers in your area or territory, and promoting indirect loans and other financing options for buyers. You are responsible for maintaining open communication between the dealer and the dealers’ sales department and managers, and evaluating the performance of different dealerships in your area. You provide information to finance and sales departments about financial products, and ensure that they adhere to all company and legal regulations.

Business Relationship Manager

Salary Range: $44,000-$100,000/year.

Business relationship managers work to reduce barriers between functions and departments within companies to achieve positive business value. Your job as a business relation manager involves coordinating between different departments and team leaders, creating value plans and idea documents, and optimizing value to achieve overall goals. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent in business administration is required. You should also have extensive industry experience. Some employers may require a master’s degree. Excellent interpersonal, strategic, and leadership skills are also required.

Client Solutions Manager

Salary Range: $45,500-92,500 /year

Client solutions managers manage client relationships to improve customer satisfaction and promote company growth. Your job as a client solution manager involves working with clients to create business opportunities, maintaining client relationships through communication, project management, and ensuring that clients receive top-quality service from the internal team. Additionally, you may prepare and present business reviews or work with contracts. You will need to have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in business administration or marketing. Client services experience is also required. You will need to have strong interpersonal, communication and organizational skills, as well as keen attention and analytical abilities.

Flight attendant

Salary Range: $64,446 to $99,544 /year

Both private and commercial airlines employ flight attendants. They assist passengers in finding their seats and securing carry-on luggage. They clean the cabin and test emergency equipment.

CRM Consultant

Salary Range: $60,000 – $98,500/year

CRM consultants help companies improve customer relationships. Some of the responsibilities include developing sales leads, recommending technology changes, and meeting with vendors to troubleshoot technical issues. A CRM consultant should be proficient in relationship management and have a good understanding of current technology such as CRM software. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce are two examples of CRM software. As part of the CRM implementation, they often offer training.

HVAC Service Manager

Salary Range: $60,000 – $85,500 /year

Your job as an HVAC service manager is to manage customer accounts and mentor new employees. You also have the responsibility of organizing a team. You will be responsible for deciding which equipment you provide, responding to warranty-related customer questions, managing a budget, coordination with other departments and maintaining staffing levels. The HVAC service manager is responsible for authorizing labor and material quotations for clients. This is especially important when the client exceeds the company’s normal thresholds. This position requires multitasking and the ability prioritize tasks. It also requires the ability delegate as necessary.

Technical Support Representative

Salary – $57,557/year ($20/hour).

Tech support is the technical support representative who provides technical assistance to customers online. Tech support is a person who helps you solve any IT problems that may arise while using software or other tech products.
As we depend more on technology to help us live our lives, the role of tech support specialists becomes increasingly important. Tech support specialists are in high demand. However, the need for tech support professionals who are well-trained is growing.

Customer Engagement Manager

Salary Range: $41,000 – $82,500 /year

You are a customer engagement manager and perform many client-related tasks, including sales development, marketing, and technical support. Clients are consulted directly to establish project goals, then a plan is developed and implemented to achieve those goals. You will need to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in business administration, or a similar field, as well as several years of experience in customer service or customer engagement. You will be able to lead others with your strong leadership skills and exceptional verbal and written communication skills.


Salary Range: $42,900 /year

“Concierge” is a general term that refers to professionals who can assist you in virtually every aspect of your life. They could be referred to as your personal assistants.

A concierge is usually employed by hotels or other hospitality establishments to ensure that you have an enjoyable travel experience. These services have been expanding to other industries in recent years because of increasing demand.

Bank teller

Salary Range: $36,120 – $45,200/year

The main tasks of a bank teller include – verifying customers’ bank accounts and processing their requests for money withdrawals/deposits. Customers must be informed about any problems with their bank accounts or other services. Customers may request that bank tellers process money orders, checks and currency exchanges.

Bank teller must be careful about their cash balance, from the beginning to the end of each shift.

Others include:

  • Collection of payments
  • Customer issues solved
  • Other administrative and processing work
  • Recommend to customers other products/services from banks

Customer Success Manager

Salary Range: $50,000 – $79,000/year

Customers who use online services and sales will need to contact their customer success manager. Your responsibilities as a customer service manager include onboarding new customers, maintaining client relationships, and providing value for your clients. Other responsibilities include responding to customer queries, opening new accounts, and educating customers about products. You may be responsible for a specific caseload or all customer relations, depending on the company’s size.

Service Advisor

Salary Range: $59,000 – $68,500 /year

You will find service advisors at both car dealerships or maintenance workshops. Service advisors are often a liaison between customers and technicians. They help customers identify the problems they are having with their vehicle and relay them to the technician.

They can also provide comprehensive advice regarding repair time, maintenance, insurance, as well as other important car-related matters.

Responsibilities – While each dealership may have a different set of responsibilities, the most important duties are:

  • Customers’ vehicles – preliminary assessment
  • Identifying and explaining the exact requirements to customers (including costs, and a time frame)
  • Based on the customer’s needs, making recommendations
  • Inform the dealer (or the car manufacturer) about the warranty, maintenance and repair.
  • Consult the mechanic assigned to your repair or change request.
  • Service advisors should coordinate with the car manufacturer or third party for spare parts in case of replacement.
  • Administrative tasks include scheduling appointments, taking inventory notes and sending invoices.

Contact Centre Manager

Salary Range: $50,000 – $78,500 /year

Contact center managers oversee a team that handles customer support issues via multiple channels such as email, chat, and phone calls. You may manage several levels of technicians in this role, including senior staff and entry-level employees. You will be responsible for hiring, coaching, continuing education, and regular communication with your team regarding quality issues and updates. You will also need to manage the group by scheduling, supervising and maintaining its morale.

Private Client Advisor

Salary Range: $42,500 to $78,000 /year

Private client advisors are financial professionals who work directly with clients for a bank or investment company. Your job duties as a private client advisor include helping clients manage their wealth, managing complex assets and ensuring that financial transactions are conducted within the legal and regulatory frameworks. You will need to have a degree or post-secondary education in order to work as a private advisor. This includes a bachelor’s in finance or business and several years experience in a financial institution. You must have strong interpersonal and communication skills to build large client networks.

Call Center Representatives

Salary Range: $35,723 /year

Call center representatives usually work for a telemarketing company or contact center and handle both inbound and outbound calls. They are responsible for following call scripts, identifying customer needs, researching problems, and providing timely solutions. Representatives might also be responsible to suggest and sell products.

Medical receptionist

Salary Range : $36,804 /year ($15.81/hour).

Responsibilities The primary role of a medical secretary is to act as an intermediary for patients and their doctors. As a medical receptionist, your responsibilities include booking and managing patient appointments, processing payments, and guiding new patients through intake forms.

A medical receptionist has some key responsibilities.

  • Positive attitude when greeting patients
  • Provide the necessary information to patients and answer their questions.
  • Manage patients’ records and schedules efficiently with a focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Collaboration with healthcare providers
  • Verification and filing of third-party medical claims

CRM Coordinator

Salary Range: 35,500-$75,000.50 /year

CRM stands for customer relations management. To ensure customer satisfaction, a CRM coordinator handles customer queries and complaints. They often work closely with sales to establish positive relationships with customers, and to solve any problems or issues that clients raise. A high school diploma is required and you must have customer service experience to qualify as a CRM coordinator. Employers may prefer candidates who have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, and are familiar with CRM software systems such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

Service Manager

Salary Range: $43,000-$70,000.50 per Year

A broad title that covers a variety of positions in a wide range of industries, service manager is used. Because it is a broad term, the responsibilities of service manager vary from one job to another. All service managers have the same duties: ensuring that your company’s services run smoothly. You will need to coordinate with service workers in order to ensure their work is up-to-standard. This is especially true for healthcare industries, where customer service may be more important than in other industries. Your team must comply with all government regulations. Overtime may be required for management positions, particularly in shift-work industries. You are responsible to the whole department and not just one shift. Different jobs require different skills and qualifications. All service managers need to be organized and able delegate as needed.

Registered Client Associate

Salary Range: $51,500-$70,000/year

Registered client associates work for banks or other financial institutions to retain and acquire new customers. Your job as a client associate revolves around working with clients to ensure their satisfaction. You will be responsible for setting up clients’ accounts and communicating with financial advisors or associates about their progress. These accounts are managed by associates or financial advisors who play an important role in providing client service. Registered client associates can also assist with social media marketing efforts and provide support for clients in certain positions.


Salary: $45,717/year ($15.5/hour).

A wide range of administrative support tasks are performed by receptionists within an organization or company. This includes answering visitors’ questions or directing them to the appropriate department according to their needs.

Responsibilities : A receptionist can assume many tasks, as we discussed earlier. A receptionist has many responsibilities.

Relationship Manager

Salary Range: $41,500 – $68,500 /year

A relationship manager is responsible for managing client relationships to ensure that customers are satisfied with their products or services. Your responsibilities as a relationship manager include answering customer questions, providing advice on service options and product options, and developing new client relationships. As a liaison and salesperson, you may also be a member of the company’s executive team. There are many roles for relationship managers in different industries and fields, including investment and financial management.

Call Centre Manager

Salary Range: $43,500 – $68,000 /year

You are responsible for making sure the call center runs smoothly. You are responsible for supervising call center staff to maximize profits and efficiency, as well as training new employees in computer and phone system use. Spot checks are performed for every employee to make sure they follow protocols and provide excellent customer service. Administrative duties include scheduling and filing reports.

Customer Experience Consultant

Salary Range: $32,500-$67,000.50/year

Customer experience consultants are responsible for improving customer service by interacting directly with clients. You will contact customers to learn their needs and remove obstacles that prevent customer satisfaction. Although you don’t need to have a college degree or formal qualifications to work as a customer service consultant, most employers will require at least a high school diploma. Strong communication skills and customer service skills are essential for this job. However, it is possible to excel in this field if you have previous experience in the financial industry.

Client Services Manager

Salary Range: $40,000 – $66,000 /year

Client services managers ensure that customers are satisfied with the services and products they receive from the company. You are an employee of the company, but your team acts as the customer’s representative. As the supervisor of larger customer service staff, you have responsibilities that include employee training and compliance with company policies and procedures. Experience in customer service is required as well as excellent management skills.

Customer Service Manager

Salary Range: $40,000 – $64,000 /year

Your job as a customer service manager is to help the staff develop and train others. They may learn how to greet customers and help customers with their problems. You might also teach them how to be professional when dealing with difficult customers. Your job as a manager includes helping customers achieve their satisfaction goals, enhancing customer loyalty, and supporting sales staff. Customers service managers make suggestions for improving performance. They also work with human resources to hire employees and decide on disciplinary matters. You can also offer direct customer service in times of staff shortages and unusually high call volumes.

Membership Director

Salary Range: $37.500-$59.500/year

The role of a membership director is to grow and maintain the membership of a club or fitness center, or any other member-driven organization. Your primary task as a director of membership is to grow business and convert customers into paying members. As a membership director, you are responsible for collecting regular membership payments, maintaining accurate records, and communicating with members. As a member director you will learn marketing strategies and tactics to attract new members. You also solicit feedback from existing members to improve the retention of those members. While there aren’t any specific educational requirements for this job it is recommended that you have a bachelor’s in marketing or advertising and previous experience in a similar position.

Account Coordinator

Salary Range : $31,909 /year ($18.7/hour).

An account coordinator’s primary objective is to increase customer satisfaction and attract new customers. Account coordinators work closely with customers to understand their needs and offer products and services that will best suit them. They might also handle customer complaints and demonstrate new products to customers, as well as overseeing the sales process.

It is a challenging job to be an account coordinator. They must be in constant contact with potential and current clients to improve customer satisfaction. They are responsible for generating sales leads and managing the sales process. Account coordinators must also maintain and grow their client base.
Responsibilities As an account coordinator you need to build strong relationships with the clients. To be able sell your products and services effectively, one of the most important aspects of this job is to stay current on all the information. They need to keep up with the latest product launches or discontinuations.


Salary Range: $45,000-59,000 /year

Your primary duties as a complaint specialist are to investigate and resolve customer complaints by phone, email, fax, mail, fax, or social media. Customers often contact you directly to resolve problems and follow-up when necessary. You are responsible for addressing any complaints that you are not able to address and making sure the staff responds to them promptly. To identify potential problems, you gather and analyze data. After reviewing your analysis, you create reports that include your recommendations for management, which may include preventive or corrective measures. Also, you will be asked to identify ways to improve your process and to keep abreast of all compliance rules and products.

Is Consumer Services A Good Career Path?

It really depends on what type of consumer service business you are interested in. It can be very rewarding to work in a vital consumer service business like foodservice or healthcare. These businesses offer important services to customers and can be extremely fulfilling to work for.

It may be less fulfilling if you are interested in working in non-essential consumer service businesses, such as entertainment and leisure. These businesses offer services that aren’t essential to our survival and may not be as rewarding.

It’s up to the individual to decide if consumer services is a career path for them. You can research a specific type of business in consumer services to see if you are a good fit.

There are many reasons why consumer services is a good career path

Consumer services can be a great career choice for many reasons. Here are some examples:

Consumer services companies provide essential services to consumers.

Working in consumer services can be very rewarding.

There are many types of consumer service businesses. You can choose the one that interests your needs.

You don’t need any experience to get started in a career as a consumer service representative.

Consumer services businesses are in high demand.

These are just some of the many reasons consumer services is a promising career choice.

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How to start a career as a consumer service representative

You can research all the types of consumer service businesses to find the one that interests and get started in a career as a consumer services professional. After you have found the industry you are interested in, you can research the companies within it to see if they have any openings.

Another option is to look at a job as a customer service representative. You can get your foot in to the consumer service industry by working as a customer service representative. After a few years working in customer services, you might be able move into a managerial position in a consumer service company.

There are pros and cons to a career as a consumer services representative

Working in consumer services has its pros and cons.


  • It can be extremely rewarding
  • Social role important
  • This is a great way to get in the door of the industry


  • Some consumer service businesses may not be essential.
  • It may not be as rewarding as working in a vital consumer services company.
  • There can be a lot customer interaction which might not be optimal for everyone.

Conclusion Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

Consumer services businesses are businesses that offer services to consumers. These businesses can be found in many industries and are either essential or not.

Essential consumer service businesses provide the services we need to live our lives. Non-essential services are those we enjoy and that make our lives easier. While all consumer service businesses are important, some are more vital than others.

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