Usually the term Loli is often used by otaku or lolicons for the name of cute little children in anime. Loli stands for “Lolita”, the word Loli itself is a combination of the Japanese language that combines the words “Lolita” and “Complex”. The Otaku who mention the word Loli itself is a person who has a desire to protect and love small children. Usually people who like Loli will be referred to as “Lolicon”.

In Japan there is an anime-manga place called “Lolita Complex”, the meaning of the word Lolita Complex itself is an understanding of the novel made by Vladimir Nabokov, which is obsessed with young children who are kawaii or adult girls with tiny bodies or with slang called “Midget”. Usually the characters will be made into anime and manga versions.


Basically all men like women who are Kawaii, want him underage or too old, as long as the woman is beautiful and kawaii will certainly be seen by men, but only to the extent of liking not having feelings for the woman. And if I am a person, usually I only call cute characters and cute cosplay as Loli.

10+ Best Live Wallaper Loli and Kawaii Character Live Wallpaper for Mobile

Anime with adorable loli characters sometimes makes us happy and at home while watching it, fans of funny characters and the stupidity of the nature of the loli itself can be a plus for this kind of anime. There are several anime with cute, cute and ludicrous loli characters, and here I will try to recommend 10 live wallpapers of cute and adorable loli characters.

1.Lillie From Pokemon Sun

lilie Download Lillie

2.Megumin From Konosuba


Download Megumin

3.Qiqi form Genshin Impact

Qiqi Download Qiqi

4.Shirasu Asuza from Bluearchieve

shirasu Download Shirasu

5. Shiro form No game No Life

shiro Download Shiro

6.Uruha Rushia from Vtubers

uruha Download Uruha

7.Yoshino from Date A Live


Download Yoshino

So, which of your favorite loli and kawaii characters? Comment Below!

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