Best Genshin Impact Building Venti support

Looking for the best Genshin Impact Building Venti? Now rumors are circulating that it’s popular Genshin Impact the character might get a banner rerun in the 2.6 update, it’s about time we took another look at this Anemo arc user to see how we can take advantage of his abilities.

That best Venti building need to take into account the main role of this five-star demon – keeping enemies suspended in the air while switching to another character focused on DPS to release the pain. Venti does this using a combination of ranged attacks and Anemo-based skills (that’s the wind for all of us).

Once you have Venti, he will be invaluable when exploring new territories as his support skills can amplify other elements. You can easily pair it with Pyro’s character to create a burning tornado. Having said that, Venti is best played in a supporting role, although Venti has a lot of inherent DPS potential if you want to go in that direction. Here’s what you need to make the best build for Venti di Genshin Impact.

Best Genshin Impact Building Venti support

  • Weapon: Elegy for the End
  • Artifacts: Viridescent Veneer (four pieces)

That Elegy for the End is a great choice for support-focused Venti. Not only does Venti increase his elemental mastery, but you can trigger his (rather verbose) abilities even when he’s not on the field, ultimately benefiting the entire team by increasing their elemental mastery by 100 and attack power by 20%. Another potential option is Skyward Harpalthough this leans more towards Venti’s own DPS capabilities.

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In terms of artifacts, there is one major choice in patch 2.5; Four-piece Viridescent Veneer. With these four items, not only do you get additional Anemo damage from two pieces, but you also get a 60% increase in vortex damage, and enemies will have their elemental resistance to other non-Anemo elements in the vortex reduced by 40% for ten seconds. Given Venti’s affinity for crowd control and triggering vortexes (as well as literal tornadoes), this artifact set is especially important.

If you is it right want to get into the weeds, you’ll next want to look for the Venerer artifact that specifically gives bonuses to mastery of elementsand if that fails, some combination of attacks, anemo, or crit-boosting.

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Best Venti team composition

Well Venti team composition placing our “tone-deaf bard” in the sub-DPS slot, only coming into the field to trigger his elemental blast to create high-damage combos with other characters. Mona and Ganyu would be good candidates here, providing some Hydro/Cryo freeze combos. which will come Genshin Impact Ayato’s character was another Cryo-bow user who might be a good candidate here as well.

You’ll also want a healer in the support slot – Diona or Barbara are viable candidates, as is Kokomi.

genshin venti impact character build with bow

Best F2P Venti build

That best Venti weapons for free-to-play players is Favonius Warbow. You can only acquire the above-mentioned weapons by wishing on the standard weapon event banner or Prayer banner. Favonius is a four-star bow that you can get from Long Shot quests – his ability leads to faster energy regeneration, which is useful for triggering Venti’s abilities more regularly.

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All artifacts are free because you can’t get them through wishing, but Viridescent Veneer can only be obtained from the Valley of Remembrance. If you’re having a hard time getting your hands on all four parts, we’ve seen some DPS-focused builds run two parts Nostalgic Gladiatorwhich deals an 18% increase in attack, to pair with Venerer’s two-part buff to Anemo damage.

In terms of team composition, Barbara and Amber are the two free characters you get from the start that can support Venti’s team. Barbara is one of the best healers in the game, and Amber is a good long-range Pyro bow user who can interact with Venti’s vortex and elemental blasts very well. Someone like Xiangling can then become a backup character for you to use between Venti’s explosive abilities, when the enemy returns to the ground.

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That’s all you need to know about the best Venti builds. Hopefully, the banner rerun rumors are true. If you want to start collecting primogems, make sure you check us out Genshin Impact code guide.

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