Best Game Character With Water Power

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Who needs a fancy, heavy solid weapon when a highly liquid drink is enough to save the world or kill an entire planet. In hindsight, arming water is a pro-gamer move for some of the characters gifted with the ability to control it. While water isn’t as popular as fire in terms of power or ability, some video game characters beg to be different.

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The handful of them who can control, manipulate and turn water into super weapons have made him famous for their abilities and in turn, unforgettable. Turns out they could make their enemies more than wet—anyone who passed these guys was bound to land in hot water.

8 Kamisato Ayato (Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact character Kamisato Ayato - official art

Although there are too many characters in Genshin Dampak Impact who can control the water or as the game dubs him, Hydro, Kamisato Ayato is the most prominent person at the time of writing. He is only available in beta testing stage at the moment but his popularity and prowess is undeniable and he will easily become one of the most wanted characters in the game once he comes out.

As a “waterbender” Ayato can infuse his sword with the power of water and this can give him a lightning-fast attack that leaves little room for his target to retaliate. His ultimate move in the game consists of laying down fields of water or some kind of rain that will constantly tear his enemies apart. When not in battle, he might make his own boba tea with his water and keep it in his clothes.


7 Poseidon (God’s War Game)

god of war 3 kratos poseidon

In Greek mythology, Poseidon is the god of the sea, storms, and most natural disasters. That God of War the games definitely do him justice in their portrayal of one of the strongest on Mount Olympus as Poseidon is as spectacular and overbearing as his mythological counterpart. In the third game, he even transforms himself into a giant sea monster to prevent his own nephew from having anger issues.

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What makes Poseidon stronger than the other characters here is that he also controls everything related to the sea, meaning he can create hurricanes, earthquakes, and of course tsunamis. Most of the time, he didn’t even need his main weapon, namely the trident, but all these god-like water powers stood no chance against the rampaging bald Spartans.

6 Aquaman (Injustice: God Among Us)

aquaman in injustice

Speaking of sea king, Aquaman is a DC take on the god of the sea and although he isn’t as strong as Poseidon, Arthur Curry or Aquaman are competent heavyweights in Justice League. Therefore, when the superhero troupe gets its own beat-em-up game, Aquaman should be included in its glory days.

In terms of aquatic power, he is not too far from Poseidon without the ability to end the world. Aquaman also has a trident but this one can turn into pure water, allowing him to use it in creative and superpowered ways. Aquaman can also summon waves and other ferocious water forms as his ultimate ability when players use them in the game.

5 AquaMan (MegaMan 8)

aqua man in mega man 8

Mega Man has his own “Aqua Man” which luckily doesn’t run into any legal issues as this character is barely made to the game’s lore. Apparently, Aqua Man was the result of a failed experiment; he was supposed to be Frost Man but was relegated to Aqua Man after several failed initial attempts.

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After all, he turned out to be quite troublesome since he was a criminal in Mega Man 8. Aqua Man can store water in her body and then release it as a weapon. He can turn the stored water into balloons or heavy balls that are difficult to avoid and can hinder Mega Man’s progress. Personality-wise, he’s quite colorful as a villain and often uses flamboyant behavior and dirty jokes that aren’t as boring as laundry water.

4 Jaina Proudmoore (Warcraft Games)

jaina proudmoore at wow

There are many magicians and other magic users who can bend water however they want in warship myth but one of the most accomplished among them is none other than Jaina Proudmoore. She is a princess/mage who rose quickly in her school hierarchy because she was a child prodigy. Moreover, he was also a brilliant commander.

Jainas can summon the water element and this is the most famous water based spell. The rest of the spell list consists of solid water forms and other ice spells that deal more traditional damage to enemies. Apart from that, Jaina has also branched out into other “elements” as she can also produce multiple fire spells.

3 Rain (Mortal Kombat Game)

rain in mortal kombat

One of the lesser known and underrated “ninja” characters of Mortal Kombat none other than Rain. His name best describes his abilities because Rain is a master of water weapons who can make saw blades and needles out of water without turning them into ice first. Heck, he can even turn himself into water to dodge enemies or “phase” through them.

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Rain can also make the arena more dramatic by introducing the same weather effects, leading to more intense fights. He can definitely be cooler than Sub-Zero if he wants to because Rain is a demigod like the most impressive Mortal Kombat character.

2 Prince of Sidon (The Legend Of Zelda Games)

prince of sidon in botw

The Prince of Sidon is in his most aesthetic form in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild because this is its modern appearance as a 3D character with smooth polygons. After all, he is Mipha’s more battle-focused brother who uses his trident into battle and can command water.

The Prince of Sidon uses his water attacks to guard the enemy if he is surrounded or if there are too many. In terms of utility, the Prince of Sidon can also swim in waterfalls as if he were walking, which is one of the smartest talents in games like Wild Breath.

1 Squirtle (Pokemon Game)

pokemon go july day squirtle sunglasses variant

While there are bigger fish in Pokemon The Pokédex, Squirtle remains the definitive poster boy for water-type Pokemon. After all, he was also one of the originals and also belonged to Ash’s lineup from the start, even in the anime. Wartortle and Blastoise also approached but they weren’t that cute—and they didn’t look like cuddling.

As a water-type Pokemon, Squirtle can of course shoot streams of high-pressure water from its mouth to damage or confuse its enemies. In moments of desperation (such as when players punch well above their Pokemon’s heavyweight), Squirtle can pull back its head and limbs into its shell and release multiple streams of armed water. He is also solely responsible for Ash’s daily water needs although it is unclear how Squirtle makes the water or whether it is drinkable.

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