Best Game Character With Fire Power

Fire is easily one of humanity’s most destructive weapons. His tendency to kill and destroy indiscriminately has always been the subject of fascination among many art forms, including video games. And video games love their characters using fire so much, that there must be fire or someone who can control it in every other title that has combat.

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Of course there is no guarantee that these characters will become popular. After all, fire was a fairly common force, so fire users who stood out were usually those with a personality and appearance that matched the power they had chosen to control. So, these fire users were people who were too hot to handle.

8 Mai Shiranui – The King of Fighters Game

Mai from The King of Fighters 15

Mai Shiranui is a female ninja or kunoichi who likes to play with fire and is also one of the originals of king of warriors franchise. He was in every game and even the most recent, King of Fighters 15, he was still burning bright as usual. Apart from having a versatile playstyle, he also has a few pyrokinetic tricks hidden up his sleeve—figurative sleeves.

Even its name refers to its fire power. Mai, using her fan and ninjutsu, can make fire surround her and this will damage her enemies. He can also channel that fire through his fans, his clothes, and even anything he touches.


7 Pyro – Team Fortress 2


He’s more like a meme template now than a respectable one Team Fortress 2 has become a mainstay due to the age of gaming, but Pyro will always be an important cornerstone of internet culture. He’s actually only one class from Team Fortress 2 and less of a character, but over the years, the gaming community has made their own lore about him in light of the true gaming myths.

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Regardless, Pyro is pretty fiery as he’s a literal pyromaniac whose passion lies in the bright yellow and orange chemical reactions and crunchy stuff they leave behind. His fire power comes mostly from his flamethrower, of course, but he also has grenades that can deflect projectiles and use his fire gear to jump high and reposition.

6 Scorpion – Mortal Kombat

Scorpion in Mortal Kombat 11

The scorpion may be burning with a vengeance but everything he does is cool. He’s the opposite of Mortal KombatSub-Zero as Scorpion is constantly fighting with the ice cube maker using his fire-themed abilities. Their fight, much like the fight with the Scorpion in it, was of course explosive.

Scorpion is proficient with the use of his Hellfire. He can do anything from covering himself in fire to damaging those around him to creating a blazing vortex. Since he’s also dabbled in some necromancy, Scorpion also occasionally summons floating skulls that breathe Hellfire. Also, he may or may not have part-time gigs where he moonlights as a death metal vocalist with all those angsty pyrokinetics.

5 Hu Tao – Genshin Dampak Impact

hu tao

Hu Tao is one of them Genshin Dampak ImpactThe most popular character not only because of his unique personality and cute appearance, but also because he is the most powerful fire user or Pyro in the game (currently). Sales figures from Genshin Dampak Impact has even confirmed that he is a moneymaker whenever he is available for acquisition.

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After all, Hu Tao’s fire power is simple. He simply infused his polearm with fire using the souls of his deceased customers, since he was a funeral parlor. His job was then basically self-sustaining as Hu Tao could easily pile up corpses and use their souls as fuel for his funeral services and the power of his fire.

4 Charmander – Pokemon Game

Fire Pokemon Beginner Pokemon Charmander

Charmander is the cutest among the beginner Pokemon in the old games or even in the anime. Beneath that puppy-eyed face and that little voice was a lot of heat that could burn a house. In this regard, Charmander is also an effective Pokemon. Of course, his personality matched his strength as Charmander became more and more difficult to control as he evolved.

Being a fire type Pokemon, Charmander has the standard fire breathing technique. Charmander also has many other moves that usually make their enemy Pokemon mature. Some of the most devastating of them are Inferno and Fire Spin and he only gets stronger when he evolves into Charmeleon or Charizard.

3 Alduin – Skyrim

Amazing Fan Art Combining Skyrim and Lord of the Rings

Speaking of dragons, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim had too many of them so we chose only the most disgusting: Alduin. He’s the cause of all the dragons rampaging in the land of Nords and also the final boss of the main game. If players go further into the game, they will easily realize that Alduin is more complex than the large flying lizard that looks stupid at first.

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He can talk too. It’s just that he’d rather spit fire than fuss about Skyrim’s weather. As usual, he’s a dragon, so he breathes fire. Quite simple, but always effective. In addition, Alduin has access to a comprehensive list of Dragon Shouts that have different magical effects, making him godlike.

2 Diablo – Diablo Games

diablo 2 character artwork fighting diablo boss

The big red devil with horns and a bad case of back acne definitely has anger issues. Anyone who guessed that Diablo from the titular franchise itself was channeling his anger through fire was right. He had the powers of hell at his disposal and then some. Apart from having close immunity to fire (since he is a demon lord surrounded by lava), Diablo’s fire attacks are also second to none among his brethren.

One of the most common he used in Diablo 2 to start a boss fight is his fire wall ability. In addition, he can summon hail to the players and if that’s not enough, Diablo can explode and release a circular fire shockwave that is almost impossible to dodge.

1 The Chosen Undead – Dark Soul

the chosen undead in the dark soul

Last but certainly not least, the players themselves. Well, assuming they play dark soul because it has one of the best representations of “self-insert” and allows its players to manipulate the most extensive fire compared to other games. Everyone here started off as a Chosen Undead.

As the Chosen Undead, players gain access to the Pyromancy spell, but even if they choose not to use the ability, they are still tasked with rekindling “The Flame,” which is McGuffin whose goal is to burn the old world down and start it. again. Fire also has a bigger purpose here than just being a weapon as it also represents rebirth and salvation.

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