Best Finnish Scholarships for Indian Students: Online Guide to Using Them


  • This article provides information on the best scholarships offered by Finnish Universities/UAS.
  • In this context, one can understand the different grant amounts and duration of these scholarships.
  • It also details the application process and general documents required for the program.

Finland’s education system is a center for world-class learning and is home to many top-ranked universities. The majority of these universities offer extensive scholarship programs to students from European and Non-European countries. Students who are not from European countries are responsible for paying tuition fees, which may exceed their budget. Eligible students can take advantage of Finland Scholarship offered by various prestigious universities or UAS (University of Applied Science) to reduce these costs.

Why Study Abroad in Finland?

Finland offers world-class education and learning scope to students around the world. From the fun Nordic lifestyle to the versatility of learning, equality and discipline are the foundation of Finland’s academic culture.

Here are the main reasons why studying in Finland is considered a smart choice:

Cost-effective tuition fees

The tuition fees applicable to Indian students and other international students will range from 6,000 EUR to 16,000 EUR per year. With many educational funding opportunities, universities offer extensive scholarships to international students based on their academic excellence. The majority of Finnish universities allow a percentage reduction in tuition fees, while only a few offer full waivers.

Job opportunities for students

Finnish universities offer a wide range of career-related services: internships, contract work placements, and holding career fairs and events, etc. Live sessions with dignitaries help students gain business insight. More than 55% of universities have introduced employment contracts to help students earn through part-time work while studying.

Promoting Academic Freedom

Academic independence is a core attribute of Finnish education. Students affiliated with Finnish Universities have the freedom to choose the combination of subjects they wish to pursue. This freedom ensures that they develop an abundance of skills and knowledge.

Best Finnish Scholarships Offered to Indian Students

In Finland, each University has its own scholarship program. Students will be automatically entitled to their scholarship program when they will apply for courses at any university. However, it is important to review the various scopes and possible scholarship programs offered by the university.

Different universities provide different scholarships. The best six Finland Scholarship for Indian and international students are given below.

University of Helsinki

Scope Total Grants Offered Duration
Offers scholarships to Indian and International students who wish to enroll in a Masters programme.
Grants will be automatically marked when enrolling in certain Master’s programmes.
• Fully provided tuition fees
• 10,000 EUR from the study grant.
• Fully funded grant covering tuition fees + 10,000 EUR
(Tuition fees range from 13,000 EUR to 18,000 EUR)
2 years
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Tampere University

Scope Total Grants Offered Duration
This scholarship program aims to reduce the burden of paying tuition fees for their Masters program. • The university bears 100% or 50% of the total tuition fees.
• Students who qualify for the Global Student Award for Academic Excellence are granted a 100% waiver of tuition fees.
(This also includes an annual scholarship of 7,000 EUR for the student’s living expenses)
2 years

Aalto University

Scope Total Grants Offered Duration
Aalto University offers grants to students enrolled in Masters programs taught in English.
Full grants are allowed for students based on their merit.
This grant is allowed for the period of the entire academic session
• (Gold)Category A: Full scholarship (2×8000 EUR for each academic year)
• (Silver) Category B: Full scholarship (2×8000 EUR for each academic year)
• (Bronze) Category C: 50% of the full scholarship (2×4000 EUR for each academic year)
The entire academic year.

Finnish Government Scholarship Program

Scope Total Grants Offered Duration
These grants are offered to young researchers in Masters level programs or in Doctoral /
Post-Doctoral level. This scholarship is awarded to motivate young scholars in various academic fields
• Monthly allowance of 1,500 EUR is provided
(Program does not cover travel expenses)
Generally, these grants are allowed for a period of research work which can be 3-9 months.
The maximum time limit given is nine months for an individual.

CIMO Doctoral Scholarship

Scope Total Grants Offered Duration
This Finland scholarship is awarded to students pursuing a doctorate
or dual doctoral programs from Finnish universities.
1500 EUR is awarded to students.
(This grant is to cover living expenses for individuals living in Finland)
2 years

University of Oulu – International Masters Scholarships for Protein Science

Scope Total Grants Offered Duration
This fellowship is offered to academically outstanding students pursuing an International Master
in Protein Science and Biotechnology from the University
• Paying tuition fees is completely excluded for international Master students
• Each student is awarded 4000 EUR per month for their living expenses
2 years
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How to Apply for Scholarships in Finland?

Indian students and other international students are required to pay tuition fees according to the course plans of different universities. For this reason, various Finnish higher education institutions offer students extensive scholarships based on their academic excellence.

International students are automatically enrolled in the scholarship program when taking admission for certain courses. However, different universities follow their own scholarship programs.

Students wishing to apply for the Finland scholarship program at any University must complete the general procedures:

Select Module

A student can get all details of a particular course from the Study Info portal, which is the official website for the application. The Finnish government offers a large number of modules in all disciplines for postgraduate and postgraduate students.

Complete the Documents

Application criteria and documentation depend on different universities. However, some basic documents are required when applying to any Finnish university.

  1. Original copy of qualification documents.
  2. Translation of all documents in the original Swedish, Finnish or English.
  3. Original official translated documents and diplomas.

Students may also be required to provide their TOEFL or IELTS qualification certificate according to university requirements.

Online Application Submission

Module applications can be submitted via the University’s own official website or through the Study Info portal. These apps can be of two types – shared apps & split apps. Under the joint application, students will be able to register for six different modules, whereas they will have to apply separately through a separate application.

After receiving the application, students must apply for a student residence permit from their respective embassies.

Finnish universities currently host more than 400 international students pursuing various Masters and doctoral programs in English. With the assistance provided by various universities through Finland Scholarship, international students can reduce the obligation to pay a large amount of tuition fees. These grants have attracted outstanding students from all over the world. Thus, Finland, as the happiest country in the world, is now developing rapidly in both academics and disciplines.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is the Finnish scholarship program?

Ans. The duration of the program depends on the type of program and University policies. However, program duration varies from nine months to two years.

2. How to apply for a Finland scholarship?

Ans. All international students are automatically enrolled in the scholarship program when they take admission for a particular course through the official website of the University.

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