TOP 11 Best Ballet Schools in The World (Update Ranking)

What is Ballet?

Ballet is an art form that is created by the body’s movements. It’s dramatic presented to an audience on stage, using costumes, scenic design and light.

All over the globe the ballet genre has been recognized as an art form that is distinct and has profoundly influenced the dance industry in a variety of countries.

As a result, numerous ballet schools have been set up across the globe and have made significant progress. They’re thought to be among the best places to locate the most talented dancers in business of dance.

What is the ideal time to begin ballet?

The ideal age for starting training in ballet is between 4 and 5 years old. At this point students can comprehend the instructions and follow the instructions. 7-9 years is also a great time to begin ballet. The earlier you start, the more enjoyable.

How long will it take to learn to Ballet ?

Ballet is a slow process, however if you wish to be a part of the top of the  professional scene it takes nine years of instruction.

Why Attend The Best Ballet School in the World

Ballet classes let students learn about their passions and develop their talents. It’s a great option for those looking to enter the world of performing arts. Simply stated, talent isn’t often enough. Therefore, dance programs instruct students on dance technique. Also, they explain the theories behind various dance styles, as well as how culture has influenced dance.

The teaching of dance for children assists them in understanding these cultures, connect with professionals, and keep in friendships with their friends.

You can receive your dance training through universities or schools that focus on performing arts. For example, a two-year higher-level diploma will enhance your understanding and research abilities and will introduce you to fundamental dance concepts. Then, you can decide to go on to the bachelor’s degree.

This level requires more hours plus dance-intensive modules. Certain people go on to complete a master’s degree in Fine Arts. This allows them to instruct dance classes in schools. They are effective in comparison to those who have a Ph.D. that is focused primarily on research.

List 35 Of Ballet Schools and University In The World

  • Below is a listing with the recognized ballet schools around the world of today.
  • Brenau University
  • Brent Street School
  • Butler University
  • Folkwang University of the Arts
  • Fordham University
  • La Escuela National de Danza aEUR” Havana, Cuba
  • Canadian National Ballet CanadaaEUR(tm)s School (NBS) AEUR” Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Point Park University
  • Royal Ballet School aEUR” London, England
  • Royal Danish School of Ballet aEUR” Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • San Francisco Ballet School aEUR” San Francisco, California
  • Skidmore College
  • Australian Ballet School aEUR” Australian Ballet School aEUR” Southbank, Victoria, Australia
  • The Hammond School
  • The John Cranko School aEUR” Stuttgart, Germany
  • The Juilliard School of Dance aEUR” New York
  • The Paris Opera Ballet School aEUR” Paris, France
  • The Place
  • The School of American Ballet aEUR” New York City.
  • The Sunhwa Arts High School aEUR” Seoul, South Korea
  • Vaganova School aEUR” Vaganova School aEUR” St. Petersburg, Russia
  • University of Buffalo, SUNY
  • University of Cumbria
  • University of Rochester
  • Vanderbilt University

Here are the Top 11 Ballet schools around the world.


Paris Opera Ballet School (Paris, FR)

The school is located within The Nanterre neighborhood in Paris, France, this school is part of Paris Opera, the oldest international dance company that is a national.

The institution has been in existence for 300 years and lets students be immersed within one of the world’s most famous dance companies around the globe because of its proximity to Paris Opera.

The dancers who make up the Paris Opera company, around 90 percent have graduated from the Paris Opera Ballet School.

The Paris Opera Ballet School boasts alumni who have changed the ballet world including Sylvie Guillem to an emerging star at the Paris Opera, Katherine Higgins.

The school is currently operating under the direction by Elisabeth Platel, who was awarded the highly coveted Benois de la Danse ballerina award in 1999 and choreographed choreographies for stars like George Balanchine, John Neumeier as well as Rudolf Nureyev.

The Vaganova School – St. Petersburg, Russia

The Russian institutiondates to 1738, when it was founded as the Imperial Theatrical School. Jean-Baptiste was a French ballet master served as the school’s first Director. This school was founded, just like other schools, to establish a professional dance studio in Russia.

Famous dancers of the 19th century who either were trained at the school or later became teachers included Mikhail Fokine, Jules Perrot and Charles Didleot. After Lenin died in 1924 St. Petersburg became Leningrad and the Imperial Ballet School was no anymore in existence due to the order from the government in the post-war period. . Imperial Russian Ballet  school was also disbanded. The company was reborn under the name Soviet Ballet. In 1957, the Leningrad State Choreographic School, that was founded in 1920, changed its name to Vaganova School for Agrippina Vaganova who played a pivotal role in the development of the contemporary Russian Ballet.

The academy has an extensive track record of producing ballet dancers with the best of talent.

Royal Ballet School (London, EN)

The Royal Ballet School boasts an extremely illustrious list of distinguished alumni including Dame Margot Fonteyn Sir Kenneth MacMillan, and Kevin O’Hare who is the Director of The Royal Ballet, just to mention just a few.

It is located within London, England, this school for dancers aged 11-19 is known for sending students to the most famous dance companies around the world including Birmingham Royal Ballet and the Royal Ballet in London and Birmingham Royal Ballet. Birmingham Royal Ballet.

Royal Ballet School assures its students get a thorough ballet instruction and high-quality academic preparation. The school has computer labs, art studios as well as a physiotherapy treatment room and many more.

It is the Royal Ballet School is the only dance school that has taught four out of 13 Ballerina Prima assoluta recipients, the most prestigious honour a ballerina could ever achieve: Margot Fonteyn, Eva Evdokimova, Phyllis Spira, and Alessandra Ferri.

Elmhurst Ballet School (Birmingham, EN)

In close collaboration and a close relationship with Birmingham Royal Ballet, this school provides its students with unique access to the artistic director of the Birmingham Royal Ballet, a position that Cuban ballet dancer Carlos Acosta has filled since 2019.

In addition, Elmhurst Ballet School students will have the chance to be part of Birmingham Hippodrome. Birmingham Hippodrome, one of the most prestigious theatres within the UK.

This school is a training center for students from 11 to 19 and has a state-of-the art campus, with 7 dance studios and a 250-seat theatre, as well as the theater workshop.

Robert Parker, the former principal dancer of Birmingham Royal Ballet. Birmingham Royal Ballet, serves as the Artistic Director. giving students the opportunity to learn from a top industry professional.

Elmhurst alumni are a diverse collection of dancers like Lady Merle Park Melissa Hamilton, Jacqui Chan as well as Paul James Rooney.

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The Juilliard School (New York, NY)

Yair Haklai Juilliard School of Manhattan-New York, CC BY-SA 3.0

The Juilliard School’s Dance Division of the Juilliard School offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to develop their dance abilities in a variety of dance styles, including hip-hop, ballet, tap contemporary African and a variety of dance techniques, and many more.

The director of the program, Alicia Graf Mack has danced with the Alonzo King’s LINES ballet, Beyonce, John Legend, Andre 3000, and Alicia Keys.

In this way alumni are present in all facets of the world dance scene.

Beginning with Carla DeSola, one of the pioneers in Liturgical Dance, to Prima Ballerina at the Batsheva dance company Rina Schenfeld and Daniel Lewis, Contemporary dancer who has backgrounds with Yiddish Theater, Juilliard alumni are all over the place.

In addition to Alicia Graf Mack, many Juilliard’s dance faculty members are working industry leaders like Val “Ms. Vee” Ho who has been featured in a variety of talks and films, Ray Hesselink, a broadway tap dancer and Deborah Wingert, who has danced in staged and film Shakespeare productions.

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Fordham University (New York, NY)

Howchou, Fordham University 01, CC BY-SA 3.0

It is located near one of the world’s most famous dance epicenters, the New York’s Lincoln Center Area, Fordham University is a partner in partnership with The Ailey School of Dance to offer undergraduate students the opportunity to mix the best aspects of the Ailey School’s history of famed dancers alongside Fordham’s academic excellence in their dance BFA in Ailey/Fordham.

The dance academy founded by world-renowned dancing legend Alvin Ailey, this degree is focused on giving students an overall understanding of dance styles of the world, and includes obligatory coursework in a variety of styles of dance.

The alumni of the Ailey/Fordham School include Danelle Morgan, a Radio-City Rockette Amy McClendon and Jordan McHenry Two Cirque of Soleil dancing artists as well as a variety of Broadway dancers.

While learning under the most renowned dance instructors such like Dance Theatre of Harlem alum Melanie Person, students are also able to get familiar with Alvin Ailey dance group, one of the most well-known around the globe.

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NYU Tisch School of the Arts (New York, NY)

The BFA in Dance program at The Tisch School of Arts not just offers a broad program that is focused on the technical and creative elements of dancing, it it also lets students gain on-the-ground experience in the professional environments that dancers work in on a regular basis.

The Tisch School has a distinctive curriculum that starts with the foundational Dance training , and then works the students up to who join Second Avenue Dance Company. Second Avenue Dance Company in their final year.

In the process, students take part in summer residencies every summer that provide intensive classes taught by guests from dance companies, performers and dancers.

Participants on this year’s Tisch Summer residency from 2022 are Sofia Nappi, Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE: A Dance Company, and David Dorfman Dance.

This program provides students with the chance to start building the experience, network, and portfolio of a successful career dancer. It’s no surprise then that three recent graduates from Tisch were selected in Dance Magazine’s top 25 dancers to look out for in 2021.

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School of American Ballet (New York, NY)

The School of the American Ballet is a place for students aged between 6 and 18 to receive some of the highest-quality ballet classes worldwide in collaboration in conjunction with New York City Ballet.

Additionally 200 students from the same age group are also able to participate in summer classes and to complete the five-week intensive course.

The School of the American Ballet is directed by Jonathan Stafford, former ballet master of the New York City Ballet, the School of the American Ballet includes notable faculty, including 60-year veteran in the industry Kay Mazzo and the former New York City Ballet soloist and the founder of The Swan Dreams Project, an organization that strives to debunk stereotypes about Black female ballet dancers, Aesha Ash.

90 90% of dancers of the New York City Ballet have completed their studies at the School of the American Ballet Some prominent alumni are dancers such Paloma Herrera Mary Ellen Moylan, and Debra Austin.

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Oklahoma City University Ann Lacey School of Dance and Entertainment (Oklahoma City, OK)

This is the perfect university for those who want to pursue the career path in any form of dance production.

With distinct undergraduate and graduate degree programs with degrees in Dance Performance, Dance Management, American Dance Teaching, and Entertainment Business This school offers unique opportunities to people who are looking to make a difference in the dance industry.

The Ann Lacy School was created by professor Jo Rowan on the notion that American dance forms like jazz, tap, and theater dance ought to be recognized in the academic world.

This was also the first institution that was of this kind to be able to teach these dance styles and consequently it has been considered to be one of the most prestigious schools for these types of American dance.

Jo Rowan, the person who started the program as well as its predecessor, the American Spirit Dance Company is still teaching in Ann Lacy School. Ann Lacy School to this day, giving students the opportunity to learn from a pioneer of the industry.

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The Bolshoi Ballet Academy (Moscow, RU)

In conjunction with associated with the Bolshoi Ballet, graduates of this program have earned many People’s Artist of the USSR awards, “prima ballerina assoluta,” and “premier dancer” awards–the highest awards a dancer could ever receive in Russia. It is the Bolshoi Ballet Academy trains students from ages 9 to 19.

Marina Leonova, is a People’s Artist from Russia (the highest honour awarded by the Russian Federation gives to artists) she is the current director at Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

Students from the school have gone on to are leading dance groups around the globe, including MacArthur Fellowship recipient Alexei Ratmansky and also won the Critics Circle National Dance Award for his involvement as a member of American Ballet Theatre. American Ballet Theatre.

The impact of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy has on the world of dance as well as the international art scene at large is so extensive that in the year 2020, the institution was given with the Japanese Foreign Minister’s Recognized for its contribution to improving relations between Japan and Russo.

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Benefits of going to ballet classes

  • Ballet helps boost your confidence.
  • Dancers from ballet can easily be involved in sports.
  • It helps you be more agile.
  • Ballet can stimulate imagination.
  • releases hormones that keep you happy and in a good mood.
  • Ballet helps improve your posture, and also protects you from the dangers of poor postures.

Conclusion Best Ballet Schools in The World 

Ballet is among the most well-known forms of dance throughout the world. It requires years of  training to master it and make it the profession of.

Even if you’re exceptionally gifted in the art of dancing, you can learn more by attending one of the ballet schools that we’ve listed in this article.

There are many best ballet schools in the world, but only a handful are considered to be among the top worldwide. Choose your path and you’ll get on the path to becoming the most accomplished ballet dancer.

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