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Do you searching for the correct way to use the Backwards 3 “E” symbol? Then you’re at the right spot.

We’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide for using the reverse 3 (aka reverse 3 inverted or flip 3) character across different operating systems and platforms such as phones (Android, iPhone) PC, Mac.

What is Backwards 3?

The reverse 3 is a symbol which appears like an reverse “E” latter or a reverse 3 with a numeric format.

It’s sometimes referred to as”an reversed 3flipped 33 flipped as well as Flipping the 3,.

It is also known as the Greek letters epsilon E.

Its most prominent application can be found on the social media websites that users can use it to signify”love” or the “love” symbol as part of a conversation or status.

The E is often paired with an “greater than” > sign to finish off a heart i.e. E>

Naturally, you could use a standard 3 and then precede it by an “less than” < sign to create a heart i.e.”3″ – without the need to use reversed 3 or E

It is possible to use it on a variety of social media platforms which support this feature.

Overall, it’s an unique love Emoji.

How do I type backwards 3 symbol – e?

In general, E symbol or reverse symbol commonly used to type and create an inverse 3.

In order to save you a lot of time typing reversed 3 in, you can simply copy and paste this link E and the text.

What’s the purpose of reverse 3?

The symbol is commonly used to show the love on the internet. The reversed three symbol is utilized by the Generation X to express their affection to their partners by making it into the form of heart-shaped text (since it creates the heart symbol).

Why Typing Backwards 3 As E Has Been So Popular?

Typing a reverse three (or reverse 3. that resembles an E is becoming more popular due to the fact that it is employed in statuses tweets, messages, and status that are shared on social networks as a symbol to love as E> .

The messages of people using this symbol to appear nice on Facebook, Twitter as well as other platforms.

Type Backwards 3 As E On Android Phone

There aren’t any options that allow you to type forward 3 symbols in Android but do not fret.

You can make use of three reversed symbols when typing text on android . It can also make the symbol E.

To type the backwards 3 in tweets , Facebook posts, or chats, take it from this to copy it..

This reversed 3 “E” is now a creative way to create a an image of love. It is used to make the heart symbol E> on social media.

How to Type Backwards 3 With Alt Code On Pc

Follow the steps below to convert the backward 3 symbol appear as an E with alt code:
  • The first step is to turn on your computer and start any text program like MS Word, Powerpoint Excel, Word etc.
  • Open an new , blank Document.
  • There is also 0190
  • Then, press the ALT-X key simultaneously
  • And then it will change 3 into a symbol E

How To Type and Insert Backwards 3 In Documents

Another option is to add the backwards 3-symbol in your writing.

Simply follow the steps that is described below to insert the reverse 3 symbol.


  • The first step is to turn on your computer.
  • You can now open any text program such as MS Word or Google Docs.
  • Now , open the Document in a fresh blank document.
  • Next , in the menu section, click”Insert”. “Insert”Tab.
  • Then look for the symbol tab, and then click.
  • In the next window, there is a long list of symbols and characters.
  • In this list, you are able to insert forwards the 3 symbol E And numerous other symbols.

Conclusion Backwards 3

There are many ways to type reverse / flip / reversed / inverted 3

If you’re looking to learn how to create a backwards 3 or send “Heart” emoji like symbols like 3 or E>, make use of our tutorial on how to copy the backwards 3 (E) regardless of the type of smartphone, computer, tablet device, or the operating system running.

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