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Apothekary Reviews – If you’re looking for health supplements to address your specific health concerns, keep reading to find out what you can regarding Apothekary and the benefits the brand provides.

If you’re in search of an item that can help improve your health and well-being it is the right choice. A healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of being sick as well as other health issues that could arise in the near future. Everyone considers their health seriously as it is the only method to avoid any illness that could cause discomfort during a stressful moment.

There are many kinds of supplements within your body, all with the goal of improving your health. If you’re looking for an approach to wellness that includes only natural remedies and adaptogens to attain your health goals, then you should check at it more closely as there are over 100 brands involved producing these supplements.

Apothekary is a brand of supplements that provides adaptogen and herbal ingredients. It also contains Oriental remedies, Japanese Kampo medicine, and Ayurvedic treatment. They offer customized or personalized products, as well as the best wellness regimen that is based on scientifically-backed and traditional ingredients. If you’re considering purchasing this brand, look over this review for all the information you need about the brand and the products they provide and help you make an informed decision knowing if the product is worthwhile or not.

What is Apothekary?

Apothekary is a plant-based brand for health and wellness. Apothekary offers more than 100 herbal remedies and adaptogens that treat many health problems. The non-toxic adaptogens can help your body to cope with the stress of everyday life through promoting internal harmony.

Built on the countless years of history and research The company provides custom fitness routines. They also offer small, nutrient-rich bottles to those seeking a combination from Eastern and Western solutions.

A number of important media outlets have mentioned Apothekary in their coverage, including The New York Times, Well + Good, Forbes and Byrdie The company’s Instagram has more than 87k followers. Chrissy Teigen has even mentioned the brand on one of her guidebooks for gifts.

Wellness Entrepreneur Shizu Okusa founded Apothekary in the year 2018. The company is based within New York City, the business is part of the healing journey of Okusa through “Ayurvedic and Kampo Medicine, as well as traditional Japanese upbringing where natural solutions were always preferred.”.

The goal of the company is to keep toxins away and to not let them get in through the use of only pure components in its products. “Going back to our roots is the key to health and happiness in the long-run.” All ingredients in apothecary come by USDA Organic Certified, Fair-Trade and Non-GMO ingredients.

Apothekary Reviews

In my search for natural remedies, I discovered the following: Apothekary’s range targets a variety of ailments of the body and mind. From gut health and stress to healthy beauty and restful sleep, each of the intriguing formulas led me to believe it’s time to improve my health and wellness routine.

From individual remedies to herbal packs I was able to look through remedies according to categories, sets or create the foundation of my farmacy. I especially loved that, being a novice to herbal remedies I could purchase an experiment sampler of five popular blends or complete the “Find Your Fix” quiz or schedule a consultation to find the items I truly need.

Are you skeptical about herbal medicine? There’s no reason to be however, a reluctance to try something new is totally normal (pun meant). In this day and age of quick-fix remedies and over-the counter pills It’s easy to forget how medicine started.

Join me as I go through the most popular products from Apothekary coming up. Are you afraid you’ll be awed by each one? Join and get 15% off your top picks.

Apothekary Mind Over Matter Review

The last few days my double espresso is leaving me feeling everything , but not buzzed. Coffee is supposed to boost concentration, isn’t it? But it’s actually making me extremely anxious.

Mind Over Matter is a refreshing option to add to the morning coffee. I have read that this earthy blend of mushrooms blendcan actually help reduce stress, the effects of anxiety and brain fog and general stress. The potent blend with Lion’s Mane Reishi as well as Chaga mushroom (aka nootropics) can help improve cognition and brain health as coconut cream powder creates an incredibly creamy drink.

I would say it’s ideal for daily use or keeping ahead of the curve to attend meetings with your boss or for studying for final exams.

The Mind Over Mattermix Mind Over Matter mix The Mind Over Mattermixis not caffeinatedyet an energy booster that can be added to shakes or smoothies or blended with hot water to make an energizing morning sip. What does it taste like? This blend of three mushrooms has the natural earthy and delicious taste.

Keep your mind sharp all day long with this mind-boosting mix, that is available as:

  • 10-servings priced at $20
  • Twelve servings priced at $21
  • 45 mealsfor $ 60

Apothekary Slay All Day Review

When I’m not craving an intense beverage, I head to my matcha. I’m a long-time lover of its subtle earthy, sweet flavor. pairing it with fluffy oatmeal milk for a warm morning snack.

Slay all Day could be your new coffee drink and provides a well-balanced increase in your energy levels and overall health. It’s got a traditional matcha flavors and a richconsistency which is excellent with bananas and hemp milk. Do you think I should mix up a stronger matcha latte before you head to work and smashing those deadlines?

Here’s why Slay all Day surpasses my standard matcha blend It’s got both ginseng and chlorella. It’s which help increase your immunity and cleanse your body. It’s bursting with antioxidant L-theanine that is found in high-nutrient natural Japanese matcha you’ll be and feel energetic and peaceful–a balance of yin and Yang that coffee can’t provide. Start your day with a natural, healthy energy and be a slay all Day to:

  • 10 servings for $20
  • 12 servings for $21
  • 45 servings for $60

Apothekary Better Than Botox Review

Beauty is an inner job. It’s been praised in Marie Claire as the plant-based alternative to collagen Better Than Botox contains three ingredients for skincare which are well-known because of its vitamin C as well as Omega-7 levels. It’s a potent blend of plant-based collagen, which is ideal for people who want to increase healthy elasticity and glow from within.

The Better Than Botox is a 3x superfood berry blend that contains Mother Her most potent source of nutrients that instantly become bio-available to skin. It’s a highly effective plant-based collagen blendthat is ideal for those who want to improve elasticity and shine from within. Take a seat under an umbrella, because you’re going to be lavishly praised.

Sea Buckthorn is the richest source of Omega 7 which helps to help promote healthy skin, hair and nails. Camu Camu is often referred to for being “nature’s vitamin” because of its large Vitamin C amount (can do you picture eating 10 apples? ) Also, Schisandra Berry is the only adaptogen that’s a berry, helps combat stress hormones that can cause redness and inflammation in the skin.

This potent herb “collagen” blend is made out of three distinct kinds of anti-inflammatory berries, paired with coconut cream powder. It’s savory and earthy.

Apothekary Glow Getter Review

One of the most important reasons for the rapid the aging process and the loss of the face is inflammation. Although sun exposure in small amounts is beneficial however, excessive sun exposure can create destruction to our face. Glow Getter’s unique anti-inflammatory blend of cooling properties of yin will meet your skin’s requirements for warm weather.

Glow Getter’s unique anti-inflammatory blend of cooling yin ingredients that come from tocotrienols, and He Shou Wu will cater to your skin’s needs for all seasons. We’ve added the two Organic Goji Berry, a potent superfood with a vitamin C boost as well as Maca which is a potent mood booster that can bring a smile to dull days.

Goji Berry is an all-natural source of lycopene. It’s been described as the world’s most potent antioxidant food. It is loaded with tons of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. It also contains several unique phytonutrients. Tocotrienols (aka Tocos) is an outstanding supply of vitamin D and E. They are renowned for their ability to reduce cholesterol, inflammation, helps improve the appearance of hair and skin and health, as well as decreasing blood pressure. He Shou Wu provides healing assistance to the liver and kidneys, two of the major organs responsible for controlling the condition of the skin. It is a potent anti-inflammatory. this herb can be used to combat a variety of issues associated with ageing such as wrinkles, hair loss and inflammation on the face. Reishi Mushroom is rich in beta glucans which are vital for the function of the immune system. It does not just work its magic on our immune system , but it also helps to improve digestion health through its anti-inflammatory properties, which help slow the process of ageing of the skin.

Naturally sweet because of the goji fruit, this mix is delicious by itself. Glow Getter is delicious in everything fruity, or in plain sparkling water.

Apothekary Chill The F* Out Review

A classic Apothekary favorite and among our sought-after blends it is a serotonin-enhancing anti-stress elixir that targets cortisol levels. It’s a flavor reminiscent of an ice cream mix with peppermint and has two adaptogens that are powerful, Reishi and Ashwagandha.

The process of let go of tension and inflammation and embracing the present and gaining greater mental clarity. A one of our loved blends is a serotonin-boosting elixir for stress relief which targets cortisol levels.

It contains two adaptogens with powerhouse properties, Reishi and Ashwagandha. Reishi is often referred to by the name of The Queen Healer because of its potent anti-inflammatory properties. It is often referred to as a tonic for longevity. Ashwagandha is among the most well-known root adaptogensthat are primarily employed to ease stress and fight adrenal fatigue. When combined with peppermint, cocoa as well as coconut cream, the result is just as delicious as it is.

Chill The F*Out brings us the sensation of peppermint chocolate when mixed with water. Mix it in with sugar substitute and nut milk to make peppermint chocolate.

Apothekary Shatavari Review

Shatavari is the best girl friend, particularly during her period. A popular root in Ayurveda. The translation from Sanskrit signifies “”a woman with a hundred husbands”” (basically creating each woman feel like an emcee).

This root from the past is excellent for women going from menstrual cycle to menopausal. In addition to promoting sexual health, it helps balance the hormonal system by regulating the production of estrogen. If you are suffering from hormonal imbalances or cramps This herb could be an effective remedy.

Apothekary Lion’s Mane Review

Lion’s Mane is a powerful food mushroom that is a potent adaptogen, with an apricot and sweet flavor profile. It is delicious to drink or eat, and is said to ease stress within the body, particularly following a workout that is intense. This enjoyable guy (erm it’s fungal spore!) has been highlighted on The New York Times, EveryGirl and Coveteur because of its large amount of fruiting body material, with an extremely high amount of beta-glucans and its mental and cognitive advantages for the brain as well as the body.

If you’re in search of an all-natural gatorade, then Lion’s Mane is a winner that keeps you alert as well as balancing our hectic lifestyles. The mushroom is renowned due to its ability to assist in the recovery process after a hard workout such as lifting weights Crossfit or long runs and HIIT workouts.

Apothekary Triphala Review

Everybody has to poop. If it’s an issue that you experience regularly it is likely that the toxins are accumulating within the digestive system. Move your body by taking Triphala the herb, which is a non-laxative that aids in easing stool.

Triphala is a blend from three different fruits (Haritaki, Bibhitaki, and Amalaki) and is used for long in Ayurvedic remedies to help promote the health of the digestive tract. Triphala is most famous as a natural aid to eliminating toxins, but also offers many health benefits that include the cleansing of your internal organs, digestive health, and the rejuvenation of body tissues. It is a stabilizing ingredient in controlling blood sugar levels as well as lowering cholesterol levels.

Apothekary License To Chill Set Review

Stress. The constant, intense feeling that can affect all areas of our lives, from our skin digestion, to mood, sleep, to our interactions with other people. This carefully curated set examines the root in our response to stress. You’ll be more relaxed and clearer in your thinking and rest more peacefully.

Chill the F* Out (12 servings) is a well-known (and appreciated) for its serotonin-enhancing stress-busting components that reduce cortisol levels. It’s a peppermint-flavored hot chocolate and has two adaptogens that are powerful, Reishi Mushroom as well as Ashwagandha Root. Both adaptogens aid in stress reliefand reduce inflammation. This in turn increases the immunity system.

In addition to Mother Nature’s most potent herbal remedies for stress reduction and sleep Do Not Disturb contains an abundance of adaptogenic and sedative qualities. The powerful mixture with Holy Basil, Lemon Balm and Mucuna, combined with their naturally sweet flavor of Cinnamon and Lucuma creates a delightful blend that helps to promote a more peaceful mood as well as less stress and anxiety and a sound sleeping.

Ashwagandha Root (12 servings) is frequently described as”the “gateway drug” for those who are new to herbal medicine because of its immediate and powerful calm effects. It’s the most popular natural remedy to balance adrenal fatigue and stress.

Apothekary Return Policy

Because the products of Apothekary are created by hand, they are made to order and they are considered to be food items, they are not able to provide refunds, and everything is sold as final.

Contact Apothekary with any question regarding return by email at hi@apothekary.co.

You should inspect your purchase at receipt and notify us right away if the product is damaged or defective or you received an incorrect item to ensure that Apothekary can determine the issue and correct the issue.

Apothekary Shipping Policy

Alongside in addition to the United States, Apothekary now offers shipping to over 22 countries in the world: Australia, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Isle of Man, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherland, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, The Philippines, United Kingdom.

The standard orders are delivered through FedEx and UPS and will be processed within 2 working days. During the Christmas season ordering may take up to 1-3 days, so make sure you plan your order in advance.

If you are seeking a faster processing time for their order it is possible to select FedEx Overnight Shipping for an extra cost.

Apothekary Promotions & Discounts

Apothekary does not have discounts, however you can sign up to all of their products and save 15 percent. Apothekary subscribers can receive their deliveries at their own convenience and are able to modify or stop their subscription at any time. Delivery options include bimonthly quarterly and monthly.

You can also get 30 percent off your next purchase by referring someone else to Apothekary. New members receive $30 off their first purchase of more than $50.

Where to Buy Apothekary Supplements

Visit the official website of the company, Apothekary.co, for the most comprehensive selection and the best prices. Other companies that sell supplements with special features comprise The Class, Habit + Hustle and Biogenic. A complete list of Apothekary’s stockists is available in the section for retailers on the website.

Apothekary Contact Information

For customer service inquiries To contact customer service, send an email hi@Apothekary.co Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM, as per this Apothekary supplement review.

Apothekary Reviews: Final Verdict

The customers have given Apothekary supplements high marks However, it is important to consult your physician prior to beginning a new diet regimen. A lot of supplements available include a range of fillers and ingredients. They may cause side consequences and could interfere with medications. So, it is important to seek advice from your physician to help you make best decisions.


Do the products of Apothekary expire?

Apothekary products are fresh for 18 months when unopened and for up to 6-8 months after opening. They should be kept protected and kept away from direct sunlight.

What is Apothekary’s Shipping Policy?

The company ships its products all over over 22 different countries. Check out the shipping section to view an entire list. US orders of more than $40 or international purchases of more than $129 get free shipping. For US orders that are standard FedEx Express shipping is $5 and overnight shipping costs 39 dollars.

US orders that use FedEx Express shipping have an estimated delivery time of 3-4 business days. For rates for international shipping check out the Shipping section and scroll down to how much the shipping price cost. The customer is accountable to pay any import tax as well as customs duties and costs.

After an order has shipped and the company has sent an order confirmation that includes tracking details. Apothekary is associated to Route to safeguard and track every delivery. By selecting Route+ during checkout, it guarantees the safety of the package from damage, loss or theft. Claim filing due to damaged or lost orders can be made through this app. Route App.

What is Apothekary’s Return Policy?

Apothekary doesn’t provide the option of exchange or return and I completely recognize. The products are perishable , and considered to be food, therefore the company isn’t able to give refunds. If you have any further concerns regarding this issue send an email to hi@Apothekary.co for more details.

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