10+ AMAZING Live Wallpaper Frostnova Arknight Game

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Whats Arknights?

Arknights is a Tower Defense type game or in other words a defense strategy to protect the Rhodes Island headquarters from attacks from Reunion aimed at hunting down infected people from Rhodes Island. Here’s the discussion.


One aspect that is no less important when discussing a game from Japan, storyline is a very critical thing to discuss, especially in this one game.

As we discussed in the previous opening, Arknights tells the story of the struggle of a main character who is told as a Doctor to save his colleagues from the Rhodes Island organization.

At first you will be told as someone who lost his memory and woke up somewhere unfamiliar accompanied by Amiya next to you, the first thing you have to do is try to remember your name which will later become your username during the game.

Overall, according to the author of Arknights has a very good storyline and neat in the process, if in most games you are directed to learn something new, then in Arknights you will instead be asked to remember something so that it makes it a little different from some other games.

Arknights Character Live Wallpaper: Frostnova

Of all the bosses in Arknights, FrostNova is considered to be one of the most difficult due to her abilities rather than her stats, which includes:

  • An ice ring attack named “Ice Nova” which deals 150% of FrostNova’s ATK as Arts damage to friendly units in a radius of 2 tiles around her and reduces their ASPD by 50 for 8 seconds, with a cooldown of 8.5 seconds (7 seconds at Level 1) from when FrostNova spawns.
  • Stabs two (three at Level 1) random tiles within FrostNova’s attack range with black ice spears that permanently seals them by placing “Sealed Floors”, preventing friendly units from being deployed on the sealed tiles, as well as instantly killing those who happen to be deployed on the sealed tiles, even if they are invulnerable or their HP cannot be reduced below a certain amount (e.g. Specter with Bone Fracture); this ability has cooldown of 30 seconds (21 seconds at Level 1) from when FrostNova spawns.
  • When her HP reaches 0 for the first time, FrostNova will revive herself by fully restoring her HP over the course of 5 seconds, during which she is invulnerable but unable to act. Once she is revived, FrostNova becomes enraged, indicated by a red aura surrounding her, and has her ATK increased by 50%.(https://arknights.fandom.com/wiki/FrostNova)
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So below is live wallpaper from Frostnova that I have collected

frostnova 5


frostnova 4


fortnova 3


fortnova 2


forstnova 1


so thats it 10+ AMAZING Live Wallpaper Frostnova Arknight Game , i hope you like it

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