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Amateur Blog – Making money online isn’t straightforward, but it is 100% possible when you have the right information and tools to aid you.

Most successful websites started as amateur bloging experiments, which then evolved into a business.

You could be contemplating starting a blog for fun Maybe you’re using something similar to WordPress however it’s extremely complicated to use effectively (and it’s outdated with over 20 years of experience around the neck).

In any case, you’re not alone. I began my journey as an amateur blogger, too. Every website begins somewhere and most of them with little understanding of how to turn it into an effective one.

The blogging process doesn’t need to be difficult regardless of the opinions of others and this guide for beginners is written with a true blogger in mind, with clear steps to guide you through  the ins and outs of amateur blogging, without making you cry..

Let’s get started!

What is Amateur Blogging?

Amateur blogging is exactly what it seems like it is: blogging for fun or for a business done by anyone who doesn’t think of themselves as professional.

It’s a term used to describe “beginner” blogging, and can be used in any niche of blogging or topic.

Blogs that are amateurrun can still be monetized to earn money. The major distinction between amateur or professional blog is that the latter is generally simply done by a novice.

ALL bloggers start out as amateur bloggers.

There’s no reason to be shamed for being an amateur. In fact it demonstrates a sense of humility and desire to learn and improve.

As we are all aware, the willingness to learn lets you succeed above your expectations!

Is income essential for an amateur blog?

There is no need to worry about income. income is not a prerequisite for amateur bloggers. There are many bloggers who write for pleasure and aren’t concerned about earning money.

What makes blogging for enjoyment so well-known and why is that? It is due to several different reasons.

  • It’s now easier than ever before to start blogs, thanks to platforms such as WordPress as well as Blogger.
  • The second reason is that people are more attracted to reading about their own experiences and thoughts rather than those of famous writers or professional authors.
  • Finally, bloggers who are amateurs typically write about subjects which are important to them personally which makes their writing more personal and relatable.

But, many who begin their blogs as amateurs, soon realize they are able to blog about their interests or personal experience, and earn an income from through it. What person wouldn’t want to do that?

If you’re looking to turn your website into profitable business that’s why you should begin thinking about ways to make money through your website and ensure that you be aware of common mistakes made by bloggers at the beginning.

How to Start Amateur Blogging

There are a few steps required to begin your blog for amateurs, and I’ll guide you through them step-by-step.

Below are some steps you must follow to start your blog journey:

1. How to start amateur blogging, the short and easy way

You want to be a blogger who isn’t? That’s great! We need more voices in the world and the internet offers the opportunity for everyone who wishes to express their ideas and thoughts. Where do you begin?

There’s plenty of information about blogging available that it can be overwhelming. What do you think of all the tech? WordPress hosting, domain names, hosting and plugins?

Don’t worry about everything because I’m going teach you how to begin an online blog in the easiest way, without the hassle.

Forget about picking a niche

The most difficult thing for those who are just beginning with amateur blogging is anxiety of choosing the wrong choices.

Finding a niche and learning the subject isn’t easy therefore, forget it and begin your blog with the general blog.

Don’t even think about picking an area of interest!

This is due to the fact that you don’t want your self into a field that doesn’t suit your needs. Your blog must be versatile and adaptable!

As soon as you start to see some momentum and you start getting feedback from the real world on the topics your blog is ranking in search engines.

This is the time to redouble your efforts on the strategies that work, and then create ” your niche” in the area.

Make Brand of you

If you’re thinking of beginning to blog on a regular basis It is important to consider the branding, but the reality it’s couldn’t  easier!

Select your name as the subject, “brand of you”. This allows you to have the greatest ability to change into what can be described as a novice blogger.

By having “the brand of you” You can unlock the keys to creating a site that is true and authentic to you. Do not try to imitate the other blog or duplicate an existing blog (like many bloggers who are amateurs do).

Make sure that your distinctive personal style and vision reflect your personality and unique style. This is what separates your site from other sites and will allow you create an audience of loyal visitors.

2. How do you create your blog in under two minutes

Dont need for WordPress to create an amateur blog. you could create a blog in less than two minutes with a program known as blogger.

Blogger is a blog platform. Anyone can start a blog freely using this platform. It is very easy to use and no technical expertise required to start a blog

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There is a trial period for free which lets you build an entire amateur website for free, without any technical expertise such as WordPress.

Enter a few details about your blog, and JetPage will take care of everything else, creating an attractive website and is ready for use and pretty much to the same standards as the website you’re reading now ( this works).

After you’re satisfied with your website and you decide to use JetPage it is important to register your own personal domain name to use for the site’s address, as they will give you an unrelated domain name for the first time.

Go to Hostinger and choose your personal name for the name of your site (or an abbreviation, in case your full name is already in use) You can also do not bother with hosting.

After you’ve received the username You can follow the directions on the website to connect them, or ask support to assist you. They’re friendly!

3. Making content with no jitters

It’s not easy to start with the creation of content for your novice blog however, it’s an essential step to establish a successful business from your blogging enterprise.

The positive side is that there’s a wealth of tools that can be helpful to make writing blog posts much simpler, and I’ll show you two of the most effective.

Hypotenuse.ai is a friendly AI writer tool which makes it simple to create content of high-quality.

It not only makes the process of writing blog posts more efficient however, it also assists to create content that is optimized for SEO to aid in achieving those rankings for search engines.

It takes your thoughts and transforms them into expertly-crafted blog posts in just a small amount of time. Hypotenuse can also help you overcome writer’s block and allows you to write content quickly and with less anxiety.

Actually, this exact article you’re reading was written with the help Hypotenuse, who thought:)

When you’re ready to the more powerful software you’ll receive Jasper.ai that is by far the top Ai writing program currently available.

There’s more information on Jasper and the most effective Ai software for writing here.

Develop solid work habits

Establishing a solid work ethic is essential for every amateur blogger It’s a skill that requires time and practice. Once you’ve found an established routine, it’s easy and simpler to create content regularly.

If you can establish a solid routine and committing an amount of time every day to writing blog posts You’ll be able to consistently write high-quality posts for your blog.

It’s not similar to the standard “keep a blogging schedule” kind of thinking and goes more in depth than this.

If you are interested in learning more about this subject, I suggest these books:

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Deep Work by Cal Newport

When your blog’s amateur experiment is profitable (yes it is important to view your blog as an exercise, but nothing is ever guaranteed) If you are interested, think about outsourcing your writing to freelancers or making use of AI software to take your writing to new heights.

4. Involving blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO does not have to be difficult. In fact, the majority of times, the simplest strategies are the most effective.

One of the best ways to begin with an unprofessional blog is to utilize an instrument for keyword research like Ahrefs/Semrush to identify topic ideas as keyword research is vital for SEO success.

When you’re aware of the terms to use in your content then you can write articles that are specifically designed to get a high rank on Google.

When you have an idea of what people are looking for, you can use SurferSEO to improve the quality of your content so that it stands the greatest chance of being found for the search term.

That’s all you need to know! With just a bit of work, you could begin seeing results as “as little” as 3-6 months.

Amateur Blogging Mistakes

Here are some typical blog mistakes made by amateur bloggers to watch for:

  • Making use of photos from other people. This is a huge problem because of copyright issues. Make sure you use images that you create yourself, or you obtain from a website that provides free stock photos. Sites like Unsplashand pexels are a good place to begin. Review the terms of usage to ensure that you’re not violating any copyrights.
  • Do not double check spelling and grammar. If you plan to eventually earn money from your blog, you’ll need to ensure you’re posting content that is free of spelling or grammar errors. These appear to be “small” errors will make your blog appear less professional, and could affect the trust of readers in your blog’s content.
  • Utilizing blurry photos. Make sure your images are well-lit and clear. Since we are highly visual excellent photography is crucial.
  • False and false claims. Don’t make claims that are unsubstantiated particularly in relation to medical or health-related topics. If you don’t have the right qualifications, it could be advisable to avoid the health and wellness-related topics completely.
  • Posting inconsistently. It’s a big issue when you plan to make your blog profitable. If you do, you’ll need to adhere on a regular basis regardless of whether it’s two times per week, or once each week, or every month twice.
  • Write your blog posts in long paragraphs , without proper spacing. Look at the blog post you’re reading take a look at where I’ve hit return every paragraph or sentence? This allows you to not read an overwhelming block of text that can be overwhelming and difficult to comprehend.

Amateur Blogging FAQ

My amateur blogging guide would be incomplete without an FAQ section, you agree?

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Your answers are below.

#1- Is Amateur Blogging Worth it?

It’s worth it to blog for fun because you’ll be writing about your passions without pressure to be ranked on Google and earn money.

It’s a good way to spend time with your family that can turn into something lucrative in the future should you continue to pursue it.

#2- Can an Amateur Blogger Become a Pro Some Day?

Absolutely! If you’re consistent in your content , your traffic will soon begin to rise , and with increased traffic, earning money will be long behind.

#3- Can I Start Blogging on a Free Platform and Later Upgrade?

Yes, you can. Many professional bloggers who begun as amateurs have done exactly the same thing.

It’s not a good way to start blogging because platform changes can often lead to messes you’d prefer not to.

#4- Is My Niche Overcrowded?

Most likely probably not. 99.9 of niches are populated by amateur blogs that are run by amateur bloggers . These blogs could be broken up with the right passion, zeal in writing and perseverance.

There are other instances that require a massive budget in order to compete, like, for instance, credit card.

#5- Is Blogging the Fastest Way for People New to the Web to Make Money Online?

The truth is that blogging is not the most efficient method. It’s the best way to go through, but the benefits will be rewarded after you’ve put an enormous amount of effort to your blog over a lengthy period of time.

If you are looking to earn quick online cash, think about downloading money making applications on your phone and get cracking. There isn’t a lot of money to be earned however, you can earn some decent income and you can earn it very quickly as well.

Conclusion Amateur Blogging 

Amateur blogging is all about pursuing your passion, having abundant fun, and planning for a future when an amateur blogger who persisted through all those blogging throes found a way to become a pro blogger and monetize their writing.

The most important mistake to avoid is posting on an unpaid platform, where the platform determines your fate and all the hard work you put into it could prove to be in vain as it vanishes in a puff or web smoke.

Do not make the same mistake again.

In addition, you can start blogging now, begin blogging, add value to the web as well as your niche, and you’ll be surprised.
I promise:)

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