All Chest Locations in Yae Miko Story Quest (Act I)

Genshin Dampak Impact often have one-off domains containing multiple Chests within them, and Yae Miko’s Story Quest challenge is one of them. Since domains are non-repeatable, players must ensure that they have completely scavenged a place before completing quests within it. Otherwise, Travelers will be short of chests from the maximum amount. This may not be a problem for the average player, but it will definitely be painful for the finishers.

Therefore, if people are not sure if they can find all the boxes in the challenge, this article will provide a step-by-step guide to all chests in Yae Miko’s Story Quest in the Genshin Dampak Impact.


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All Chest Locations In Yae Miko’s Story Quest

Painting in the Yae Miko Story Quest domain

Act I of Yae Miko’s Story Quest has a domain that contains small challenges. It revolves around four Electro lamps that need to be turned on. This place has three levels: on, mainand lower floor. Player will start on main floor.

In total, this domain can produce two Exquisites, three Commons, and one Precious Chest. So a total of six Genshin Dampak Impact Chests can be collected.

1. Kairagi with a locked Beautiful Chest

The first Beautiful Chests are easy to find. When Travelers first enter the site, keep walking deeper through the halls until they find Kairagi and some Nobushi. Defeat them to unlock the loot.

Elevator to lower floor

The next area is a place that holds a large mirror (This is living room from domains). For the second Chest, walk to the elevator at right side mirror. Use the lever to activate the mechanism and take the player to the downstairs.

The path to the second Beautiful Chest

When people first arrived on this floor, there would be quite a few Treasure Hoarders. It’s optional to beat them.

After that, walk deeper until the player finds two Kairagi in a room. Battle them to open the second Exquisite Chest.

Wind flow to the main floor

Next, walk to the corner to find a stream of air. This will direct the player to main floor.

Wind flow to the top floor

This time, some Nobushi will be found hiding in outer space. Defeat Inazuma’s mob to unlock the door to living room. Then, go to the air current that will increase the player to upstairs.

The first wall that was moved

on upstairs, there will be several mechanisms that can be moved. Upon arrival, move the first door blocking the path.

Second wall to move

Then, slide the mechanism on the left side of the airflow.

3. General Chest

This will reveal a room with Kairagi and a Common Chest. Defeat the enemy to claim the prize.

The third wall to move

After that, walk across the hall (in the opposite direction) and move to the next door. This time, some Genshin Dampak Impact The Treasure Hoarder can be found sneaky at the end of the hall. Fight them to avoid interruptions.

Now, if players looked to the side, they would see that there were blockades on the left and right sides of the hall.

4. Common Chest

To open the right door, the player must first destroy the wooden box blocking the mechanism. Inside the room, sits one Common Chest on the table.

5. Public Chests in Yae Miko's domain

Meanwhile, the left door can be opened normally. The third Common Chest can be found at the top of a small ladder.

6. The Treasure Chest in Yae Miko's domain

As for the last Chest, the Precious One, Genshin Dampak Impact The player must complete the domain and follow the story in it. A large box will appear along with an exit circle.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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