8 Best Game Characters With Electric Power

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Electricity has always been an attractive force of nature for mankind, and recently in human history it has finally been utilized as a weapon and a tool. Of course, with a better understanding of how electricity works, comes a fictional character who catches lightning in a bottle and manages to wield a power even colder than fire (both literally and figuratively).

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Unlike fire, electricity is easier to control and doesn’t destroy carelessly. Poetically, video game characters who brandish lightning and electricity like guns have personalities that match their powers. Most of them were calm and composed—until their enemy pressed a few buttons, and they unleashed all those attacks. These video game characters best represent what it means to use electricity like its battery.

Raiden in Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

His name literally means “god of thunder and lightning” in Japanese, but let’s call him by his real name, Jack. “Raiden” is a name taken by too many characters. Jack is a super soldier who, in Metal Fixtures myth, is a dime a dozen, because their clones are all mass-produced and shipped around the world like action figures. That’s Kojima World Building 101. However, what makes Jack special is that he manages to outlast the other Big Boss clones.

It’s all thanks to Raiden’s cybernetics and the luck of his generation, being born in a more futuristic environment. This makes it tougher, stronger, and faster. In addition, Raiden has some subtle but good electric powers. He can distribute that energy throughout his body, making him run faster or increasing his punch. True to his name, he uses this electricity to unleash several fast, unseen attacks against his enemies, complete with lightning theatrics.


7 Raiden (Mortal Kombat Game)

Raiden in Mortal Kombat 11

It was mentioned earlier that “Raiden” was already taken, and it was all thanks to this guy. Of all Raiden, Mortal KombatRaiden seems to deserve the name. He was truly the immortal Thunder God, encapsulating the true meaning of his name.

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Sure enough, Raiden is a mature character who has a lot of anger stifled inside of him, which he manages to let out at the right time. He has a plethora of lightning and electric attacks at his disposal, the most profound of which involves electrocuting his enemies until their heads explode.

6 Raiden Shogun (Genshin Impact)

genshin impact raiden shogun burst electro sword animation

Speaking of other Raiden, Genshin Dampak Impact has one too – but he’s more temperamental and more almighty. Raiden Shogun, or Ei, ruled his country Inazuma with an iron fist which had loosened up recently, fortunately. Still, that didn’t mean he was submissive compared to the other Raiden.

Raiden Shogun has the ability to summon the legendary lightning sword from his chest and slice his foes to pieces. Beyond that, he also strengthened his entire team, giving everyone enough energy and charging them to become stronger. Oh, and she also has a doll that breaks down over time and releases all of her power, which is as terrifying as a thunderstorm.

5 Lightning (Final Fantasy 13)

Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII

One doesn’t need to be Last Fantasy fans to find out Lightning’s abilities as the main character. He has a few games under Final Fantasy 13 title and so far has been fantastic as one of the few female MCs at the helm of the game. When it comes to fighting, he is barely catchable and an angry fighter.

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In addition to his sword skills and physical weapons, Lightning is also an accomplished mage who wields Thunder Magic proficiently. With it, he could move at a speed too fast to see, leaving only flashes of red or pink electric trails behind him. In addition, he can rain a variety of furious lightning and thunder strikes against his opponents.

4 Pikachu (Pokemon Game)


All these cool-looking lightning gods and superheroes are just a splash when compared to the popularity of this electric wave: Pikachu, a rodent too tall to evolve like any other Pokemon in Ash’s pocket, is still the best poster boy of the franchise.

His choice not to evolve into Raichu does have a good reason, because Pikachu’s design is much better. After all, Pikachu has the skills to back up his stubbornness. One swipe from his cheek was enough to make other Pokemon bow. He also uses his electricity generously outside of combat, which can be very useful in the event of a power outage.

3 Razor Blade (DOTA 2)


DOTA 2 has a sizable collection of lightning and power users, but the Razor stands tall among them as one of the current “OG” concepts DOTA just a mod for Warcraft 3. Even in the sequel’s lore reshuffle, Razor remains as the Lightning Revenant and thus represents his power well.

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He’s an attack-focused hero that deals impressive damage, but tends to harm himself because he’s not very tough. As such, his spells and abilities are all focused on lightning, from laying down energy-consuming plasma fields that attack enemies, to being literal walking thunderstorms that pick out the weakest targets.

2 Darth Sidious (Star Wars Battlefront 2)


Sith di Star Wars known primarily for three things: poor skin care, red glowsticks, and unlimited electrical power at their fingertips. Darth Sidious is the best among them. He specialized in all three Sith checkboxes, but his signature method of dispatching his opponents was usually frying them to death with Force lightning.

Technically this isn’t electricity, but rather a manifestation of the Dark Side’s power in the form of an electric current — but the effect is the same. It’s enough to see Darth Sidious use Force Lightning, especially in a game like 2 star war battlefield, is a beautiful thing and a comedy masterpiece considering all the somersaults he does. He also has a cultural pedigree that’s hard to match, and he’s even more popular than Pikachu.

1 Zeus (God’s War Game)

zeus in god of war 3

But who is more popular than power-hungry geriatric despots and thunderbolts? None other than the God of Heaven and the honorary head of all Greek mythical gods, Zeus. She stands out in God of War 3 and as expected, he has the strongest electric power here. He can shoot lightning like arrows, and even kill titans.

This also needs attention God of War 3 performs a masterful portrayal of Zeus, as he is quite close to his incomplete and dissimilar Greek mythical counterpart. He’s lightning fast when it comes to avoiding child support, and disappears like a flash of electricity when held to account by his illegitimate sons. Not too surprising to those who know the story.

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