7 Strongest Characters Based On Lore

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Genshin Dampak Impact has a vast story and a huge world to explore. The history of its main location, Teyvat, can be traced back several thousand years, with the tragedy of 500 years at the center of the story.

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In this fantasy world, each of the seven regions is ruled by one of the seven Archons. Some of these Archons earned their seats by winning Archon wars, while others inherited them from gods who retired or died. Of course, as gods who had a direct relationship with Celestia, these gods would have tremendous power. So when it comes to the strongest Genshin Dampak Impact characters, they will easily be included in the list.

7 Tartaglia

Genshin Impact Tartaglia sitting on the grass and holding a leaf

One of the deadliest warriors in Teyvat, childthe eleventh of the Fatui Omens, is Tsaritsaweapons of war. He honed his skills in battle when he fell into the abyss and was trained by Skirkan outstanding swordsman (as Ajax describe him).

In the story, Childe was able to resurrect social from his slumber, a defeated God who can awaken a Tsunami and erase Liyue’s existence. He also plans to steal Morax’s Gnosis, a bold move against Archon. Only truly strong warriors dared to undertake such a task.


6 Dainsleif

Genshin Impact Dainsleif Karakter Characters

That Twilight Sword, Dainsleif, is a mysterious character who knows a lot about what’s going on in Teyvat. When Traveler met him for the first time, Dainsleif knew everything that Traveler had been through, even though he wasn’t physically there during all of those disasters. He was also involved in the fall Khaenri’ah.

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Unlike other characters in Genshin Dampak Impact, Dainsleif manipulated another form of elemental energy. Most fans refer to him as the dark element, as he is able to create a black-blue, galaxy-colored aura in his hands.

5 Alice

klee about her mother

Also known as the Legendary Adventurer, Alice is a character who seems to have no self-control over his curiosity. He is also often portrayed as someone who doesn’t think about consequences, which is evident when he devises a plan and captivates everyone who takes care of it. Klee into the Golden Apple Islands. There, Alice sets up islands with all kinds of “fun” puzzles and games for everyone to enjoy.

Alice’s origins, age, and abilities are unknown, but Travelers get a glimpse of her powers and personality during their travels throughout Teyvat. He’s also friends with Rhinedottir; the alchemist known as Gold, who created Albedo and Durinand is one of the main reasons for the fall Khaenri’ah. In short, while little is known about Alice’s abilities, her connections, influence, and legacy suggest that she would become a person of great power.

4 Xiao

Xiao during the Lantern Rite at Genshin Impact

An ancient warrior who fought the gods as a daily routine, Xiao was Adeptus who cleared evil and defended Liyue from harm. His exact age is unknown, but it is known that he fought on the side of Rex Lapis during the Archon War over 2000 years ago. Among the five most important YaksaXiao is the only survivor, while the rest succumb to corruption or die at the hands of others.

At a younger age, Xiao was controlled by a god who used him as his bloodhound. Many died at his hands until his god was defeated by Rex Lapis during the Archon War. Geo Archon then freed Xiao from his suffering and gave him a name. As a result, the Yaksha dedicated his life to defending Liyue and her people.

3 Venti

Venti in Genshin Impact

Archon Anemo, barbatos, protected Mondstadt for thousands of years. Even though he was considered the weakest among the Archons, he still had the strength of an Archon level. When he helps take notes Decarabian and ascending to divinity, Venti was able to reshape the landscape of the entire region and make it the Mondstadt that it is today.

Venti did not rule Mondstadt, on the contrary, he gave his people the freedom to deal with their problems. But in times of danger, Mondstadt can always feel safe in his protection because Barbatos will defend the city from all kinds of evil. One of his recent fights was against Durin. Venti summoned his friend and loyal dragon, Dvalin, and together they killed the dragon. Durin’s skeleton is now still visible in Dragonspine where the area now knows a never ending winter.

2 Raiden Ei

Raiden Shogun talking to Ei

Electro Archon rules all of Inazuma with the promise of never ending immortality. While there are three Raiden available in story, Raiden Ei is the strongest among them. Ei and her sister Makoto rules Inazuma as one of the Raiden, where Makoto takes care of politics and sets the law, while Ei defends Inazuma from harm and fights Raiden battles.

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Centuries of wars and battles gave Ei an unimaginable experience on the battlefield. One example of his great core strength was his legendary battle with Orobashiwhere Raiden Ei split the entire island as he killed the snake.

1 Zhongli

genshin impact zhongli geo skill element

Geo Archon Morax resigned from ruling Liyue and left her destiny in the hands of humans. In Liyue, people refer to Morax as God of War because of the many gods buried underground Liyue, defeated by Rex Lapis and his army of Adepts. One of the buried gods is socialwhere Zhongli threw a spear at the ancient god, pinning him into a deep sleep beneath the island now known as Guyun Stone Forest.

Zhongli himself with his strength, knowledge and experience is the one that all other characters in Genshin Dampak Impact.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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