RATE 10/10 ! 6 Recommendations of the Best Anime on Netflix

Apart from going to the cinema, people can watch anime on Netflix. The streaming service provider offers a variety of old and new anime. They can choose based ontheir favorite genres such as romance, horror, and comedy.

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The Best Anime on Netflix to Make Vacation More Meaningful

Anime is now available on Netflix. The existence of this movie makes it easier for anime lovers who want to watch their favorite programs without disturbance. Here, people can get various genres at the streaming service after subscribing to it.

  1. Your Lie in April

your lie in april

One of the best anime that can fill a vacation is “Your Lie in April”. This movie is perfect for people who like the romance genre. The show was first released in 2014. The storyline is very good and stirs the emotions of the audience.

The anime tells the story of Kousei Arima, a piano player who loses his ability to listen to piano notes. It happens after his mother passed away. However, his life changes after he meets Kaori, a beautiful and talented woman. Thegirl is the reason why Kousei rises in the world of music.

  1. Carole & Tuesday

carole tuesday

Carole & Tuesday is a great anime that people should watch. This anime aired in 2019 and contains a good and inspiring story. The director is Shiniciro Wanatabe with Aya Wanatabe, the screenwriter. There are 24 episodes in the anime, which makes the movie worth it to enjoy.

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This anime begins about Carole and Tuesday, two young girls who are talented in music. Both of them plan to form a group to achieve glory in that field. They face various challenges so that the storyline is more fascinating and worthy to watch.

  1. Violet Evergarden

violet evergarden 1

Violet Evergarden is the newest anime to arrive on Netflix. This show is an adaptation of Kana Atsuki’s novel with Akiko Takase as the illustrator. There are 13 episodes in the film. The anime screenings have been carried out since the beginning of 2020.

This anime is unique because it tells the story of Violet’s struggle to live a life like normal people after she is no longer at war. In the past, she was a soldier and now she has to adapt to the general public. In the movie, she tries to survive and findsthe meaning of life.

  1. A Silent Voice

a silent voice

One of the best romance anime on Netflixyou should watch is “A Silent Voice”. This anime is a production by Kyoto Animation. The director is Naoko Yamada with an illustrator named Reiko Yoshido. Since the director released the anime in 2016, it becomes popular.

A Silent Voice is one of the movies that people must watch. The story is about Nishiyama, a deaf girl, who has just transferred to a school. Unfortunately, she was bullied by her friends, especially by Shoya Ishida. Then, Nishiyama changed school again and met Ishida a few years later in high school.

  1. The Melancholy of HaruhiSuzumiya


The great movie that people can easily find on Netflix is “The Melancholy of HaruhiSuzumiya”. The movieis the production of Kyoto Animation, which is an adaptation of the novel written by Nagaru Tanigawa, one of the best authors. In the movie, people can find adifferent perspective on supernatural things.

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The anime tells about a group of students, which contains unique members. In the club, theaudience can seea god, time traveler, and human. The movieoffers aunique story so that the audience will not be bored when watching it on Netflix with family or friends.

  1. Death Note

death note

Death Note is the best animethat people must watch, especially for supernatural movie lovers. This anime was released in 2007. The anime is an adaptation from manga, which is very popular in Japan. Although it’s not a new anime, the movie gives entertainment and lesson for the audience.

The story is aboutLight, a young man who finds the Death Note of the God of Death. He kills bad people using power. After hewrites a name on the paper, the owner of the name will die immediately. However, Light seemed to be out of control after using the Death Note for so long.

Now, people can watch anime on Netflix easily. The streaming provider not only offers anime romance but also action and horror movies.


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