50+ Latest IELTS Essay Topics in 2022: Latest IELTS Writing Questions

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In this blog you will learn:

  • IELTS essay request by latest topic
  • Types of essays & their samples to help complete the IELTS Writing task 2
  • Essential tips & tricks to prepare for IELTS essay writing
  • Sample additional questions for your practice

The IELTS Writing section is a 60 minute test consisting of 2 questions: task 1 and task 2. In task 2, candidates are asked to write a 250 word essay on a topic provided by the examiner. Assessment of this task is carried out based on several parameters such as vocabulary, number of words used, grammar, and others.

Here’s the list latest IELTS essay topics along with sample questions to help you prepare for the 2 part IELTS Writing assignment efficiently.

Latest IELTS Essay Topics for 2022

IELTS essay writing topic usually based on current events and world affairs. In the following list you will find a range of essay writing topics for IELTS. These topics are stated below:






Global Business & Consumerism



Covid 19


Apart from the above-mentioned fields, one can expect latest IELTS essay topics from various other parts such as criminal, outer space, and others.

IELTS Essay Types

IELTS essay writing topics are usually classified under various sections. You can expect essays in the IELTS exam of one of the following types:

Opinion Essay

In this type of essay you need to discuss your opinion on a given topic. Of course, the best way to get a high score in such an essay is to have prior knowledge of the general topics that are popular in the IELTS exam.

You can also check out this detailed guide to opinion essays to learn the proper structure for maximum score!

Discussion essay

In the case of discussion essays, candidates need to put forward an explanation for or against the given topic. Such essays appear most frequently in the IELTS exam.

We have covered useful tips & tricks for trying discussion essays which can come in handy in your exams.

Solution Essay

For a solution essay, you must provide a solution to a specific problem. Occasionally, questions may be asked about why a certain problem occurred and candidates have to give their opinion on the answer.

See our sample questions and answers on solution essays for a more thorough explanation.

Strengths or Weaknesses of Essays

In this type of essay, students have to write about the positive and negative sides of a particular topic. Such essays test your argument construction skills and how well you can use English to get your point across as clearly and coherently as possible.

Use sample questions of the advantage/disadvantage essay type to practice your writing skills.

Live Question Essay

For this type of essay, the topic will be given as a direct question which students have to answer based on their experiences and thoughts.

You can get more information about this rare essay type question on our blog direct question essay structure

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Sample Essay for IELTS Writing Task 2

One of the most effective ways to prepare for essays in the IELTS Writing section is to work on sample essay questions. Here is a complete list of IELTS essay writing example to help students find latest IELTS essay topics:

  1. International tourism has greatly benefited many places. However, there is great concern about its impact on the environment and local people. Do the negative impacts of international tourism outweigh the benefits?
  2. Many believe that living in a big city has more advantages than living in the countryside. Do you agree or disagree with this?
  3. Several countries have recently passed laws to limit the daily working hours of employees. Explain whether this will have a positive or negative impact.
  4. More and more people are now visiting extreme places like Antarctica or the Sahara desert. What are the advantages or disadvantages of the trip?
  5. People’s shopping habits depend more on their age group than on any other factor. Do you agree or disagree with this?
  6. Social media is gradually replacing direct face-to-face contact with many people around the world. Do the benefits of social media outweigh the disadvantages?
  7. Most of today’s teenagers have smartphones. Give your opinion to discuss the advantages and disadvantages.
  8. Shopping used to be a routine household task. However, today, it has become more than a hobby. Is this a positive trend?
  9. More and more children and minors are becoming overweight in developed countries. This is a major problem for most rich countries. Explain the causes and effects of this problem.
  10. Crime novels and TV series have become very popular in recent years. What do you think about this crime drama?
  11. Developing countries often need international assistance. Many believe that this assistance should be in the form of money, while some think that practical help and advice will be more useful. Discuss both views and your opinion.
  12. Internet is a great invention that brings many advantages to the people of the world. However, there are some issues in terms of security and control of personal data. Do you agree or disagree with this?
  13. Many consider cars to be the biggest source of pollution in urban areas, while some believe industry is responsible for it. Explain both views and give your opinion.
  14. The massive movement of people from agricultural areas to cities in search of work can create serious problems in both places. What is the problem, and how can it be solved?
  15. Many people believe individuals involved with the creative arts should be financially supported by the government. Some others believe they should find a separate resource. Discuss each view and give your opinion.
  16. Some believe that success in life comes from hard work, dedication, and motivation. While many believe success depends on other important factors such as money and appearance. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
  17. Advertising prevents originality in people and makes them look the same and do the same thing. Do you agree or disagree with this?
  18. Many think that the government should fund programs to search for life on other planets. However, others believe that governments should focus on unresolved planetary issues. Give your opinion and discuss both views.
  19. Today’s parents tend to hold extra classes on the weekends or even after school. Do you believe this is at all useful? Or, do you think the education provided in the school is sufficient?
  20. Some people believe that the death penalty should be abolished. Do you agree or disagree with this?

How to Answer the 2 Essay Task in the IELTS Writing Section?

Students can use the following steps to improve their ability to answer essays in the Writing section successfully:

Read and Understand the Question

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The first step to completing task 2 essays is to read the questions carefully and understand them. Most of the time, candidates answer questions without fully understanding what is actually required.

Candidates should analyze the questions carefully, identify the types of questions, and try to identify keywords. Finally, they must understand the instructions clearly and then try to answer.

Plan the Answer

Once students understand the question, they need to plan the structure of the answer. This will allow candidates to organize their ideas and thus produce clear and coherent answers.

Write a Solid Introduction

The introduction to the essay should provide an overview of what the essay really is. Be sure to write a proper introduction to convey the essence of the essay.

Be careful curating the main body

The main body is the important part of the essay where you need to provide the necessary details. State your point accordingly and prove it with explanations, examples and other relevant data. When you’re done, you need to come up with a proper conclusion.

Tips for IELTS Writing Task 2

Candidates can use the following tips to master their IELTS Writing test:

  • Be sure to find answers out of the box.
  • The Writing section is a 60 minute test with two questions. One should work on time management skills to comfortably answer both questions within the allotted time frame.
  • Try to relate the topics provided to realities and current affairs as much as possible.
  • Be sure to avoid writing in one paragraph. Try to break paragraphs wherever needed and learn to create links between each paragraph.

If you are planning to prepare an essay assignment in the Writing section, you can read this comprehensive guide to get an overview of latest IELTS essay topics. You can prepare essay assignments according to the help of the sample essay topics and questions provided in the section above.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are essays marked?

Essays in the Writing section are usually tagged according to various parameters. These parameters include grammar and collocation, rational thought flow, idea organization, vocabulary, and more.

2. What should I do to write an effective essay?

IELTS essay topics are usually based on current affairs and world events. To write an effective essay, one needs to understand the question first and then plan the answer. The main section should have all the necessary details that are corroborated with explanations, examples and data. In addition, one needs to focus on grammar and vocabulary.

3. Can I write more than the specified word limit of 250 words?

Yes, you can write an essay in assignment 2 that is longer than 250 words.

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