5 Common Mistakes with Business Website Images and How to Avoid Them

Choosing the right images can be extremely difficult. You need to consider things like how they’ll look on different devices, what looks best, and whether or not they fit the brand.

When you’re creating a business website, choosing your images needs to be handled with care. After all, your site is more than just words on a screen. It represents your brand, and a poor image choice can set you back.

But what are the most mistakes with business website images and how can you avoid them? If you’re interested in finding out, read our guide below.

  1. Using Low-Resolution Images

This can appear blurry and cause a business website to appear unprofessional and unappealing. A low-resolution image can also decrease the performance of a website, making it slow to load.

If a user has a slow connection and your website has low-resolution images, they may leave your page without viewing it. To avoid using low-resolution images, it is best to use high-quality images that contain a suitable resolution.

  1. Having an Unnecessary Background

It can detrimentally impact the look and feel of your website by making it appear disorganized, unprofessional, and unaesthetic. An unnecessary background can cause the image to either become lost in the background or look out of place. To avoid making this mistake, you should invest in professional photographs or make use of a tool like Adobe Express’ remove bg to clean image backgrounds.

Using it can save time as it removes unwanted, distracting elements from the images easily and quickly. It allows only the important and necessary content to remain. It can boost the visual appeal of website images, as it removes distracting elements like shadows, text, and more from the images – making them crisper and more professional looking.

  1. Using Unrelated Images

This mistake will hinder the message the business is trying to send and the trust that users have in the website. Unrelated images can be confusing to visitors and may send the wrong message or put off potential customers. To create a consistent website, businesses should ensure that all images are connected to the website and its message.

  1. Not Giving Credit

Not giving credit when using business website images is a common mistake due to the lack of awareness of copyright law. It is important to respect the intellectual property of others, and giving proper attribution for the images you use can help you avoid any potential legal issues. Many businesses do not realize the potential repercussions of not attributing images or artwork found online.

  1. Not Optimizing Images for the Web

Large, unoptimized images take longer to load, cause page loading delays, can take up too much memory, and can even cause a user’s computer to crash. To ensure that your website images are properly optimized, you should use website image optimization with good software before uploading them to the website. This will reduce their website image size significantly without losing the quality.

Avoid These Mistakes With Business Website Images Today

Business website images can have a powerful impact on the success of your website, so it’s important to get them right. Common mistakes with business website images include using low-resolution or unrelated images and not optimizing images for the web. To ensure that your images look their best, use high-resolution images and take the time to properly optimize them for your website.

Try it now and see the difference it can make!

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