They allow you to interact with prospects and use those precious moments to grab their attention.

Whether through newsletters, social networks, paid advertising, or the like, you have to be present to be noticed.

A strong online presence can go a long way in generating leads, so the next step for your business is finding the right marketing channels to invest in.

There are so many places where you can reach out and engage your potential customers, but so as not to complicate matters, we’re going to introduce you to some of today’s most important channels.

Use these 5 best marketing channels to generate leads, and create the perfect marketing strategy to get more sales easily and effectively!

1. Email marketing

This is one of the most effective marketing channels you should invest in because people want to stay up to date and stay in touch with brands.

This helps to build trust but also to work on your customer-seller relationship.

A large number of people use email regularly, which means that your prospect’s inbox is a great place to be.

First and foremost, for this tactic to work properly, you need to grow your email list and get as many email addresses as possible.

The next step is to send out exciting news, special offers, or anything else that will be of value to your prospects to keep their interest.

You can use email marketing in a few different ways:

  • Via newsletter
  • By using personalized messages
  • By creating a drip email campaign

Newsletters are great for retaining interest because they allow you to keep your prospects updated, but first, you need to pay attention to how you create them.

It’s important to connect with your prospects by personalizing your message and A/B testing your subject lines to find lines that will entice your customers to even open them.

Also, analyze their behavior and segment your customers to interest them with offers they like.

Personalization is important because it makes your prospects feel special and warms them up.

A tool that can help you send automated “Thank You” or “Welcome” emails to your new prospects is called Poptin.

Poptin autoresponders let you create and send beautiful responsive emails but also customize them to fit your brand’s design:

image 1

Change colors, fonts, add images, links or remove certain elements to match your brand design completely.

You can also use it to include customer info in emails you plan to send and make them more personal.

When it comes to drip email campaigns, these are shorter emails that are sent over a predefined period of time and used to provide certain information at the right time.

This is why segmentation is important because it allows you to reach the right people with the right offers when they are ready to make a purchase.

While email marketing is one of the oldest marketing strategies in the online world, be sure not to overlook it.

If you do, you may lose a significant percentage of your customers.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media channels allow you to build a positive brand image and help you spread brand awareness.

You can reach new customers but also maintain relationships with existing ones, so social media marketing seems like a great opportunity to grow your business.

While there are many social media channels where you can introduce your brand to people and create strong connections, you must have strategy.

You need to find out where your target audience is actively spending time and use that to your advantage.

The most popular social media channels you can visit are:

  • LinkedIn – this is where most of the industry’s experts, along with other B2B businesses, are concentrated; More than 44% of marketers get quality leads hereso it’s a great choice to build a strong relationship;
  • Facebook – You can place many types of content on this channel such as posts, images, videos, events, product updates and much more and attract prospects with relevant material;
  • Twitter – use this channel to spread brand awareness through short, relevant messages and track brand mentions and other statistics;
  • Instagram – you can use visual elements to present your business that way and connect with prospects using stories, engaging images, promotions and so on;

You can also use Instagram for influencer marketing and increase your lead generation by collaborating with special people.

For this collaboration to work naturally, it’s important to find influencers whose personal stories align with your brand message.

Moreover, it is best to choose influencers with a smaller follower base as they have managed to create more genuine relationships with their followers, which inspires trust and thereby increases engagement.


Source: Instagram

This way, it will be easier for prospects to connect with your brand.

When using social media as a marketing channel, it’s important that you always provide quality content to prospects, add CTAs, and create a specific schedule for your posts.

Automate certain tasks, and use paid advertising to increase conversions even more.

Always measure your results and analyze performance to make sure you are investing your money, time and energy the right way.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) allows you to attract potential customers who are looking for items related to your product using search engines like Google.

By optimizing your website, you can improve your organic search and rank higher on search engine ranking pages.

This means that more people will be able to view your website because it is the first search result that appears.

To make your website SEO optimized, you need to do the following:

  • Create interesting and valuable content
  • Provide fast loading speed
  • Use alternative tags
  • Build organic links
  • Target specific keywords
  • Make your website mobile-friendly

Fast loading speed is very important because visitors are impatient and don’t like to wait too long for something.

This can annoy them and make them go straight to your competition.

When it comes to your website, it should be able to provide your potential customers with valuable and relevant content that will help them solve their problems.

It also needs to be updated regularly because search engines don’t like outdated content.

Use links adequately in your content, and optimize images as well.

Keywords are literally the words that the user types in the search bar, and this is very important because Google mainly searches for pages that are closely related to certain words.

The best way to target keywords is to rely on certain factors such as search volume and relevance.

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Source: Fact search

Optimizing your website for mobile devices allows you to reach a large proportion of the population who regularly uses mobile phones and make their user experience equal in quality.

Allows your visitors to enjoy your content wherever they are.

Pay attention to the design, responsiveness, and image size.

Do your organic search as much as you can, and be the first to catch your prospect’s attention.

4. Pay per click advertising

Paid search is another valuable marketing channel that you can use to generate leads with the help of keywords and search engines.

It can be a solid investment for any type of business because you can control the budget.

By placing an ad, you get the opportunity to attract potential customers and convert them using amazing offers.

However, to really attract the right people, you need to show ads that are relevant to your target audience.


Source: WordStream

For example, one of the platforms that handle online advertising is Google Adsand it works based on the most searched keyword auctions where “highest bidder” ranks first.

If you create a good marketing strategy, but at the same time keep track of what your potential customers need, pay-per-click advertising can prove to be very useful.

5. Show ads

This type of online advertising includes a more visual presentation of ads on third-party sites.

Display ads are great for grabbing the attention of potential customers because they can come in many forms such as images, videos, GIFs, and more.

They are interactive and very effective, and can be placed in several places but the most popular are banners.

Use eye-catching copy, targeted keywords, and be careful not to overdo it with images.


Source: FinanceIT

To quickly grab a visitor’s attention and lead them to take action, add a simple and clear CTA.

Promote your brand and increase conversions by creating visually appealing ads that will be hard to miss.

Don’t forget to create a clear offer that will be simple and specific but also compelling enough to increase clicks and ultimately bring you a sale.


Using every opportunity you can get to convert as many visitors as possible is critical when generating leads.

You need to work on your marketing all the time, and the best way to increase engagement and reach a large number of customers is through different marketing channels.

Attracting attention and retaining it is not the easiest task, but it can be done with the right tactics and good organization.

Keeping in touch with visitors and nurturing prospects is one of those tactics, and with Poptin auto attendantYou can do it easily.

Create and send personalized automated emails, and build strong relationships with your prospects.

Generate leads through these 5 best marketing channels, and the results will be significant!