3 Point Slinger for Camera , Whats It and Best Products?

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3 Point Slinger for Camera – The solution to the issue of carrying your equipment could be a three-point slinger to carry your camera. Why? The issue camera models are heavy and bulky. Especially pro-level DSLRs. A standard strap included with your camera comes with issues. Wrap it around your neck and you’ll look like you’re a tourist. It also has a tendency to move around. If you bend to change the lens it’s out of your control.

If you carry it over one shoulder, it’s more managed. However, it’s difficult to put into action fast. There is a risk that it might fall off your shoulders. Camera bags could be the solution. However, even a camera sling bag could slow your acces to your digital camera.

The 3-point slinger camera could be the solution. Like the name implies, 3-point slingers have three contact points. But it’s actually not so easy. The truth is that most 3-point slings only connect to your camera via one point. They are attached to you in a variety of ways.

Don’t venture out into the blue expanse to take pictures just now. Take a look at this overview of 3-point camera straps before you go.

Whats 3 point slinger for camera

A 3 point slinger for camera is a strap that goes over the sholder and across the body and connects to your camera So, you can have your camera in your hands, and allows you to move about freely.

A 3 point slinger can be very easy to change and is ideal for keeping your camera right at your side to make rapid access. It’s quick to go from carrying your camera gear to shooting. The strap with padding is ideal for cameras with heavier weights.

What is the Best 3 Point Slinger for Camera?

This review offers a broad look at what a 3-point slinger is for cameras. I will review several different kinds of harnesses and straps for cameras. Prices range between less than $20 and over $100. Therefore, you’ll need to establish your budget in advance. The list begins with the least expensive beginning with the cheapest and moving up to the most costly.

1. Ocim


The Ocim 3-point Slinger for camera is a bit more expensive. It’s nearly identical to the PiuQ. It does however have one major enhancement. A safety strap is attached to the camera’s body and strap for the slinger. This can provide a lot of security.

On the camera side, it is attached to an eyelet on the strap. Then, on the sling there’s a strong metal carabiner that locks. A strap under the arm supports the shoulder strap with padding. The straps are adjustable and come with locking mechanisms. This stops the camera from slipping around.

2. PiuQ


The PiuQ is attached onto the screw for your tripod that is on the bottom of your camera. The screw-in eyelet features an rubber base to protect your camera’s body. The length of the strap adjusts the maximum of 21.5 millimeters (55 millimeters). It can be attached to the eyelet using the carabiner that is lockable. An under-arm strap helps to stabilize the heavy, padded shoulder strap. Its scratch-proofing is an excellent feature. The shoulder pad is durable.

My concern is the absence of a security strap. If the sole connection is ruined, you and your financials are also ruined. It is necessary to take off the eyelet in order to use the tripod. This can also limit the use of. However it is also a disadvantage that it is also expensive. PiuQ is very inexpensive.


3 1

Three-point Slingers’ world camera has been dull and grey to date. However, this USA GEAR TrueSHOT brings some colour in the picture. It also does a good job at getting the job done in many areas. The fixing plate has an tripod thread. You can put it on while using your tripod. It comes with an underarm strap that is stabilizing. The sling is attached using an adjustable lockable carabiner. There are two pockets. One is for memory cards, as well as an expanded one for other gadgets.

The only thing I dislike is the absence of a quick release mechanism for security straps. This is a disconcerting oversight. It’s a plus that it’s made to permit two slings be linked together. You can therefore take two camera slings. Perhaps you can put your spare lens is on the other sling.

Advantages Of using 3 point Slinger

All photographers should have the 3 point slinger to use with their camera. By a quick flick of the wrist it will convert your camera to a tripod that is raised. It also protects lenses from damage caused by the environment. If it’s your first time shooting photos on Instagram or making videos for YouTube at work or fun. A 3-point slinger can be the ideal accessory for a trip!

  • 3 point slingers for cameras are great to carry small items: A 3 point slinger for a camera bag is a fantastic storage space for small objects in particular when you travel. While you go through security at the airport, throw your items into the bag, then place the bag in an appropriate bin. unlike pockets bags, a sling bag can accommodate almost everything you need during your flight.
  • 3 point slingers for cameras are perfect for quick trips: A 3 point slinger camera bag is the ideal companion for any day trip. The pockets may be sufficient for all you require is the keys, wallet, and a phone. Even even if your pockets are full There will come a time where you’ll need some “extra” items, but not enough to warrant carrying an entire bag.
  • 3-point slinger that fits in a camera bags can be carried: Sure, a 3 point slinger that fits in a camera bag is designed specifically for travel. They weigh less than a gram and can fit perfectly inside a backpack for travel. You can then put it away and not worry about it until the time comes to use the camera sling.

Factors to Consider when Buying a 3 point Slinger for camera Shoulder Bag

There are many aspects to think about when picking the right shoulder bag for a slinger.

Be aware of these elements when looking for the three-point Slinger For Camera:

  • The type of camera you’re using: If you’re carrying the camera in a smaller size then using a 3-point slinger to use as a camera shoulder bags for the camera is the best alternative. A backpack is the best alternative if you own more of a camera. If you decide to use an sling bag, search at models that are specifically designed to work with bigger kit cameras.
  • Convenience Factors In the event that your item weighs a bit more than the average You’ll need to make sure that you are at a minimum comfortable. This is another reason why certain reinforcements are beneficial. Look for bags that have padding straps and a softback section, since they will make sure that you don’t feel the burden over your shoulders. Also, consider bags that have wide shoulder straps since they disperse the pressure more evenly.
  • Storage and compartments Although the compartments in your 3-point slinger camera bag appears to be quite large however, if it’s not organized, you could go through it for hours to locate your camera, without causing damage to the rest of your possessions to the ground that is not optimal. In this situation it is essential to search for the 3-point slinger camera bag that has useful organization features. For instance, disposable or adjustable dividers within the main compartment of the bag are useful. Find bags that have mesh pouches , zippered pockets and zips to make it easy to access smaller items, which is ideal for keeping a wallet or phone.
  • Design and Build:If you’re going to carry around your camera throughout the day, it’s normal to want something that you feel comfortable wearing it. Luckily, 3 point slinger for camera bag is available in a wide range of designs and colors. Some might have odd designs and colors. If you’re looking for something more subtle, bags in simple neutrals like black, white, and others are readily accessible. You don’t have to choose an item you don’t like, since there are plenty of alternatives. The most important thing is function and aesthetics. We can assure you we’ll use this as the safest option to purchase the camera bag that slings. But, be careful about buying a shoulder bag for your camera based by its appearance, since you might end up getting something that’s not water-proof or durable.
  • Strength: When it comes to durability, be sure the 3-point slinger camera bag is constructed well. The most important thing you don’t want to do is to risk money by buying a poor quality bag. You could also invest a little more to purchase a high-quality bag. It’s not necessary to shell out a lot of money for the backpack, but make sure that it’s of top quality durable materials.
  • Mobility Ease:It is essential to be mobile and comfortable for a videographer or photographer for the best camera shot! Certain slingers can be uneasy and can sabotage the perfect image! Consider trying the 3 point slinger on your camera before you purchase in 2022!

How To Use The 3 Point Slinger For Camera

  • The strap should be worn over your body.
  • Secure the buckle beneath the shoulder, and then adjust the strap until it is tight. it.
  • Adjust the entire length of the strap.
  • Attach the strap to the lower part of the camera, by tightening it.
  • Connect the strap with the camera and connect your carabiner onto the strap.
  • You’ve got it! Comment on your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


The 3 point slinger for your camera might not be the first thing that pops to mind when you think of your camera equipment inventory But they are essential. They’ll not only help ensure the safety of your equipment but help you avoid being uncomfortable or even hurting because due to the weight you’re carrying.

The most important thing is not to shop for all of the items at once. Instead, you can purchase bags as the need develops over time. Consider carefully the things you need and study the various kinds of bags on the market.

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