2 Ways to Overcome a Suspended Pinterest Account

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Pinterest Suspend – Pinterest is one of the social media that is quite popular, here there are many interesting photos for us to see, even though it looks like Instagram, Pinterest has its own uniqueness as a platform, here we will know the names Board and Pin, Board itself is similar such as content or photo categories whereas pins are content from the board. but there is something you need to underline that Pinterest also has a privacy and policy or policy that all users must always obey.

if you are curious about what policies you must obey, please read here the Pinterest Community Policy  , there are many points that you must pay attention to, if you violate one of them then the penalty that Pinterest can give to your account is a Suspended account! in this condition your account will not be able to be used even just logging in will not be able to. Usually to notify you that the account is suspended is via email, Pinterset will provide a confirmation email that your account has been suspended with a message about the reason why your account has been suspended. the most common mistake is violating the SPAM policy, sometimes users upload too many photos in a short period of time, even though SPAM is one of the things that is least liked by any social media, even pinterest will not hesitate to suspend the indicated account spam, they will immediately give you an email confirmation like below

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Picrture 1: Pinterest Account on Suspend

The question is what if our account has already been suspended? Is there a way to recover a suspended pinterest account? The answer is there! Curious? see the explanation below

2 Ways to Overcome a Suspended Pinterest Account

No need to worry and panic because if you really don’t mean to violate you, you can restore your account again. the way is below

1.Appeal Via Email

Submitting an appeal to recover a pinterest account is very easy, when you are given a suspension email, pinterest will also provide a link or a link that gives you the opportunity to get your account back, they include a link if you want to appeal directly,

The method can be seen in Figure 1 above, you only need to click on the link, you will be taken to a page where Pinterest will check your account again, keep in mind that the link will only be useful for 7 days, so before that time you can appeal. via that link.

2.Submitting an Appeal Through the Help Form

For the second method, it is also not difficult, you only need to fill in the account data that has been suspended through the available fields, for step by step please follow below

First please click this link Pinterest Help Form

Then in Account access and closure,  please select Appeal Account Suspension, scroll down and click Continue

2 1

The next step is to fill in data such as user name, email and others according to the suspended account


Next, fill in the subject and description (account recovery request) , you can follow my example below or provide a description of your own application, then click continue4

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the next step you will be asked to choose what device and browser you are using when submitting the appeal, if it is filled select Continue


then upload a picture that proves that your account is suspended, you can screen schoot, pop up when you can’t login because it’s suspended then upload. click Continue


The last step is to check all your data again whether everything is correct, if you are sure, please click SUBMIT


Now you just have to wait whether the appeal is approved or not, wait at least 2×24 hours, Pinterest will contact you again, if you are lucky you will get an email like the one below


if the violation is not too severe your account will definitely return, so please just wait,

Well, that’s the article about 2 ways to deal with a suspended or suspended Pinterest account, hopefully it can be a solution to the problems you are experiencing, thank you.

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