20+ Cool and Beautiful Wallpaper Killua and Gon for iPhone and Android HD – Hunter X Hunter

Until this day, we may know there are a lot of new anime that are released every season even now there are media like netflix that help us watch anime legally, but the new anime does not make the old anime dead, one of the old anime is Hunter X Hunter.

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Who doesn’t know this anime, anime with a storyline that is fun enough to follow every episode, the characters in it make this anime so loved by everyone who sees it, from what I noticed there are 2 characters who have many fans in this hunter x hunter anime namely Killua and Gon, first Gon, Gon is the main character in this anime storyline , still very young, very good nature, funny and adorable, gon dream of becoming a hunter like his father, with his passion and hard work he started his business and met new people one of them Killua, who killua?

Can be said killua including the main character, before meeting gon, killua is a hitman, no wonder because his family did make it as the main cult, he was alone and had no friends, but after seeing Gon, he was very interested in the nature and character of gon let alone they have the same age, since then gon and killua are one unit, they are inseparable , everywhere, two friends who love each other and protect each other, gon has mysterious powers from within his body. Very powerful, and killua has lightning basic power and speed, unfortunately the manga and anime do not continue because the manga writer is sick, very interesting right?, today I will share a collection of the best and beautiful Wallpapers from Killua and Gon, enjoy enjoying

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green gon with smile
Green Gon with Smile


killua and gon play
Killua and Gon Play
gona and killua lough together
Gona and Killua Lough Together
gon and killua rain
Gon And Killua RAIN
gon fishing together
Gon fishing together


killua with the thunder
Killua with the thunder


loli killua
Loli Killua
wow, killua and gon flying together ,very cute
Wow, killua and gon flying together ,very cute
two boy angry
two boy angry
good bye gon
Good Bye gon
killua save his brother
killua save his brother



gon ready for killing
gon ready for killing

so, it is guys, 20+ Collection of the best and beautiful Wallpapers from Killua and Gon,


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