12 Numbers to Prank Call and Prank Hotlines

Numbers to Prank Call and Prank Hotlines – Do you find yourself sitting around with nothing to do? Are you bored and want some mischief? Entertain yourself with these funny numbers to do prank calls.

Prank call numbers come handy when you’re bored at work and would like to get your message across, confuse or laugh at anyone. The majority of these numbers come with automated messages at the other side, which are anything from humorous to hilarious. When you call these numbers, however it is crucial to be aware of laws that govern prank calling in your vicinity. What are the most humorous numbers to dial and what kind of messages are they sending?

We’ve compiled an array of numbers that can lift you up, aid you in not to nag people, or assist you to modify the behavior of others who are around you

Remember to keep the original one safe and sound, though. You want to prank them, not ruin years of friendship.

What is Prank Call

prank call (also known as a crank call) is a telephone call intended by the caller as a practical joke played on the person answering. It is often a type of nuisance call.

Make a Prank Call Anonymous

Make the call without identifying yourself. In North America, dialing *67 before making a phone call may block your number and make it seem as a private listing for some, but not all, phone calls.

(Calls to N11 codes (where N is a number between 2 and 9), toll-free numbers, and premium-rate numbers cannot be blocked in this manner.) With a little Internet research, you may quickly discover the code that will ban your phone number in your nation.

Develop a Fake Name to Use

Make up a fictitious name and behave as though you were about to offer them a free lottery prize, a contest, or a scholarship to a great school.

Do not use a genuine accent; this may be insulting to the victim, and you may be jailed for racial prank calls, as well as a schtick or reason for phoning. Do you work as a telemarketer? Is she an ex-girlfriend? A grouchy old neighbor?

Practice What to Say Before a Prank Call

Make a list of points to assist you remember what you’re going to say. Prank calling is also a fun group activity, so if you’re making prank calls with the assistance of a buddy, you may practice with the friend until you’ve mastered it.

If possible, call a buddy on your mobile phone to practice speaking into the phone.

While practicing what you’re going to say is essential, it’s also necessary to get to know the character you’re imitating so you can go with the flow and say whatever the person on the other end of the line says.

You won’t be able to improvise if you’re too concerned about adhering to your script.

12 Numbers to Prank Call and Prank Hotlines

The most hilarious numbers to dial Here are an examination of some humorous numbers you can call.

1. 1-603-413-4124: Calling Santa

Have you ever thought about trying to contact Santa in the months prior to the time of Christmas? The number allows you to speak to the man who is responsible for the decision-making process for who will get what at Christmas. Read more about the emotional moment when a final year student kneels to greet the boy who has hawked “pure water” to sign on his shirt becomes viral When you dial 1-603-413-4124, you can get in communication with Santa. The number doesn’t connect you to Santa but giving the number to someone else for an act of prank is the best method to guarantee that they will not call you back. It is also one of the top numbers to make a prank call with your acquaintances. You can make one of your friends believe you have their crush’s number and have them call Santa’s phone instead. Call funny numbers when you’re bored. Image: pexels.com Source: UGC

2. 605-475-6961 Hogwarts’ Admission Office

This is for Harry Potter Universe fans. If you’re looking to gain admission into the famed Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Wizardry, then call this number. Based on the first digits of the number it appears that the admissions office is at the state of South Dakota, but hey the location doesn’t really matter do you think? The person on the other end of the phone will provide the details on how to locate the famous platform 9 3/4, as and your admission information. Read More The Coming to America: Zamundan Palace in the film is the rapper Rick Ross’ real-life house

3. (605)-475-6972 Sex Addiction Intervention

This is a rated18+ number. It begins as an everyday hotline for customer service with phrases such as “press 1 for x” and “press 2 for y.” However, it doesn’t stay this way for very the entire. The robotic, snarky voice reads the script. How can I explain this? It sounds like an amalgamation of the customer care and sexual line.

4. (605)-475-6967 Sike-chiatric Ward

Similar to Sex Addiction Intervention, the Psychiatric Hotline is an incoming customer service phone. With jokes and quips throughout the number will surely put an emoji on your face.

5.Numbers to Prank Call | 618-625-8313 Murray Bauman

After consuming throughout the Fourth season Stranger Things, did you be able to obtain Murray Bauman’s phone number? This strategically placed Easter egg could be clues to season five. You can call the hotline and find out the message that Joyce Byers has to Joyce Byers.

6.719-26-OATES Callin’ Oates 

Lobby as well as Oates are a pop duo that were a staple of the 80’s pop scene. If you’re in the desire to recall their greatest songs, call this hotline for emergencies. Following that, you’ll choose from four of their songs: Rich Girl, One on One, Maneater, and Investigators.

7. 605-675-6960 Divorce Hotline

If you know someone who is unhappy with their marriage and has no desire in stayingin the marriage, it’s time to give this number over to them. If you give them the contact information you will have them connected to the hotline for divorce. Even even if your friend appears to be initially irritable however, the call’s absurdity will allow them to see that there is humour in the situation.

8. 605-475-6959 The number for the bad breath warning hotline

Have you met anyone who, at first glance appears to be the perfect partner however, as soon as they open their mouths and start talking the odour of a rotten rat comes out of their mouth? Although it’s not recommended for someone to act rude, providing them prank numbers to will inform them about what you can not say is the most effective option. If they dial 605-475-6959 to receive a direct call from the warning hotline. If this person is unable to get another date and wake up call, it’s possible that that might be the catalyst to change their breath for good forever. Read more Nigerian man communicates with employers who are hesitant when female employees have babies.

9. (914) 734-9938: Funny announcement test

It is worth calling this Westchester County New York phone line is generally worth dialing to get the fun message which reads “This a CPTA announcement test. Uh, I do not know what it is supposed to say; I am not that concerned with it. So, if anyone gets this just disregard it, ok, and hang up.”

10. 605-475-6958: How to determine whether you’re sober

Do you not know when you’re sober or drunk? (that is a clue by the first place.) It is a good idea to ask for assistance from this Sobriety Test hotline. The seemingly random number will take you to a list of extremely scientific questions that will aid in assessing your drinking ability. Some funny numbers to dial when you’re bored. Image: pexels.com Source: UGC 8. 605-475-6973 Quit complaining Do know someone who is constantly complaining about their classy issues? Do you know someone who is constantly groaning and complaining, without regard? Are you aware of someone that requires a sense of perspective in their life? It’s one of the memes specifically designed for those people. Also, it’s about hunger actress Maryam Charles discusses why people have been drawing tattoos of famous people. This voice from the opposite side of the line can help to appreciate the good things in their lives by making them aware that there are people who have it more difficult. The whole thing is funny, which makes this one of the most hilarious and quite useful pranks.

11. 212-479-7990: You’ve been denied funny numbers to call when are bored.

A new acquaintance was introduced to you and asked them for their number and received it. However, when you called they weren’t calling you. It was the Rejection Hotline. Ouch! This is the message you’ll receive, “Hello! This is not the person you were trying to call. You’ve reached the Rejection Hotline.” The voice continues to provide a detailed explanation of the various reasons why you could have been rejected. What a cruel, yet clever. The first Rejection Hotline was launched at Atlanta in 2001. in the present, there are over 30 cities that have Rejection Hotline numbers. The hotline is extremely busy! Every city receives over 50k calls in a month. Read more about Call me and me and I’ll to be available for you. Justin Bieber teases his fans with a numbers. The owners of the website declare that they provide an obligation to both the rejector as well as the person who is being rejected. For those who don’t want to share their personal phone number, it’s a simple solution to avoid an awkward situation. If the person is refused, they’re not subject to the humiliation of being publicly humiliated.

12. 1-888-447-594: Epic speech

The final entry on the list of prank call numbers is one that’s a bit off the mark. The numbers can be described as the Easter Egg line for the end of the video game God of War. It features a dramatic speech that includes cameos from God of War’s creator. The above list of hilarious numbers to call will definitely make you smile whenever you’re feeling frustrated or stuck in a place. While some of them can be helpful, the majority appear to have been designed to have entertainment purposes.

Prank Call Ideas FAQ

Is Prank Calling Illegal?

Prank calls aren’t usually legal unless you use calls that harass an individual repeatedly, scare them, or even threaten them. The majority of prank calls are harmless funf executed correctly and aren’t abusive to the person calling.

It’s illegal in certain areas recording a prank call because it’s classified as unlawful wiretapping. To avoid getting caught for prank-calling, keep to prank-calling companies or close family members.

What Can You Do About Prank Callers?

If someone contacts you with a an obscene call, threatening harm to your company employees, your family members, you may make a police report on harassing behavior or threats. Police departments are able to monitor telephone records.

The police will then be able to determine where the prank phone originated in many instances. They can do this even when you don’t have a contact information or that call is not blocked. If you get being the victim of phone calls from pranks, the best option is to block your calls using caller ID.

By answering only calls from contacts you’ve made and trust, you will not be vulnerable to prank phone calls or other scammers.

How Do You Find Out Who Sent a Prank Call?

The easiest method to discover who has sent you a prank phone call can be to call *69. When you dial *69 it will be connected to the previous number that was called.

This will allow you to obtain the phone number of the person who called you and make a complaint If required.

Conclusion Numbers to Prank Call

Prank calls are thought of as harmless fun for the majority of people, as so long as you don’t get too far with the idea. To stay clear of trouble, you can try these suggestions for prank calls to a close friend instead of someone you’ve never met. Make sure to use pranks that are fun calls instead of terrifying ones. If you are making prank calls, a friend who is funny is more likely to accept the joke!

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