10 Pro Tips To Play As Kaeya In Genshin Impact

Kaeya is the charming Captain of the Knights of Favonious Cavalry. A mysterious yet charming character, he gets along with everyone in Mondstadt, though his way of speaking can irritate some. Kaeya is Diluc’s adopted brother and they grew up together, although their current relationship is unstable due to disagreements, rarely speak to each other these days.

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Currently, Kaeya is one of the best Cryo Sub-DPS in Genshin Dampak Impact thanks to its Elemental Burst, which due to its ease of use and overall value, can easily be used with other characters to trigger Melt and Superconduct along with the bonus ability to freeze enemies.


Good For Exploration


Since you get Kaeya early in your journey, it’s safe to assume that you’ll be using it for most of the early game. He will definitely make exploring the world of Teyvat a lot easier and a lot faster.

Hidden Power, Kaeya’s Passive Talent, reduces party sprint stamina usage by 20%, making her valuable when hunting for resources and treasures in Teyvat. Along with that, the height also reduces the stamina consumed when climbing and swimming.

Ice Bridge

Making an Ice Bridge using Kaeya

Just like the real world, there are many lakes and seas in Genshin Impact. As you progress through the main story and get to Inazuma, you’ll also have to explore all the small islands for treasure hunts and Seelies.

This is where the short cooldown of his Elemental Skill comes in handy. You can use this skill to freeze the surface of the water and stand on it. Just wait for the cooldown, and you can make Ice Bridge this way. This is a pretty convenient trick if you want to travel long distances on water. Just don’t try to build an Ice Bridge to Inazuma!

The Best Artifact For Kaeya

Kaeya Artifact Making

Choosing an Artifact for Kaeya will depend on the team you are using. But you can’t go wrong with 2 pieces Blizzard Strayer and Noblesse obligation 2 pieces arrange. With this combination, you will get an additional 15% Cryo DMG bonus and 20% Elemental Burst damage.

Since he is a DPS character, the main stat for his artifact is Attack%. You can use Cryo Damage Goblet to increase his Cryo damage. And if you have a good % Attack Artifact, you can get Crit damage or Crit Rate circle based on your needs.

Best Weapon

Kaeya holding the Reforged Mistplitter

Kaeya is an excellent DPS character and needs the right weapons to maximize her damage potential. While we recommend using your 5 Star Sword on 5 Star Characters, if you like Kaeya and her style of play, you can choose Mistplitter Reforged or Primordial Jade Cutter. Both of these swords have the Crit bonus stat to increase their overall damage.

For free-to-play players, the best 4 Star option is Kageuchi’s Amenoma. This is a free 4-star crafted weapon that can be obtained in the Inazuma region. He has Attack% as his stat bonus and his Skill Effect buffs his Energy Recharge.

Which Constellation is the Best?

Kaeya Constellation

Getting Constellation for Kaeya is quite difficult as she is only available in Standard Banner. Apart from that, you can also get it from the shop, but it costs 34 Starglitter. If you like the style of play and the character designs, you should buy the constellation from the store instead of rolling the standard banners just to save your Primos and increase your pity for the Events banner.

For Kaeya’s Sub-DPS builds, Constellation 1 and Constellation 6 are the most important. C1 increases its Crit Rate while C6 buffs its Elemental Burst. But if you use it as Primary DPS, you’ll also benefit from Constellation 2. C2 Kaeya increases her Burst duration by 2.5 seconds every time you defeat an opponent.

Elemental and Explosion Skills

Kaeya's Elemental Skill

Frostgnaw, Kaeya’s Elemental Skill, has a cooldown of 6 seconds, allowing continuous Cryo application. When paired with a Hydro character, Kaeya can freeze enemies at any time!

Glacial Waltz, Elemental Burst Kaeya, is similar to Xiangling in that it surrounds the character in rotating ice that deals a lot of Cryo damage. This effect can be used to build some Elemental Reactions as this effect persists even when changing characters.

Talent Priority

Kaeya's Talent

With Kaeya, your priority is her Elemental Burst, then her Elemental Skill, and finally her Normal Attack. While he’s a great DPS character, you’ll need him more often for support. Increasing his Elemental Burst will help Cryo’s consistent application to trigger reactions.

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His Elemental Skill is also a great choice as it has a short cooldown that allows you to freeze enemies and generate Energy particles. You should only increase its Normal Attack if you use it as your main DPS on the Superconduct team.

Kaeya as Main DPS

Kaeya as Main DPS

Kaeya will mostly be supported by a Hydro character who can deal Hydro DMG off the field, allowing Kaeya to freeze enemies. This will not only upgrade Kaeya with her best Artifact Set, but will also keep her safe as enemies will remain frozen.

Only one Hydro character and one character can provide additional buffs to the party required in the team composition. Anemo support characters such as Sucrose or Kazuha with the Viridescent Venerer set can be used to reduce Elemental Res.

Kaeya as Freeze Sub-DPS

Kaeya's Gameplay

Kaeya’s entire kit synergizes with supporting others, so Cryo’s Main DPS will be the best in the Freeze comp. While Ayaka is the best because she is melee, with this team, Ganyu or Aloy in the lead are still options.

He can re-energize Cryo’s Main DPS due to the six-second cooldown of his Elemental Skill. In addition, the complementary nature of Kaeya and Blizzard Strayer, combined with the passive Heart of the Abyss, will help him generate extra energy.

Kaeya as Superconduct Sub-DPS

Kaeya and Amber at Monstadt

It will be Kaeya’s role as Sub-DPS Superconductor to do as much off-field damage as possible, as your Main DPS can only deal so much damage on its own. Within the Superconductor company, Kaeya’s job is to use DMG off the field as much as possible while also using Cryo to make Superconductors.

It also helps your Main DPS in dealing more Physical DMG to enemies hit by Superconduct. Electro Main DPS like Keqing and Razor work well with Kaeya. You can also use Physically built Fischl, but keep in mind that Fischl must be close to the enemy for Kaeya’s ice to hit them.

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