10 Hotel Blog Post Ideas to Attract Excited Travelers

These hotel blog post ideas will help you stand out from the competition

Weekend warrior for tired business people. Tourists, residents outside the city who are residents, wedding participants. College graduates stumble across country and best friends reunite somewhere in the middle.

There are all kinds of travelers who stop at hotels across the country, for one night or for an extended stay. Most likely these people have questions about the destination where they will lay their heads for the night. Or the kind of adventure that can be found outside your hotel door, in the city or countryside they’ve been through. With so many hotels available to travelers, it’s important to tell a useful story for your visitors and the experience they’ll have with you.

10 Hotel Blog Post Ideas

Creating blog posts that help your guests understand your hotel and the locations they visit will lead to satisfied guests and repeat visits. Your content is the difference between new visitors and your competitors gaining new customers. Below, I’ve listed 10 hotel blog post ideas that you can use to attract new guests. Words in Red are measurable keywords with search traffic that can be used as hotel blog post ideas that generate traffic.

1. Attract Touristsexcitedvacationers_01_attractvacationers-1

Title: Holiday in Seattle – Fun Zoo for All Ages

Suggested Call to Action: “Book your next stay with us so you can experience all that Seattle has to offer”

Give tourists some fun things to do by sharing highlights of visiting your neck of the woods. That lodging in the market in Seattle has a neat blog post titled “Zoo Fun!”, sharing some experiences found at the local Woodland Park Zoo. We like this type of blog post, however, it could use some better keyword alignment and it should be a longer post for search engine optimization purposes. I would recommend increasing blog content to at least 300 words, and using certain keyword phrases with search traffic, such as the term “vacation in Seattle”, which has 40 searches every month.

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2. Local Attractionsexcitedvacationers_02_local

Title: Best Independent Bookstores in Manhattan

Suggested Call to Action: “Too many good attractions? You can extend your stay with us.”

Your guests may be visiting with a specific purpose in mind, but they may also be empty, waiting to be filled with suggestions of local attractions. Roger Smith Hotel has a great blog on the best local bookstores in Manhattan. With some added attention to SEO, blog posts could likely rank for the term “Bookstore in Manhattan”, which receives 170 searches every month. The article’s keyword density is currently under 2%. Bringing that density down to 2.8-3% will help SEO. For a more specialized keyword, the term “independent bookstore in Manhattan” would be a good target, with 10 searches every month.

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screenshot 09-09-2015 at 10.21.54

3. Wedding


Title: Wedding Venues in the Berkshires for your special day

Suggested Call to Action: “Let us sweep you through with our romantic getaway packages”

Weddings are a desirable income stream for many hotels. I love blog posts from Cranwell. This post details the do’s and don’ts for choosing a wedding venue, which is a useful topic. However, I will include keyword research. The phrase “Wedding venues in the Berkshires” is searched 40 times each month and is highly resonant. There is very little competition, so with good SEO and some link promotion, it is very likely to rank on this endemic and potentially valuable keyword phrase.

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4. Seasonal Events


Title: Summer in Seattle Including Hot Events

Suggested Call to Action: “Enjoy your summer in Seattle when you stay at our local hotel”

Guests want to experience the magic of the different seasons when they travel, especially if visiting a location known for its weather or certain events. hotel ndra in Seattle has an informative blog post about summer to-dos in the city. However, using the keyword phrase “summer in Seattle” instead of “summer to do in seattle” generates more search traffic. In fact, “summer in Seattle” has 210 searches each month, while “summer to do in Seattle” has no monthly search traffic.

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5. Non-Smoking Stay


Title: We Non-Smoking Hotel Let Breathe Easy

Suggested Call to Action: “Our smoking policy is not the only breath of fresh air we offer. Book with us today and save”

Did you know that smoking rooms are often receive residual smoke from which room is it allowed? Because of this, some hotel guests will only stay in smoke-free hotels. By the way, the term “smoking-free hotel” gets 50 searches every month. That means 600 people in one year’s time, who want a very specific type of environment to stay in. Hotel Providence shares a smoke-free atmosphere, offering the only AAA Four Diamond luxury hotel in Providence.


6. Luxury Hotels


Sorry. I hope you enjoy this blog post. Want a better company blog? Order the Content Roadmap and we’ll tell you who to write for, what to write for, how to write it, and even how to promote it. Your customers will thank them with their wallets. Learn more…

Title: Luxury Hotels in Napa . Valley – Sound Healing Series

Suggested Call to Action: “Enjoy health, wellness and luxury during your next hotel stay with us”

Luxury hotels provide a lot of value to guests. For example, Auberge du Soleil in Napa Valley offers sound healing sessions — a unique offering for a luxury hotel. Blog posts promoting such events are informative about therapeutic sound, but could be optimized better. The term “luxury hotel in Napa Valley” receives 140 searches every month. The idea of ​​this blog post could include various offers on hotels, which demonstrate the luxurious nature of staying at the Auberge du Soleil.

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7. Child-friendly Destinations


Title: New York City for Kids – Destinations Guide for Young Residents

Suggested Call to Action: “Stay with us, comfortable knowing that our hotel is fun for kids”

West House NYC cares for the children, whom they affectionately refer to as “little dwellers.” The hotel has a blog post sharing advice on things to do in New York City. This is a great topic to write about, but could use some more robust keyword research. The current blog title is “Best Kids Activities in New York City”. This title has some search traffic with the term “best kids activities”, which gets 10 searches every month. However, the term “New York City for Kids” has a higher search volume with 390 searches per month, and a reasonable number of competing websites. That would be a better target for this post.

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8. History Reference


Title: Jazz Studies in Monterey Jazz Festival

Suggested Call to Action: “Come to be a part of history? Don’t forget to stay with us”

Many travelers who are history buffs, visit places to feel the history that resides in the bones of the location. Joie de Vivre highlighted historical references at the location where he lived. Their blog post “The Study of Jazz” does just that, although some keyword optimization and more content would have made the article better for ranking. Even placing the term “Monterey Jazz Festival” helps in representing keyword phrases by search volume.

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9. Fitness-conscious crowd


Title: Hotels with Fitness Center Appeal for Frequent Travelers

Suggested Call to Action: “Keep your fitness schedule in shape even when you’re on the move”

Frequent travelers, such as business professionals, want a hotel that feels like home. If their home environment includes a fitness area, then promoting your hotel as a fitness center destination can be the difference between attracting that crowd and letting them stay with you.

Waikiki Sand Villa Hotels did a great job of optimizing blog posts for “Hotels with gyms”, which they ranked first in a Google search.


10. Post List


Title: Maine Adventure — Hidden Gem of Boothbay Harbor

Suggested Call to Action: Join us after a day of visiting Boothbay’s treasure trove.

People love lists. If you can share a featured list of the best hotels, local events, or best restaurants, you’re sure to grab the attention of an out-of-town audience. The Newagen Seaside Inn in Maine’s Boothbay Harbor has blog post share the attractions of remote trails in the area. I love these types of blog posts, but I’ll be including some keyword research and background on each of the attractions listed. The term “Maine Adventures” has 70 searches every month and very little competition.

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Enhance some of the best travel by providing hotel blog posts that inform, inspire and enhance the experience.

Try these hotel blog post suggestions on your website to see what suits your clients. If you have any questions about our selection process or would like assistance, we’d love to hear from you.

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