Before considering a career as a Makeup Artist Singapore, you should do some field research. Is there room in your geographical area for another makeup artist? What’s the competition like? Are you willing to travel for, say, a wedding? How far away? Is your car reliable? If you don’t want to travel, is your city big enough to get the customer base you need?

Also get the payout scoop in your area. It will vary, even in a city, depending on your clientele. Working for a wedding planner, you will do more than work for a mall photography store. Find out which are the highest and lowest income opportunities.

Freelance or Corporate: Advantages and disadvantages

If your research gives you the green light, the next step is to decide between self-employment and the employee’s life.

Working for a company, perhaps being a sales representative for your favorite cosmetics brand, or being the make-up artist on duty for a film production company, you can count on a regular paycheck and maybe even benefits.

By joining the growing group of independent workers, you will have to devote at least 50% of your working day to marketing.


In any case, either as a self-employed person or as a company, the next step is to get accredited.

Obtain information about the legal, health and educational certification required by your state, county or city. Take classes at an accredited beauty school (many have generous scholarship programs).

How to get a job

Now you’re ready for the most critical part of becoming a professional makeup artist: marketing yourself.

If you want to work for a company, you can send resumes to spas, beauty salons, and specific cosmetics companies. Once you get a job, you’re on your way to your career. You can make contacts, work your way up the organization, acquire mentors, and get the most magical benefit of all – the experience. If you get a job with a specific cosmetics company, you may be required to take additional classes focused on their products. Usually, they’ll pay for it.

A plum job with a big paycheck would be one with a special effects makeup company that does film and television work. Getting that job will require additional training, lots of bumps on the pavement and living in the right city. L.A., Atlanta, Chicago and New York are important centers of the film industry. Other cities, such as Austin, Texas, attract film professionals, but these people often bring their own make-up artists with them.

Choosing the freelance path means that self-promotion becomes a way of life. But once you get to a point where you have some paid work, you’ll find that word of mouth will exponentially increase your customer base.

Self-Employed: Special Considerations

As an independent make-up artist, you can approach wedding planners, photography studios, film producers, advertising agencies and theatre groups. Also, make sure that all the talent agencies in your area know about you.

You’re creative – that’s one of the reasons you’re going into the makeup profession. And you can use that creative mind to make a list of marketing ideas. Here are some to get you started:

Print business cards and they’re always on top of you. Leave them to everyone you meet during the day.

Join a networking group. These groups are extremely effective. You will meet perhaps once a month, either for lunch or happy hour (some soldiers have breakfast meetings!), and there will usually be an agenda, followed by a social time to mingle. Some networking groups are free, others charge a fee. If you have just started your networking experience, definitely join the free groups. You will have to pay for your food and drinks, however.

Walk tall and exude success. You can always tell. Read books on your own. Study magazines. Try makeup techniques on your friends and read makeup sites on the Internet. Get your trust as high as possible!

Make a list of all your contacts. You have more than you think you have. Friends, your accountant, your church or social groups, the merchants you see regularly. Don’t worry, you’re not gonna bother these people. But you can send them a nice postcard announcing the opening of your new makeup business.